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Benefits Of The E Book

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Do you ever heard about what is E-book? Before discussing the benefits of E-book, let we know some more about it. E-book is a book but it was in electronic format. The letter ‘E’ self explains and means available in electronic format. Just like purchasing a book from a bookstore, you need to pay and you will receive the book, but it is more simple than that because it only requires an internet connection for the purchase. After get it, you can stay offline. The E-book also can be download into your system by the sender send a download link via an email. I didn’t believe if anyone said to get an E-book is more difficult from getting a book from a bookstore. It was so easy like ‘ABC’. You only need to click on the link and the E-book will automatically download to your computer. E-book can have numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book. So, you still can feel like reading a normal book or if you are not familiar with it, you can easily print it out. E-book have so many kind of benefits that we need to know.

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Firstly, E-book is portable compare with a book. Just imagine, you can carry a thousand of E-book on your laptop instead carry a bundle of book. There is no more weight issue to bring a book. You also can simply read your E-book in a train, airplane, bus, or while waiting for something. You didn’t have to get mess by looking where you put the book, all is your laptop or PC. You only need to look into a folder where you have saved it or by using searching program where it is available on every laptop or PC. There is no more mini library in house or book rack to keep all your book but only a laptop, or if you want to store it into a smaller place, you can store it in your thumb drive. It was totally saving a cost and area. Moreover, if you have a problem with the size of the fonts, you can resize and adjust the font size depending on yourself. It was really help for those who have an optical problem. This disease is called hyperopia and it was caused by an imperfection in the eye often when the eye ball is too short or the lens cannot become round enough. Books usually with font size of 12 or 14 which is big enough for most of us but not for them who are suffering from hyperopia as they cannot see clearly writing in font size 12 or even 14. Old people like to read a lot too as most of them have a lot of free time to read since most of them have retired because they are no longer able to work. E-book is a great solution to their problem as the size of the writing is not fixed. This means that one can make it bigger or smaller for instance one can make the font size 45 or 10. This should be a great help to old readers especially those who are suffering from hyperopia.

Furthermore, you also can turn the E-book to the audio book by using a software that can convert it. Some of it contains audio, picture, and audio to make it more attractive. In this case, it can increase the hobby of reading. People will spending more time in front of computer and less time with the printed books. It can change people perception from reading is a boring to reading is an interesting. Through E-book, teacher can attract their student to give more attention and understanding during the class session. For an example, the teacher can include picture or video of university to tell the student how university is really look like and it conditions. Compare by giving them a paper with a details or story of university, they will be boring and simply throw away the paper if they found that is useless for themselves. It also can be a great teaching medium because when teacher show their student with an image or video, it will be memorisable and more last longer. Besides, the usage of E-book for student can help them improves their learning skills and also gives them extra knowledge for them to use it for their materials in their assignment or homework and also can be useful for them in the examination. They also will expose to the technology where the E-book itself one of the great idea in technology. Their mind will be more advance and always looking for technology if they are exposed to the technology since they still very young age. In addition, student can do their revision using E-book which can avoid them from get bored during study.

As a book seller, you can easily sell, advertise and distribute the E-book through the internet. It was better because people no need to waste their time to go to the bookstore to get the book that they want. By reducing this difficulty, people will more attract to read the book. Then, you can saving your cost of advertising. Through an internet, your advertisement will spread to all over the world for only a minute. Advertisement through an internet also more attractive because your can insert an audio or video to attract people. Then, as a customer, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the book that you want. You can purchase an E-book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. In addition, you can do it from your sweet home or anywhere else . As long you are provided with laptop and internet connection, you are easy to get your E-book even you are on holiday or in vacation. By downloading an E-book through the right address and high speed internet access, you can get it in a very short time. This will help people in a rural area to get their book at a same time with the people in big modernized cities.

E-book also have awfully low cost of production because it can be straightforwardly copied and distribute from one people to another. Amazingly, E-book is really environmental friendly because there is no tree is required in order to manufacture the E-book paper. So, increase the use of E-book will reduced the need of cutting trees. This will help to reduce the world problem today that is global warming. If there is no effort by any person or organisation to solve this problem, world will facing more and more problem. Not only that, the production of paper also will produce a lot of toxic component that dangerous to our health. The printing of a book also costs a lot of money besides requires a lot of resources. But for E-book, only a PC or laptop is needed to have the E-book. Some people are not agree because they said a laptop or PC is more costly than have a book but they didn’t realize how many thousands of book they can have only by having a laptop. It also more safely stored and carried anywhere, than ordinary books. They also last longer than a normal books. The world today is changing every minute, so we need to update and change the content and information. E-book also can be updated faster with the new trends and information. It also generally kept to due date to the ease and very simple to do it. Other than that, E-book is a preserve and ageless books. It cannot be rot, mildew, old and full with dust like a normal book. It ensure that the literature will endure.

It was crystally clear that E-book have a lot of benefits and it cannot be denied in order to make our country as a modern country with a technology. E-book also have the disadvantages and still need to improve. Everybody should take notes the importance and the advantages of E-book so that they can spread it. More campaign should be organize to expose our people with this kind of technology, E-book. Let everybody in this country expert in using E-book because maybe one day later Malaysia will be the only country that didn’t use no more paper as book but only a laptop as the book.

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