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Life in legenda Education Group

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Life in legenda is designed to build or create a meaningful connection to a profound purpose and deeper experience or involvement of educational growth. As students connect to those values in the college and nurturing themselves, they will realize more of their potential for peak achievement or performance that will add more value to the global world. Legenda aimed at not just been the centre for academic excellence but also achieving the key ultimate goal of 21st century by being among the top universities in Asia that fulfils their academic requirements.

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Legenda Education Group ensures that their lecturers deliver their lectures, teaching their student on how to be more focused and using their valuable time to study in order to graduate with best result. The institution uses a qualitative teaching method of education like lecturing face to face, discussion group or tutorial, class-presentations, video-presentations, Laboratory practical work and other approach necessary in order to enhance the desire for academic excellence and to produce high quality graduates that will be needed by both private and public sectors.


In today’s global standard of education, it is necessary to understand that the main priority of any private research university is to prepare researchers and scholars that will master the methods or content of their courses and develop graduates that are able to defend and claim their profession in any category. When this ambition is not properly protected, it will lead to the fall of that university and its vision will no longer be fulfilled, therefore this research is done in order to fill the necessary gaps because the survival of any university or nation depends on their creativity through research.


Descriptive method is used in this research work, presenting the facts or statue of current situation as they exist on student life and exposing these practices or issues that exist within the period of study. This method helps to explain the current issues and situation based on the perceptions and observation of each respondent in this study. (Creswell, 1994)


The objective of this study is to present a common strategy or establish a powerful ideas or opinions that will shape the management practices that will develop the institution and also to achieve its Vision in becoming a reputable college that will produce knowledgeable, resourceful, skilled and quality graduates who will have the ability at a competitive level to compete and strive for academic excellence in line with the educational philosophy in the country. Also to expose and analyze possible situation that may reduce the fast growth of the college.

Legenda Education Group is also looking forward to accomplish its aim to give students scholarship and making one of its college a famous centre of teaching and learning with compassionate values and intellectual creativity. The college also plans to expand their different colleges within the next five years in becoming a full university.


Student Life In classroom and Hostels

Legenda educational Group develop their student by providing suitable environment, appropriate facilities for excellent knowledge and career direction. Also exploring on research areas which is also part of nation’s aspiration to establish or build a professional generation that are knowledgeable enough to contribute in the global economic needs. Students are impressed on the strategy and pattern used which makes life in legenda more entertaining and lively.

The student life in the hostel is quite interesting and good. Student are not given much pressure as people who lives in the hostel rather they are free to do whatever they like at any point in time as a university student. This shows that living in the legenda hostel is the same as living off campus. It is even more secured and cheaper in terms of rents compared with living in off campus. Three bedrooms flat with sitting room of which student can design it depending on their capability.

Activities in Legenda College

There are some Activities organised by the student Affair department that makes student life in legenda more interesting. These activities include:

A charity week was organised in order to visit old folks home, Orphanage home, Handicapped Home by Using money, clothing, books, canned drinks and foods donated by students and management of legenda who are kind enough to give to the less fortunate. It is the most important activities done by the management which is one of the secret that leads to high growth in the institution so far and will help legenda achieve its goals and vision.

Awareness talks by three different Malaysian government Agencies which includes talks on national antidrug agency, immigration department of Malaysia and royal police of Malaysia. This organised awareness talks educates students mainly the international students explaining the laws, rules and regulation that guides the country and stating the penalty or punishment involve for not abiding by those laws.

Legenda is also organising a cultural week when different ethnic variety of cultures are performed by student within the campus. This ceremony involves country Booths, international traditional games, international food fair, fashion show, cultural dance etc. at the end of the ceremony student are given prices based on their performance in order to promote and encourage harmonious living of various multicultural society by understanding their language, art and culture.

A Carrier fair week is an even organised which gives student the opportunity to understand job market requirement and provides first hand ideas on carrier options for better future. These carrier fair talks are featured by members invited from different industries such as banking, manufacturing and entrepreneur development from both corporate sectors and public sectors.

The campus organise Sports Carnival and the main purpose of these sports carnival is to balance student study life in the campus and also unite student from different institution through sports because sports is the leading activity that helps to bring different calibres of people together as one family to perform their talented gift. These includes Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Futsal, Netball, Table-tennis, Tennis, Sepak-Takraw, Volleyball and 9 Aside (9’s). All the equipment is available in the campus that will enable students perform well.

Other activities like the electing of the student representative council (SRC). The purpose of this election is to volunteer students who will assist the management in arranging student activities, promoting understanding among students and it helps to encourage students in social, communication and intellectual skills. The members elected represent legenda in matters related to the welfare of the students. There duty is to initiate, organise and supervise activities like sports or other curricular activities with prior approval of the management.

The college also conduct series of Creative Practice Workshops (CPM) which are organised by Academic of Architecture and Visual Arts. This workshop is decorated to recognise creative talents, discovering the process through which image manipulation in under taken, how it is interpreted and presenting their visual ideas through the medium of design, media and arts. It lso provides creative opportunities which encourage the participants mind using the techniques used by top art and design universities in United Kingdom. Etc


This research work is constructed based on primary and secondary data. The researcher collected its primary data from questionnaires and its secondary data from Legenda Education Group Websites and other related newspapers, websites and journals. The researcher also used the university information since the establishment of the Group to present SWOT analysis through findings in order to standardize its suggestion on student life in universities.


Student life in colleges those not only involve the things taught or achieved in the class room but also all about the daily living, learning by doing, experiencing life, exploring different necessary opportunities as a student for yourself and implementing your talents after discovering who you really are. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010). It is also an experience that ensures excellent academic rewarding through developing events, services and resources that will support student diverse needs. (Princeton University, 2010).

The purpose is to help build or establish a better, culturally and economically, through individuals who have the skills, values and abilities to develop more technology that will help the global world. For student life to be more valuable, the student Affairs division needs to produce more effective comprehensive services and programs that will support university mission which includes enhancing students learning experience, nurturing student’s development, valuing social community and justice as hallmarks. (Serr R.L, 2010). It was realized that the major part of student life is what happened between the ending and beginning of the class lecture period and not only the classroom experience. (Victory University, 2010)

University life is not only all about the library or lecture room rather the majority of student time are spent away from laboratories, lectures and seminars involving themselves with variety of activities in campus which keeps students busy and makes their entire years of degree more interesting or lively. (Harsha de Silva, 1994). It offers or gives student the opportunity to interact with other student that shares similar interests like sports, religion and explaining diversity as the getting of knowledge from various parts of cultural capital and applying it to their advantage. (Scott M, 2010)

The services and division of student life is to enhance the life opportunity and learning experience of student through a range of innovative, high quality, efficient and responsive services, which are necessary to support the core or essential part of research, teaching and international activities of universities. (Deakin University, 2010)

The best way to learn about student life in any university is by checking out the campus student union because it is recognize as the heart of student life and it also serve as future politician training ground. (British Council, 2010)


A maximum time is required by the researcher so that he can be able to explore maximum information that will help to improve the quality of education and make student life more interesting or lively in the institution. The researcher over look some pressures in order to have enough financial capability to cover different universities in Malaysia in order to get maximum ideas or opinions about Legenda Education Group. The issues and information gathered on student life took the researcher four months to complete.

The risk involve in collecting primary data is very high which exposes some of the illegal activities performed within the school campus by student and these could have course the researcher lot of damages. In SWOT analysis, the Historical information is limited because is of little use to assess the strength and weakness of Legenda. The secondary data collected from different website may not be correct which may mislead the ideas.


History Of Legenda Educational Group

Legenda Education Group is an educational Group that is growing very fast and also among the leading private tertiary institutions located in the University Township close to Mantin in Negeri Sembilan State, at the cross roads between Johore Bharu (south) and Kuala Lumpur (north) Malaysia. Legenda education Group begins its operations after Kolej legenda was established and after some period the remaining college joined them. This group is moving rapidly after emerging with the other colleges in order to achieve its vision in becoming among the most respected academic centre for excellence in Malaysia and Asia-pacific region at large. The campus covers an outskirts for over 160 acres in Mantin town and has a good structural facilities which makes student life in legenda more interesting, suitable and appropriate. This facility includes 4,300 apartments that accommodate over 25,000 students.

The Group innovators use different educational strategies that lead to rapid growth in Malaysians private education. Currently, the Group offers degree courses in Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, Construction Management, Computer Science, Accounting, Business, Art and Design and Diploma in Nursing. The Group is also a leading tertiary institution with international reputation in Technology and Engineering. More than 32,000 students have graduated from Legenda Education Group both from Malaysia and other countries.

This group constitute five colleges, one of these colleges has been thriving for almost 25years, three other colleges have histories for about 20years and another was established for over 7years. These college includes:

1. Institut Sains Perubatan Mantin (Institute of Medical Science)

2. Kolej Universiti Linton (Linton University College)

3. Institut Jati (Jati Institute)

4. Institut Teknologi Pertama (Pertama Institute of Technology)

5. Kolej Legenda (Legenda College)


1. Students topics needs to be approved by their professor

2. A student needs to set a time backward in line of their calendar.

3. Assignments papers needs to be broken into smaller section or project in order not to see the research work impossible or scary.

4. Student needs to do small online research every week in order to build up their momentum.

5. Student’s final paper needs to be reviewed by a writing adviser or a professor so as to avoid mistakes that may distract their brilliant work.

6. Student work needs to be cited and referred to avoid plagiarism. (Lynn .K, 2010)




SWOT analysis is the key academic planning tools which help to protect and increase the value or standard of education within the globe. It is also a framework or technique performed which involves generating, recording and analyzing the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats that relates to any given research work or task.

Strength: the strength of legenda Education Group focused on becoming among the best respected university in Malaysia that delivers high standard of education and graded as the centre for academic excellence in Asia’Pacific Region.

Weakness: the weakness of the college lies on not been able to maintain or achieve their mission as a result of weak technical skills or knowledge and negative internal planning.

Opportunities: the university considers open opportunities that will develop or enhance people skills based on their different career path.

Threats: The key threat of the college is that they have superior competitors and limited professionals on academic skills.



The researcher realised that legenda is planning to become a research university and in few years time legenda will expand by reallocating all their colleges to different area within Malaysia. Also notice that the secret behind the development of many universities around the globe, is through research and also encouraging any of their student whose focus is mainly on research by assisting them with equipment necessary in order to achieve that objective for the development of the institution. There are some issues realised which may affect legenda in future, which needs necessary action to be taken by the management in order to protect the image and standard of the institution. These findings include;

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The researcher realised that he main reason why many school staff agents can’t retain or maintain their relationship with those people that give them students is due to the delay or non payment of entitlement after the full payment of school fees is paid by student. Also some students in legenda are suffering or having problems as a result of fake information given to them by agent or staff of legenda whose duty is to advertise in order to enrol student in the college. This agent uses different strategy and methods to enrol student by given fake information like work opportunities for students, offering scholarship and offering student’s unapproved courses like degree in nursing or masters etc. All these strategy are used by some of this agent only to get his or her entitlement or to meet up with their target.

When this student are admitted and later realise that the information given to them are fake , it will now cause many problem for them like late payment or unable to finish their payment, having bad intention for the college and performing many illegal activities that will destroy the image of the institution. An example is that some international student early this year that were offered nursing and masters degree program in legenda, wasted more than five months only to realise that such program is not yet approved. The researcher after interviewing some of these students realised that they cannot allow their friends or relations to study in legenda instead they will refer them to other university except those people whose concern is only their entitlement.

The news has spread around which make more than 65% of legenda student and 60% students from other university student in Malaysia to recognise legenda an unorganised institution. Also legenda is recognise as a company whose focus lies in only their return or turnover for the month and interested on the number new student they recruit each section instead of making sure that their current students are well equipped with knowledge so that they can be able to defend their profession after graduation.

The researcher also recognised some activities done within the school premises that need immediate attention of the management. There are some people or staff of legenda that gives student accommodation at a rate that they may not be able to pay again till they graduate which the school management are not aware of. When some student parents or guidance decided to pay a surprise visits or student whose apartment are damaged or is receiving many threat from their flatmate and wanted a new apartment, the hostel management will say that the hostel apartment is filled up or student are not allowed to change their rooms but these people always have many apartment which they give out and even help student to change their rooms provided an agreed specific payment are made. Also there are many empty rooms in the school hostel which may have been forgotten by the hostel management which student use them for their own personal use or rent it to another student that is in need of new apartment.

The researcher identified that the major reason which makes the school environment to be dirty is as a result of not responding or delay on student reports mainly the international student like Africans based on the researcher’s interview to these students. This makes some student to dirty the hostel environment having in their mind that they paid for it excluding those students that were brought up in a dirty environment. All these activity makes student to believe that the management of legenda has no control over their property and therefore gives them the opportunity to perform many illegal activities that may destroy the image of the institution.

The researcher realised that majority of student use fake information in register in order to have their own internet source which they bought from different companies that is doing their business within legenda premises. Such fake information includes passport name, number, and picture due to its photocopy which can be manipulated easily. These student will not pay their bills anymore even until their graduation and the company involve will take those student fake information to the immigration thinking that they will recover their money back as soon as the student wants to travel out of the country. The rate of these company loosing huge amount of money will reflect higher mainly from people that register within legenda which will be a big problem to the extent that it will reduce many companies doing business within legenda in future when the information is exposed to other companies in that line of business.

The researcher noticed that some people who are not legenda students or students who have withdrawn from the college are still using the legenda internet access by using their friend identity card to enter the college, covering the face of the identity card with their hand when showing it to the security men. Also the high rate of stealing student property in the hostel especially the international student hostel is as a result of the security men not performing their duty well the way they work in local hostels. Some people enters student hostel when the students are out through their windows especially those student the pipe of their Air condition pass through their windows.

In We-Care-Centre, the researcher realised that student are not graded equally on the English test according to their staff marking scheme. Some student especially the Chinese student who find it difficult to understand English are been treated in a special way compared to other international students especially student from African countries. The researcher interviewed some of these students and realised that they don’t perform well especially in the listening part but they will be pass while the procedure requires that student must got an average mark in each section before they can pass. They find it difficult to pass some Africans who did not perform well in some sections.


Since legenda is planning to become a research university, it is necessary for the institution to updates different areas or division of the college that will help to increase the growth of student and high value or quality of education. This involves given scholarship to at least a minimum of two students, one Malaysian student and one international student in order to balance student’s understanding. This scholarship will be given to student who has a good intention to encourage, guide and teach other new student the need to be a research student because that is the major reason why student those not perform well in their assessments. This scholarship will help reduce lots of difficulties faces by students especially the international student during their period of study in Malaysia which lead them to join bad group and also involve themselves in many illegal activities. It will also help the school staff agents to have a strong point that will help them meet up with their target which will multiply the growth of student in the college, because before any new student will be convinced by these agents, it is certain that they will get advice or information from students who is also studying in Malaysia. It helps to produce a student graduate from legenda whose ambition is to become a lecturer in legenda immediately after their profession in order to more value to the college.

Student needs to be given the opportunity to talk to newly admitted student during the orientation period, the advantage of becoming a research student and exposing to them the experiences of old student when they where newly admitted because student usually take more advice from their fellow student in terms of student life in campus compared with listening to staff. It is necessary for the hostel management with the help of the security officers to perform thorough search on the entire student apartment which will expose many illegal activities performed within the hostel premises and ensures that the empty rooms are properly locked for future purpose. Also the security should make sure that the picture of the identity card presented to them belongs to the presenter before the person enters into the school premises. The staff agent that are supported financially to travel to different country in order to advertise and bring new students, needs to be properly equipped with necessary facilities with prove that they are able to return with minimum number of students and also need a maximum time in order to achieve his target.

Immediate investigation needs to be done by some companies which gives student internet access in order to reduce high rate of loses which they will encounter in future. this companies should request from the student their department and try to crosscheck with legenda to make sure that those information given to them are not fake before issuing the internet source to students. It is also necessary for the college to put more effort to expand their internet access, so that it will be good enough in many hostel especially the international student’s hostel. These will help reduce the problem.



Legenda’s commitment in providing an improved educational environment for their students is to help the next or future generation live a transition adult life. Students that are studying in Legenda College made the right choice because the College is among the best dynamic study place to achieve a successful and exciting educational pursuit.

Any research university involves not just creating of knowledge and ideas that vastly advance the practice of general management but also prepare students to be thoughtful and effective leaders. The college helps people that are seeking for a standard study skill, social interaction opportunities, comfortable, better career options and information on education to fulfill their dreams.


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