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Stereotypes that harshly judge puerto ricans

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Wordcount: 726 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Tiffany Cardona, Purto Rico

There are many stereotypes that harshly judge Puerto Ricans. These stereotypes sometimes are based on one person in a group. I will prove some of these stereotypes to be false and just an uneducated judgement.

Stereotype 1-

“All Puerto Ricans try to be black”

Rebuttal- I have heard people say that Puerto Rican try to act black or want to be black. This makes me mad because how can someone act black? Is it the way they talk or the way they act? To say Puerto Ricans are trying to act “black”, is in itself a stereotype of how black people act. And if Puerto Ricans wanted to be black then why do we have things celebrating being Puerto Rican.

Stereotype 2-

“Puerto Ricans are Ghetto”

Rebuttal: what is ghetto? According to Merriam dictionary it means “a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure.” So how can Puerto Ricans be Ghetto? Puerto Rican may live in the ghetto but that doesn’t mean they are “ghetto.”

Veronica Aronova, Russia

One of the stereotypes about Jewish people is All Jews people are smart ==> This stereotype is not true because not all Jews are smart. Based on this table the average IQ of a Jew is only 90. http://judicial-inc.biz/are_jews_genetically_smarter.htm, It is true that there are a lot of Jews over-represented in many fields of learning and accomplishment, but this does not support the stereotype 100%.There are a number of Jews who have succeeded and are well known such as Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, Sigmund Freud and many more. But this does not stat that all Jews have succeeded in life or became famous. For example, over the years in college I have taken classes with many Jews and not all Jews did well in their classes. Jews are not all book smart, people think that we all are. I for example, am not as smart as others. To get my grades I need to put a lot of work in to it. So this works for everyone.To get smart people would need to put a lot of work into it. But in some cases people are born smart! This goes for everyone, not only Jews.

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Irum Malik, Pakistan

If you dream that your house is falling down, someone in your family will die. If someone throws water on your from their roof, it’s going to rain If you wear black cloths on your wedding, its going to be a bad luck. Jennifer De La Rosa, Dominican Republic Pierced tongue, navel or nose can indicate that the woman is a prostitute. Cut thin beard or mustache can indicate that the man is a gang member. Samantha Samuel, Haiti Haitians dont know how to match.

Some haitians don’t think about matching as long as they are covered that’s all that matters. On the other hand there are haitians like me that definetly know how to dress. In haiti what some haitians call classy may not be appealing to other people. It’s like telling a 16 year old to dress like she’s 80 years old. We all have our ways of dressing up that makes us happy and looks good in our eyes. so that stereotype is not for all haitians. just like they say jamaican men wear tight clothing or if your from jamaica you smoke weed. thats not true for jamaicans. Every culture has there own stereotype.

All haitians do voodoo.

This is deffintly not true because not all haitians do voodoo. my family doesnt practice that so thats a refute right there.

Shaevaun, Jamaica

  • Jamaicans are lazy people
  • All Jamaicans are weed addicts
  • Jamaicans are not too smart
  • All Jamaican men have dreads

Jody-Anne Maxwell was from Kingston, Jamaica, who won the 1998 Scripps National Spelling Bee

at the age of 12. She was the first contestant from outside the United States and the first black student to win in the history of the competition. This refutes the stereotype that Jamaicans are not too smart.

The race disparity in arrest for the possession of marijuana in NYC is between Blacks and Hispanic. Therefore it is incorrect to assume that all the Blacks that were arrested are Jamaicans. This statistic also shows that there are also other races that smokes weed as well. To then draw the conclusion that all Hispanics smoke weed would be absurd.


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