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Online Education for Brake System

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How many students who use the hydraulic brake system in my class?


Development of an E-Course for How many students who use the Hydraulic brake systems?

The lesson aims to provide an online course for brake system (hydraulic) for TTC students. The proposed course is designed based on the approach of research based learning. Proposed design of the circuit is supported by the theory. The data will be collected from TTC students. The study will conduct survey and design an online course study the lesson aims to provide an online course for “Automotive” for TTC students, a new design for “hydraulic course”. The proposed course is designed based on the approach of research-based learning/ the proposed design of the circuit is supported by the “brake system” theory. The data will be collected from TTC students. The study will conduct surveys and design an online course/ study designs a prototype of “hydraulic” and test its function by asking the experts. The target group of my lesson is “Automotive” group of TTC and “Refrigeration& Air Conditioning” students. Students will fill out the survey and the results will be presented and discussed during the class time. The expected result is to provide a new learning course for refrigeration” brake system” Provide a new function, improving the performance, solving the problem of ” hydraulic “.


Vehicle, traffic accident investigation, hydraulic drive braking system, braking system condition, braking process, braking efficiency, master cylinder, caliper, brake pads, brake drum, wheel hub, pistons, brake hose.

Hydraulic system is just one system from multiple systems, which is common between the cars. The hydraulic system is work by different ways and easy maintenance and spare parts cheap ways compared with air system or electromagnetic system.The Brake system’s most important in vehicles, planes and even trains, the brake system is the main workers in the slow movement of the car and turn it off, if the driver is driving a car or any vehicle moving at high speed and the brake at same moment damage, most be a crash or may be injured and even die.After a lot of traffic accidents since the invention of the car, most companies seeking to drive the security of all, and most important things the companies sought after improving the brake system in terms of performance and responsiveness in case of emergency.


First of all, the brake system its use to slow the vehicle or stop it. Second, brake pedal its moves the piston in master cylinder. Then the piston moves the brake oil inside the brake hose. After that, the brake pads or shoes get force to friction with dick brake and slow the vehicle or stop. Finally, stoplight a rec color will be switch on because the driver pressure brake pedal.

Types of brake system

1-Disc Brakes

This type circular shape, which is installed on wheel, caliper is who holds the disc brake. Hydraulic pressure of the master cylinder is the main reason for the pressure on the caliper piston to the friction between the pads and brake disk. This causes to friction and then stopped the car or slow down.

2-Drum Brakes

The drum brake comprise brake drum attached to the wheel, brake shoes wheel cylinder, brake return springs, and wheel cylinder. The drum brake its use it most in big cars like GMC because higher weight of the vehicle. The drum brake gets the force or hydraulic pressure from master cylinder, then the wheel cylinder push the brake shoes against the brake drum. Because this thing will be friction between the shoes and drum, and will become the car is slow or stop.

3-Emergency Brakes

This type it’s separated from brake system, its old system. This system was working by hand. The way it works as follows, when brake system Hydraulic no work or happened something cusses nonstop the wheel, the driver pull the cable around it. The emergency brake used in emergency situation, in container the other brake system fail.

This system has become one of the important things related to safety, most of the modern cars use the system (ABS), the system working on the brake surprise, he was working on the tires from slipping on wet roads and after the rains, this system work monitors each wheel separately, when the car slipping what to do this system? ABS mechanism with the service brakes to decrease stopping distance and increase control and constancy of the vehicle during hard braking.

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It is important for TTC students to know more about the advantage of E-Learning. E-learning is using multimedia (video, text audio, pictures) together in learning. Students can learn any time and any place without problem. E-learning solve the problem of distance for those living faraway of universities. It is important in terms of documentation. Students can have the learning materials whenever it is needed. At TTC there are some examples of e-Learning practices. One of these platform is Bzoor where students can learn, get connected and have learning materials.

1.1. Benefit:

The benefit of this e-course is use it anytime and you don’t have to bring any materials with you so I will focus to use e-course to present my topic phishing which are part for risks in technologies.

The study of Bolsunovskaya (2013) so the aim of the report is to explain what is e-learning and is important especially for students. The result was the students have knowledge about e-learning as they can use as video, text audio, pictures in anytime and it is important because solve the problem that face some students with distance for who lives faraway from colleges.

As previous studies mentioned the aim if this study is to provide a new course for improving the skills and knowledge of brake system (hydraulic)for TTC students, the idea here is to solve the problem of understanding of hydraulicrisks for TTC students.

The current study is going to answer the question of: “How many students who use the hydraulic brake system in my class?



-D. Andrikova AT EL, 2016Design of flat wheel braking control system with three modes of motion: rolling, sliding, locking

– Bolsunovskaya (2013), Resource Efficiency in TPU: Implementation of English Language E-courses.




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