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Communication Is Vital For Human Survival English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 1339 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Communications can be said as the most vital element for the humans’ life. Well obviously, without knowing the proper ways of communications techniques, how are we supposed to share or exchange thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions or information without causing any sorts of interruption or trouble? Even animals communicate with each other in its elaborate ways! In order to archive a successful communications, we have to get ourselves crystal clear in what is professional communications all about. Well luckily, I am learning Professional Communications, which is very essential to one’s life as it could take me one step closer to be a successful person.

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Communications must be intended to convey a message. Some messages, such as poetry or quotes, may not be intended to a specific party and may be simply for the enjoyment of the creator to share his messages. So there may be no intended receiver. A message is usually both transmitted and received. The process goes like this, the sender conceives the message, encodes the message and selects the most suitable medium, and the receiver then decodes the message, interprets the message and sends the feedback back to the sender. Therefore there will always be a transmitter in a communication. It is important for us to convey a message in the very best medium so that the receiver will get it with ease. If you chose a bad and weak medium, the message would turn out to be a different meaning, though, it will create an unjust misunderstanding in that specific message. For example, our broadcast radio or the webcam at home, there might be a reception problem; hence, some messages may not reach the listener properly who does not understand the messages being delivered. Therefore, we have to choose the most suitable medium such as conversation between face-to-face, e-mails or via the telephone.

The ability to communicate is special but it is often taken for granted and it is not always used to the greatest advantage. Failure to communicate a message would end up to a hectic result. Let’s say the sender has wrongly conceived the message, encoded the message in a wrong tone language, and chosen the wrong medium, thus the receiver would receive the message that has been interpreted wrongly, and the sender will either receive the feedback interpreted wrongly as well or will not receive the feedback at all!

We communicate in couple of ways, consider which medium is appropriate. There are two types of communication, verbal communication and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is divided to two media of communication, oral and written communication. Oral communication, that is communication by word of mouth, simply means the use of speech. Some of the types of conversations of oral communication being used in society are face-to-face, telephone conversation, speeches, interviews, meetings, video conference, teleconference, voice chat over internet and public speaking. Oral communication can be used mostly in any circumstances. Let’s say I’ve been given a task to do a presentation, in order to present a persuasive oral presentation, I would highlight the strongest points first. And I would vary the pace, speak up, use the appropriate words, stand upright, and most importantly establish eye contact with the receiver that could be a group of people or audience. Even the salesmen that are trying to sell the goods, they would talk confidently and keep a strong eye contact with the customers to persuade them. Written communication, which could be email, letters, reports, advertisements, facsimile, notes, minutes, articles or memos, is writing the words which we want to communicate. One of the main advantages of using writing communications is that we can edit the message before we send it to the receiver. Good written communications is quite essential for business purposes. The most common forms of written communications are letter and office memo.

Nonverbal communications is transmitting messages non verbally intentionally or unintentionally. Examples of non verbal communications are hand gestures, posture, face expressions, body language and eye contact. Non verbal communications can be done without speaking, such as pointing the finger. The sender illustrates the message by his/her body language and the receiver would get the message intended. Clothing, hairstyles and bodily characteristics can also be clarified as non verbal communications. Let’s say we see a group of people wearing a same design of t-shirts, our mind will automatically tell that they are in one group that set themselves apart from others in the form of clothing. Another example, a person with tattoo on his arm could also give us the message about his/her personality traits. Non verbal can be unconscious, for instance, let’s say we have come for an agreement with one’s statement, hence we will say ‘yes’ and unconsciously we would nod our head and smile as well!

We must be constantly alert that there are advantages and disadvantages with different methods of communications. Oral communication has its advantages of, direct medium, instant feedback from the receiver, easier to persuade, participation of all present and instant exchange of opinions. Disadvantages of oral communication are, disputes can arise, often no written record hence cheating can happen and difficult to control a large amount of people. Advantages of written communication are, can be edited before sending it to the receiver, can be duplicated for future reference or evidence, can give out complex ideas and provides written record. Disadvantages of written communication are, problems with interpretation, difficult to modify once sent, can be costly and lastly it takes time. Non verbal has its advantages of, added interactive visual, provides simulations of situations, strengthen oral communication and list out the ideas in number form. Disadvantages of non verbal communication are difficulties in interpretation without written or spoken word, can be expensive and sometimes the message will not be sent correctly.

There are some barriers in communications such as, age barrier, gender, physical, emotional, language, cultural, listening, skills and stress barrier. If we want to transmit a message successfully from the sender to the receiver, we must eliminate all types of barriers.

Learning professional communications also thought me about negotiations and how to attend an interview in a professional manner. Well negotiations are basically about communications. Realise or not, we negotiate everyday for all sorts of thing. A good negotiator is one who knows when to use the negotiating styles and not one who strives to gain maximum profit. We have to learn all the 4 types of negotiating styles so that we would know what to use, how to use and when to use it that depends on different circumstances. The four types of negotiating styles are, competing, which means maximum profit, minimum relationship; cooperating, which means profit plus, maximum relationship; withdrawing, which means zero profit, minimum relationship; and lastly, compromising, which means less profit and maximum relationship. Making a big impact on the interviewer on how well we are prepared to answer the interviewer questions is one of the main things. We have to impress the interviewer that we are the right person they are looking for. In order to do that, we have to do a research on that company and get to know about the history of it, dress smartly, bring all along the certificates and have a sufficient sleep and healthy food. The delivery of one’s outlook and the passion would persuade the interviewer to employ us.

In conclusion, I would thank Mr. Warren for teaching me the importance and the true meaning of professional communications. It will definitely benefit not only me, but the whole bunch of students in the future.


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