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Site Investigation And Preparation Construction Essay

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Select any industry that you know. Imagine how you prepare the site & the stages you have to go through. Picture the document, the site investigation. Do you have any by-law? Follow your imagination and write a mini report. Sketch (include figure) an example of a bad site layout. Briefly explain why it is a bad lay out.


Nowadays, population in Penang increasing rapidly but in Penang we are less free space for construction. Therefore, for reducing land space used, we are going to construct 20 storey building. We from NZL construction has to construct a huge apartment in residential area. This apartment consists of 20 floors which cover around 3300sq.ft in Penang. In order to start our construction, firstly we need to investigate and prepare the site (SI). The activities during preparing the site are earthwork, site clearing, fencing, dewatering, staking, and build temporary infrastructure for worker and build shortcut access for heavy vehicle. The construction is referring law of Penang.

Objective of SI

The SI needed to construct an construction that will lowering as much the inconvenient toward public and area during the project running. Besides, it s also need to make sure that the site is suitable for the construction.

Site Investigation

The geological and geotechnical parameters must suitable for the construction. There, we must extract the soil by using boring technique. This technique won t produce noisy that will disturb the residents. Moreover, the technique is more economical that will save our budget. After the test is conducted, we now know our geological suitable. Now, we can continue constructing the project. First of all, we must clear the site. Ex: cutting the existing tress that in site area and also demolishing old building. Next, excavating the surface for the formation level and slope stabilization

The problem faces before and during construction

The problem may occur before construction:

1. There are small rivers in the construction site.

2. Demolishing the old building bring unsatisfied among resident

3. Difficulty in transporting the materials to the construction site because near to the town and residential area

The solution:

1. The river will cover up by the soil from cut and fill

2. Build suitable drainage system to void flood in the site and the residential area.

3. Give some pay back money for the residents for their loses in the old building

4. To avoid traffic jam, disturbing the resident and also for safety reason work carrying the equipment and materials such as tractor, timber and other is after peak that around 10 am to 3 pm

Problem that may faces during the construction

1. Weather of the country is unpredictable. Its can be raining day without any sign.

2. The transportation of the raw materials is far away from the site cause the site is near to residential area.

3. Not enough space for keeping raw material small site area.

4. Safety for the resident. It s quite not safety when the heavy vehicle transporting the raw materials

5. The noisy sound from the construction site will disturb the residents condition

6. Flowing of heavy vehicle will damage the road.

7. The piling will affect the soil condition that may cause unstable condition for the foundation level

The site layout

Site layout is as references for a perfect construction. In must smartly plan to reduce careless as much as we can. It s also to avoid delay in construction. The site layout is as below:

1. Warning notice to warn public and workers at the construction. This is important to warn public people and also give awareness among the workers.

2. Briefing is needed for the workers

3. The site must secure from authorized people such as public workers. So, for more protection we need to fence around it.

4. The raw materials must be keeping systematically. If there not enough space, we need to rent it.

5. Electricity and watering is at the site. Producing this important thing must illegal and systematic to curb problem during construction that may delay project

6. Facilities for the workers must considerate. Must be fully constructed with electricity and water.

7. Consultant and contractor office must nearby the site

Bad site layout

Bad site layout may cause easier thing to be more difficult especially when it did not plan well.

This is example of bad layout. Why we categorized it as bad layput??:

1. Do not show road those heavy vehicles need to follow by.

2. No place to keep raw materials

3. No fencing around the construction site

4. Too simple plan layout.

5. No welfare for the workers such as toilets and canteen

The site layout must be very clear including sketching road, and fence. Besides, site layout also must show the whole construction. The alternative road also must be suggested to avoid traffic problem and make the transportation raw materials become easier. Moreover, places for keeping the raw materials must be covered up by water proof to prevent it from damage internally and externally. Besides, all the welfare for workers needs to improve time by time to give comfortable and tidy place for them. This may give them spirit and courage them to work harder.

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