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The Mystery Of The Bigfoot Creature English Literature Essay

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Bigfoot is a mysterious creature that is characteristic – features very large, with feathers that cover the entire body. Bigfoot reportedly found in the regions of Canada and North America since the 19th century. In view of the trail leg is estimated weighed 400 pounds. Bigfoot is also known as Sasquatch or Skunk also sometimes called monkey. Sasquatch is a legend that circulated animals in North America. Bigfoot, which means big feet are huge creatures the remnants of ancient times. Predictably, these animals still live in snowy mountainous areas, including in the United States and the Himalayan mountains of China, and people believe these creatures can be found all over the world with the names of different, like the Yeti in Tibet and Nepal, Yeren in China and Yowie in Australia.

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Bigfoot experts suspect is a gorilla and a half men. Height two until four feet, walking upright on two feet. Fur thin gray with black head reddish. Numbered five toes, similar to humans and apes. Its weight reached 230 pounds. These animals have intelligence on the monkey, but far below the human. Bigfoot does not malignant, and even tend to shy. His face was friendly, as well as tame monkeys. These animals moved quickly away when meeting people. Viewed from the anatomy, the scientists suspected Bigfoot is Gigantopithecus animal species. This huge animal fossils are found in China. But there is also a declared Bigfoot is Homoerectus (apes walked upright). Bigfoot is considered omnivores because he ate the plants – wild crops such as mushrooms, fruits, etc, fish, insects and animal flesh.

Nickname Bigfoot

Bigfoot named because no one had managed to see the original form. So far, people can only find traces of the giant legs. The giant footprints were first discovered a journalist from California, the United States in March 1999. That night he was driving to Oregon. In a lonely place, he stopped at a diner. Suddenly there was uproar. He ran to his car. A printed giant footprints around the car. He looked around, vaguely giant beast of about 2.5 meters tall in the middle of running the thick night. Since then the legend of Bigfoot began. There have been many kinds of names used to refer to a Bigfoot, among others:

– “Bad Idians”

– “Mountain Devils”

– “Omaha Bushman”

– “Sasquatch”

– “Yeren”

– “Yeti” (special for Bigfoot was living in Alaska who has a white fur).


Bigfood Footprints of course very different from other animal footprints, because it’s much different characteristics, but Bigfoot footprints are very similar to human footprints, except that hers bigger Bigfoot. There have been many cases where people have found the large footprints of what are thought to be from the bigfoot. They are generally found to resemble human footprints, except they are much larger. If the footprints are not man-made for the purpose of hoaxing, then it can be assumed in many cases that the creature that made them are quite large. In 1958 and 1959, Bob Titmus found several tracks in the area of Bluff Creek, California, later to be made famous by the Patterson / Gimlin film footage. In 1988, wildlife biologist John Bindernagel found many tracks, some of them 16 inches long. Most recently, on the Science Fiction channels television show called “Destination Truth”, host Josh Gates found a large track in the Himalayas.

Smells and Sound

Many people who claim to have had close encounters with Bigfoot say that there is quite a stench associated with the creatures. The smells have been described as a cross between that of a skunk and rotting meat. In one case a man by the name of Sean Fries claimed to have such a meeting in June of 1988. He said that something woke him up one night while camping, and that when he went outside he was assailed by an unbelievable smell. He says he believes Sasquatch was nearby. Sometimes people claim to have heard the sounds of Bigfoot. They say the noises are not like anything heard in nature. Some people say that the noises are different for different geographical areas. There have also been claims made that people have heard these creatures communicating with one another with a series of whoops and chirps. People around the Himalayan Mountains are often heard roaring sound.



In the mythology of Japan’s Shinto religion, there is a legend about a creature identified as the god of water. The creature called Kappa. However, unlike any other mythological creatures, this time, there are at least 4 mummy Kappa stored neatly in Japan and the Netherlands.


Kappa story first appeared in the Nihon Shoki ancient records from the year 720 AD. In the document, Kappa called “Kawa no kami”. In the Edo period, Illustrations of Kappa appeared in anthologies and paintings. In 1910, Kappa started getting popularity after a story titled Tono Monogatari published. In the telling of stories about the legendary creatures, including some Kappa. But at this time, Kappa is described as more of a cartoon character with a funny character. Kappa sometimes described as an evil creature, but many legends told about Kappa as being a good and intelligent treat. If he was captured and asked to promise not to harm people again, he would keep his promise.

Nickname Kappa

Kappa is often identified as the god of water has a variety of titles. Another name from this creature of them is Kawataro (water boy), Kawaka, Kawaranbe, Kyuusenbou, Masunta, Mu Jima and Ningyo.

Characteristics of Kappa

Kappa is described as having the shape of a snake, dragon, eels or turtles. Kappa bodied like a child, faced monkey, a shell in the back, long hair and scaly skin is yellow green. Despite its size as a child, Kappa is a great strength. He dared to attack a horse and able to attract prey larger in the water. Some records say this creature can change colours like a chameleon body. This creature also has a smell like fish and hates loud and metal objects. One unique feature of the Kappa is the existence of a cavity without a cap on his head. This round cavity filled with water becomes a source of strength Kappa. Kappa can be found in lakes, rivers, springs and even the irrigation canal. The main habitat in the region spread Kappa Kyushu and Honshu river in Sarugaishi.

SHORT PEOPLE (Hominid Mini)


Short people are the most famous creatures in cryptozoology Indonesia. It is said that according to witnesses he had a body like an ape, but walk like a human. Unlike the American Bigfoot, the short person really fit with his name. This creature has only a high less than 1 meter.


Short People are creatures who believe life cryptozoolgy spread in some areas such as Sumatra, Bengkulu, Palembang and Jambi. Legend of short people began to sound early 20th century. On August 21, 1915, Edward Jacobson found a set of mysterious tracks at the edge of the lake Bento, in the southeastern mountains Kerinci, Jambi Province. Guide called Mat Getoep said that traces of 5 inch long is the property of Short People. In December 1917, a plantation manager named Oostingh Short People met in a forest near Bukit Kaba. When the creature saw him, he stood up and calmly walked a few yards and then climbed into the tree and disappeared.

Nickname Short People

Other names often associated with short people, among others: Atu Short, Ijaoe, Sedabo, Sedapa, Sindai, Uhang Pandak, People Letjo and People Gugu.

Characteristics of Short People

This creature has a high only around 70 cm, surrounded by dark fur. But his face was not covered with feathers relative. Sometimes the witnesses heard strange noises coming from his mouth. At first, many researchers suspect that this creature really is a monkey or ape. But the witnesses description of the behavior and way of operation is not in accordance with the behavior of apes or gibbons. Moreover, the footprints are found suggest that these creatures are not classified into the known primates.



Cameron Lake is a popular lake located in British Columbia, Canada. The extent of approximately 4.5 km2 and the depth of about 70 meters. In the lake are living different kinds of fish such as salmon and trout. This lake does not freeze during the winter and the lake is also the tourists and residents about reports of mysterious creature that is sometimes visible to the surface.


Many people say that the creature in the lake is cadborosaurus Cameron. Cadborosaurus is a mysterious creature shaped sea snakes. Its name is derived from Cadboro Bay in Victoria, British Columbia, and the Greek root word “sauros” meaning lizard or reptile. In 1937, a fisherman found the carcass of a Cadborosaurus in the belly of a pope in Cadboro Bay in Victoria.

Characteristics of Cadborosaurus

Cadborosaurus is said to resemble a serpent with vertical coils or humps in tandem behind the horse-like head and long neck, with a pair of small elevating front flippers, and a pair of large webbed hind flippers fused to form a large fan-like tail region that provides powerful forward propulsion.


At that time, a woman and her father who was driving the car at the side of the lake said she saw a long black creature swimming in the lake. But the appearance of the report was not too memorable to the public until other sightings were reported on July 30, 2007. At that Bridgette Horvath was driving his car when he saw a suspicious water turbulence in the lake. He did not see any boats on the lake. So it must have been caused by turbulence in the water something. Horvath pulled over his car and walked toward the lake with camera in hand. Then, he returned to see the turmoil in the water. Without wasting time, Horvath took a

picture immediately.

“Shaped like a snake.” He said.

“The object was not a log, nor the waves because there is no ship at the time. In fact, you could see something like a large fish, the object was a living thing” he went again.

Photographs taken immediately decorate Horvath headlines-headlines in the media world. Since then, a mysterious lake creature Cameron got a name, Cammy. But according to the opinion of some other Cryptozoologyst, there is a Cammy possibility Cadborosaurus.



In Japan, there are legends about a mysterious alien, which is being considered as the devil and the body is described as having half bird and half human. This creature is called by the name of Tengu. Remarkably, a Tengu mummies stored neatly in Aomori prefecture. Museum of Hachinohe in Aomori, northern Japan, is home to a supposedly Tengu mummy was originally owned by Nambu Nobuyori, Nambu clan leader who ruled Hachinohe in the mid-18th century. Tengu who has become a mummy is believed to come from the city of Nobeoka (Miyazaki prefecture) in southern Japan. Some theories say that the mummy was reached northern Japan after a passed to several family members of the ruling Japanese Samurai, until at last reached the Museum of Hachinohe in Aomori.


Tengu mythology originated from around the 6th century AD in line with the arrival of Buddhism to Japan from China. Tengu considered a goblin who lived in the woods and mountains. They called to have such supernatural powers can be transformed into the human or animal, can talk to people without opening his mouth and capable of moving from one place to another quickly use their wings. Tengu word actually means “dog heaven”. In Chinese mythology, this creature has its place with the name of Tien Kou (Tiangou) which means the sky dogs. This name is not in accordance with the description of Tengu. This creature has no way as a dog, but more like a bird.

Characteristics of Tengu

Tengu has a human head, but has hairy legs and wings like a bird. Tengu has two physical forms. The first is called Karasu tengu who has a head and beak like a bird. The second was a Konoha tengu who has a form like men but have wings and a long nose (sometimes called Yamabushi tengu).



There is a genuine American legend that says the 13 human skulls made of crystal that can talk and sing. According to legend, the crystal skull contains answers to some mysteries of the world and life. The legend also says that one day, when mankind experienced a major crisis, then the 13 skulls will be rediscovered and once again collected to provide knowledge and information vital to humanity.


Crystal skull was first discovered in the ruins of Maya cities and buried deep in dense forests. In 1924, British explorer, Frederick Mitchell-Hedges and his colleagues are adventurous, trying to find the remains of the legend of Atlantis in Belize, Central America. One day, when they were walking through dense forest, they found a pile of rocks covered with thick grass and bushes. The rest is history. The group found a city that has long Lubaantun lost, which in Mayan language means the city tumbled stone. Throughout the excavations at the site, adopted son of Mitchell-Hedges, who called her said that she had found a skull made of crystal buried under the altar in one of the ruins of a pyramid-shaped temple. Told, when the skull was found, the Mayan workers immediately filled with a leap of joy. They immediately put the skull above the altar, ritual and dance around it. Apparently, an ancient and supernatural power has returned into the lives of these people. The skull is entirely made of transparent crystal. It’s size just like a human skull size and very accurate in the anatomy shown with a separate jawbone. Anna Mitchell Hedges skull was found died in 2007 at the age of 100 years. He had kept the skull in his life. Anna believes that the skull had given him strength and health until she was 100 years old. Some people who have spent time with the skull was also admitted to having some strange experiences, like the sound of soft, like a humming out of the skull. And sometimes they could see flashes of images of the past and future are reflected from the skull. Surprisingly, the crystal skull of Anna Mitchell Hedges, not only crystal skull was found. Since this discovery, several other skulls had been found as foretold by ancient legends. Currently there are at least six other skeletons that are stored in museums world-renowned. All these skulls are still unknown origin. Most owners believe that the skull came from Middle America, whether it is from the Maya, Aztecs, or even interest from the period before the Maya is a mysterious tribe of Atlantis.



On September 11, 2001, the WTC twin towers were hit by two airplanes. The twin towers collapsed, flat on the ground. All eyes of the world look at the event. Of course, these events changed the world of terrorism. However, when the collapse of the twin towers, a mysterious creature caught on camera was flying around the building.


Mothman is the name given to a creature that was reported seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia among 12 November 1966 until December 1967. Many witnesses stated that the Mothman is a winged creature like the moth, the size of a human high and the most prominent are the two red eyes glowing. Sometimes there are several witnesses who say that the creature had no head and eyes in the chest.


The first testimony about the Mothman came on 12 November 1966 of 5 men who were in a local cemetery to prepare a burial ceremony. When they’re working, they realize that there is a human-shaped creature that emerged from the dark between the trees and then flew over their heads.

Another report came from two pairs of young couple from Point Pleasant named David and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette. One night on November 15, 1966, they are traveling on the night with Scarberry’s car. They passed a factory area in western Virginia named TNT. The name was given because during the Second World War, the plant was used as an ammunition manufacturing location. As they passed the area, they saw the two big red eyes in the darkness of the night near the factory gate. They stopped the car and finally realized that both the red light is a single pair of eyes belonged to a strange creature. In the description, they say, “The creature has a height and shape as humans, probably about 1.8 meters tall and has wings folded on its back.”

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The next testimony came from Couple Raymond Wamsley and Mrs. Marcella Bennett. When they were about to drive to visit their friend Ralph Thomas, they are aware of a figure appeared behind their car was parked. According to Mrs. Bennett seems the creature was lying and then slowly rose from the ground. It’s looks great with a gray pair of glowing red eyes and wings folded on its back. Mrs Bennet was so frightened that she dropped the baby’s arms. While Wamsley phoned the police, the creature disappeared.

Mothman appearance outside Ohio and Virginia that are in the UK recorded along the road near the village of Sandling Park, Kent on November 16, 1963. Four of the farmers see the animals moving from the sky and disappeared behind the trees not far from them. Because of fear, they ran, but stopped after seeing the oval of golden light floating a few feet above the field. They described the object as a UFO. Suddenly, accompanying the appearance of it, a dark shadow walked and went to the breeder’s. The shadow was the property of a dark black creature, as tall as humans, without a head and wings like bats. They were so scared and could not move, and then the creature vanished.




The most common testimony about the chupacabra is a creature like reptiles, have skin glaucous and flow back from the neck to tail. Height of about 1-1,2 meters and standing or jumping like a kangaroo. At least one appearance reported that he jumped as high as 6 meters. Other testimony said the creature resembled a dog / panther without fur and fangs long and smells of sulfur.

History chupacabra

According to the reliefs found in Europe, some researchers connect the chupacabra with gargoyles, creatures that are part of European history and associated with evil spirits. Currently chupacabra have a place in the legends of Latin society. In 2005, Isaac Espinoza spent about $ 6 million from his pocket to investigate the chupacabra. He stayed for eight months in Latin America in the woods with her team. Several times they had encounters with strange creatures like chupacabra. They filmed the creature several times and took samples of hair and skin that had obtained to the University of Texas for analysis. The result is that the creature is not of a kind known today.

Report Appearance

In April 2006, MosNews reported that the chupacabra seen in Russia for the first time. The report mentions the existence of a strange creature that attacks cattle and sucking their blood. The next report came from a neighboring village who said that 30 sheep were killed and their blood becomes dry.

On January 2008 chupacabra reported seen in the province of Capiz in the Philippines. Some local residents believe that the chupacabra has been killed eight chickens. The owners of the chickens are seeing an animal resembling a dog that attacked his chickens.



“Nessie” is a familiar call for the Loch Ness Monster, which beings are not yet identified, is said to live on a lake in Scotland called the State Lake Loch.Nessie usually categorized as Lake Monster. This monster is one of the estimated beings purabakala can survive the extinction of the dinosaur era and there earth. Nessie also one of the mysteries of animal other than Bigfoot and Yeti Monster.


Nessie many close relatives associated with Plesiosaur, which is kind of long-necked dinosaur that lived in water. It’s including carnivorous species. Because their habitats in the water made them eat fish.


One set of researchers from the BBC in July 2003 and arrived at the edge of Lake Loch Ness, Scotland. Their presence in the lake area of 56.4 square miles that aims to uncover the mystery that has for too long confused the public, not just the population in Scotland but throughout the world. It was a very long mystery sounds, dozens of sightings have been made the story from the mouths of witnesses, but the actual existence of a giant lake at the bottom of Loch Ness is still the enigma that is not endless. Some time, the researchers enjoy the view of reconciling the lake Loch heart. In silence, they may ask questions, there is really a giant lurking beneath the surface of the lake water? Is a giant lake that is often called “Nessie” really exist?. He had long been charged inhabit the lake Loch and many local residents claimed to have seen him since his first appearance around the sixth century. However, more often hide Nessie herself. Centuries passed, Nessie eventually become local legend. The story of the legend that started back when the world’s attention on July 22, 1933, when a man named Spicer and his wife startled to see a huge creature crossed in front of them. They saw the giant long-necked creature moved toward the lake before disappearing in the thick bush on the contrary. The story of the couple is then spread rapidly, not only throughout Scotland but that all over the world. Parties interested in the story of a giant lake, Loch began offering a tempting prize for anyone who can capture the mysterious creature, living or dead. Even a tycoon, Bertram Mills offered a sum of money of  £ 20,000 to anyone who caught and handed over to him. Since then, reports by successive reports made by the witnesses who claimed to come back to see the giant creature Nessie. Among them are reports of a resident named Grant, he claimed to have seen a huge creature figure at 1 am, January 5, 1934. When the area along the lake, Grant recounts seeing a large object came from the edge of the lake. However, these creatures then became aware of Grant and immediately headed toward the lake. Grant then rushed off the boat and motorcycle chase him, but he was only able to see the ripples on the lake after the creature dive into it.



Ogopogo is an intimate call for a lake monster named Canada’s Lake Okanagan. Topics for discussion about the existence of mysterious creatures Okanagan Lake has been heard the story since 1850, where at the beginning of the year for the first Ogopogo reveal itself to the tourists and local residents.


According to witnesses who saw it said that a creature with a large build, dark colour and has a long body shape have emerged surface water and swim down the middle of the lake. It happened in a long time, so they can be freer to observe and identify the creature. According to them, the creature is not a snake, even though few have the same shape on his body. That snake has no registration body size and all these creatures. Many people who listened to the witnesses actually booed them, maybe the creature was indeed a snake, but exaggerated the drawing figures, which became a sensational thing.

Report Appearance

1872 – Ogopogo appears in this year, two American tourists Mr. and Mrs. Allison is a person who reported appearance.

1947 – Ogopogo again reveal itself, but its appearance at this year is remarkable because it moves toward the side of the lake to show you how to swim like a moving body, but not until a few moments later the creature back into the bottom of the lake. This incident was witnessed by at least a dozen witnesses



Rod, sometimes referred to as fishing heaven, is a new interest in the field of cryptozoology. He is a creature who flew and spun at high speed so elusive to the naked eye. The only evidence of the rod is catching images by the camera because the camera’s ability to capture a more accurate movement. Rod sightings occurred in almost all the world.


Rod called because the shape of his body likes a stick. From the observation by the camera, it can be concluded that the long-Rod between 10 cm to 5 meters. And Rod can also control the direction of flight just like birds or insects. Rod has a body like a thin membrane like a jellyfish, including their axis bones. Some claim that Rod is the animal that has not known and probably still flying anomalocarids family.

Results Appearance

Recorded a pair of Rod clearly flying out of the cave.


Rod White is flying near the tree trunk.


Human Blue


Legend of Blue-skinned man who was recorded in the history of Kentucky, America is a thing that interested me. Especially if associated with a variety of beliefs about the “blue people” from various parts of the world.


This happened 6 generations ago, when it was a French orphan named Martin Fugate got a land grant in 1820 and moved to Eastern Kentucky area, known as the Troublesome Creek. Martin married American woman, Elizabeth Smith, who had red hair and very white skin, white as snow. Fugate’s family has 7 children, and 4 of them blue-skinned. This family grew in number, as fellow members of Fugate’s family to marry one another. Marriage between cousins is often the case, Fugate’s family also married with families of their neighbours. These communities live in remote areas that do not have the infrastructure. The children of blue-skinned Martin finally married to the brother of their mother. Zachariah, a blue-skinned son, married to the mother’s siblings, and produce combinations of genes that 100 years later became the cause of Benjy Stacy’s birth with a purplish blue colour! As a family doctor was astonished at Benjy’s condition, they explain the story of Benjy’s great-grandmother, the Luna Fugate. Family says, Luna is a woman who “very blue”, “the blue woman who ever lived”. Luna’s father is a Levy Fugate, son of Zachariah. Levy married a Ritchie girl and family 200 are purchased land in Ball Creek. The couple had 8 children, including Luna. A young man named John Stacy met Luna at worship weekly at a local Baptist church. Stacy Luna then married and they moved to Ball Creek. Stacy still remembers a father figure-in-law, Levy Fugate who has blue skin colour. All men from the blue-skinned were Luna family. And they dubbed “The Blue Fugates”. Carrie Lee Kilburn, a nurse at the hospital, recalled Home place Centred Luna and his family as the blue-skinned people. “Luna’s blue-skinned. Colour dark blue lips, like a bruise. Women were blue I’ve ever seen “. Stacy Luna has a health condition, gave birth to 13 children and died in old age, 84 years old. Luna is known as an energetic and rarely went to the clinic for treatment. Benjy Stacy was born in a modern hospital near Hazard, Kentucky, not far from Troublesome Creek. Benjy inherited the red hair colour of the mother. But, his great-grandfather of skin colour also declined her! Benjy’s blue skin. The doctor was surprised, but Benjy’s parents did not. The doctors send Benjy to be tested at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kentucky. After 2-day inspection, found no cause for the blue colour. After a history of skin Benjy’s blue in the family is known, the doctors concluded that this condition decreased. However, the blue gene in Benjy’s body is not as strong as his great grandfather. In a few weeks, the colour of Benjy’s blue skin began to fade and become normal. However, in a state of anger or too cold, nail and lip colour purple Benjy.


20081215-Oarfish3 012 sm.jpg

In the past, when cars and airplanes not exist, the travellers explore the world by ship. And since then came the legendary sea monsters extraordinary. Do these monsters really exist? or just a fantasy of a drunken sailor? Although science cannot determine with certainty the identity of these monsters, but at least there are some prime suspects who could be considered. This is one of them, Regalecus Glesne or Oarfish.


These fish belong to the category of rare and very seldom seen. So rare that the fish is never caught camera alive until the year 2001. He belongs to the family who has Regalecidae four species. One species, Regalecus Glesne, we’re talking about this, never entered into the Guinness Book of World Records because it has found that living with a body length up to 11 meters. The food is plankton and sea creatures small. He was able to live to a depth of 1000 meters. Strangely, this fish has no scales. His body was covered only by a kind of membrane, called guanine. This fish has a red single fin and includes a loner fish. However, when these fish are sick or dying, like the loner is not want to die in loneliness. So he climbed into the top surface of the sea and stay there until death. Maybe they want to attract the attention of the sailors, or just want to look at the sun for the last time.



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