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What Does Color Represent?

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At the heart of every prism lies a spectrum, a sort of mini rainbow.Passing through the prism, the sun rays reveal the order of the seven original colors that together, make up white light. Color is a great design element. Color is the effect on something’s appearance of the way it reflects light. It can also be called as a byproduct of spectrum and of course it’s a great design element.

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Color is a function where light and biology comes into play. Light rays reflected from any object we look at enter the eye and are focused by the eye’s optical structures: cornea, iris, pupil, and lens. The final destination of the light rays is the retina. The retina is made up of two types of cells: cones and rods. Cones are nerve cells that are sensitive to light, detail, and color.

Cones also produce the sensation we call color. Cones contain three different pigments, which respond either to blue, red, or green wavelengths of light. Cones mix the color signals to produce the variety of colors we see

Colors is divided into three parts

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Tertiary colors


The three main colors of color wheel are primary colors.

The primary colors are RED, BLUE and YELLOW. These colors are the origin colors from which other color are built.


The three colors VIOLET, ORANGE and GREEN are the secondary colors which are obtained by mixing primary colors.


The six colors which are created by mixing primary and secondary are called tertiary colors.

The colors are








Red is color which is vibrant and full of energy hot. It’s a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is Cupid and the Devil.

Nature of Red:

A stimulant, red is the hottest of the WARM COLORS. Studies show that red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure.

The expression seeing red indicates anger and may stem not only from the stimulus of the color but from the natural flush (redness) of the cheeks, a physical reaction to anger, increased blood pressure, or physical exertion.

Culture of Red:

Red is power, hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs (very important people)

Flashing red lights denote danger or emergency. Stop signs and stop lights are red to get the drivers’ attention and alert them to the dangers of the intersection.

In some cultures, red denotes purity, joy, and celebration. Red is the color of happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck.


Use the color red to grab attention and to get people to take action. Use red when you don’t want to sink into the background. Use red to suggest speed combined with confidence and perhaps even a dash of danger. A little bit of red goes a long way. Small doses can often be more effective than large amounts of this strong color. Multiple shades of red and even pink or orange can combine for a cheerful palette.

Good red

Red letter day – important or significant occasion

Red carpet treatment – make someone feel special, treat them as if they are a celebrity

Roll out the red carpet – same as above

Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning; red sky at night, sailor’s delight – pay attention to good and bad warning signs

Paint the town red – celebrate, go out partying

Red eye – an overnight flight

Bad red

Seeing red – to be angry

Red herring – something that deceives or distracts attention from the truth


Yellow is color which shows sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit. Yellow is one of the warm colors. Because of the high visibility of bright yellow, it is often used for hazard signs and some emergency vehicles. Yellow is a color which can make people cheerful. Yellow is a cheerful color. Yellow is used for hazard signs creates an association between yellow and danger, although not quite as dangerous as red. Yellow is a primary color so it can match with any color and it often works with other companion colors.

Yellow is a funny color. This color has no logic in it, its emotional,pure,happy,harmless,etc….

Yellow is for mourning in Egypt and actors of the Middle Ages wore yellow to signify the dead. Yet yellow has also represented courage (Japan), merchants (India), and peace.

Yellow color activates memory and mentally stimulates nervous system. The people who like yellow color mostly are interested in studies.

Yellow Ribbon shows hope and support. If someone is yellow it means they are a coward so yellow can have a negative meaning in some cultures. For years yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited from their men to come marching home from war. Today, they are still used to welcome home loved ones. Its use for hazard signs creates an association between yellow and danger, although not quite as dangerous as red.

Good yellow

Yellow ribbon – hope, support, remembrance

Mellow yellow – laid back, relaxation

Bad yellow

Yellow or Yellow streak or Yellow-bellied – cowardice or coward.

Yellow journalism – irresponsible reporting .


Blue is a cool color. This color makes the person feel his mind bright and calm specially for boys. Blue is calming. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue.

Nature of Blue:

A natural color, from the blue of the sky, blue is a universal color. The cool, calming effect of blue makes time pass more quickly and it can help you sleep. Blue is a good color for bedrooms. However, too much blue could dampen spirits. Its a refreshing color.

Culture of Blue:

In many diverse cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away.

A deep royal blue or azure conveys richness and perhaps even a touch of superiority. suggest Springtime while deep blue is a colder weather color. Create a conservative but sophisticated look with subtle contrast by combining light and dark shades of blue.

In Iran, blue is the color of mourning while in the West the something blue bridal tradition represents love.

Good blue

True blue – someone loyal and faithful

Out of the blue – unexpected (could be positive or negative)

Blue ribbon – first rate, top prize

Blueblood – person of noble birth, royalty

Bluestocking – well-read or scholarly woman

Bluebook – register of socially prominent people

The Blues (capitalized) – popular style of music sometimes characterized by melancholy melodies and words

Baby blues – Blue eyes (also see Bad blue words)

Bad blue

Feeling blue – feeling sad or depressed

Blue devils – feelings of depression

The blues (not capitalized) – depression, state of sadness

Blue Monday – feeling sad

Baby blues – post-partum depression

Singing the blues – bemoaning one’s circumstances

Blue laws – laws originally intended to enforce certain moral standards

Blue language – profanity

Bluenose – puritanical individual

Into the blue – entering the unknown or escape to parts unknown

Out of the blue – unexpected (could be positive or negative)


Orange is a powerful color and increases appetite for food. Orange also stimulates creativity. Orange color has a special healing properties. Orange is vibrant. It’s a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colors. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.

Nature of Orange:

As a warm color orange is a stimulant – stimulating the emotions and even the appetite. Orange can be found in nature in the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, and the skin and meat of citrus fruit. Because orange is also a citrus color, it can conjure up thoughts of vitamin C and good health.

Culture of Orange:

Orange brings up images of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and (in combination with Black) Halloween. It represents the changing seasons so in that sense it is a color on the edge, the color of change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

Using Orange:

The softer oranges such as peach are even friendlier, more soothing. Peachy oranges are less flamboyant than their redder cousins but still energetic. In keeping with its transitional appearance in nature, you might use shades of orange to indicate transition or a bridge between two opposing factors. Orange is often synonymous with autumn yet the brighter oranges are a summer color. Use shades of orange for seasonal-themed fall or summer materials.


Stimulates blood supply and energies nerves. Color therapy is good for treatment of kidney, gall stones, appendicitis.

Orange is symbol of courage.

Orange is seen in many our natural environment such as in deserts, rising and setting of sun and volcano. Orange is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking.


Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. On the flip side, green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience. Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eyes . Green is a common color as we see it in our day to day life and everywhere.

Nature of Green:

Green is a restful color with some of the same calming attributes of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room. Green is color of peace and ecology.

Culture of Green:

Green is the national color of Ireland and is strongly associated with that country. Green also has close associations with Islam. Because of all the green in nature the color is reminiscent of Spring. Coupled with red it’s a Christmas color.

Using Green:

With both a warming and cooling effect, the color green denotes balance, harmony, and stability. Use several shades of green for a fresh, Springtime feel. Olive green, also called olive drab, is a not so drab summery green that may have military overtones for some people.

Green is a soothing and relaxing color. It helps remove depression , nervousness and anxiety. Green stands for abundance, health, balance, harmony and stability.

Good green

Green light – go, permission to proceed (with a task)

The green room – in theater or televisions it is the room where performers and guests go to relax

Green thumb – good with plants

Greenback – US dollar bill, money

Greener pastures – something newer or better (or perceived to be better), such as a new job

Bad green

Green-eyed monster – jealosy

Green with envy – jealous or envious

Green – inexperienced, untested, untrained

Greenhorn – novice, trainee, beginner

Green around the gills – pale, sickly


Violet is a also a cool color. Violet shows the balance of red stimulation and blue calm. This color is mostly used in royal things and often liked by creative people.

Violet is a uplifting color. Violet is good for calming down mind and nerves. Violet color offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.

Violet is a color with highest vibration . It is also an intriguing color.

People who like violet color are outstanding in their jobs, they have great mental powers. They have a feeling of superiority and no concern for others. They are self sacrificing and sensitive.

Violet is related to mysterious and spirituality. Color of mourning in Thailand. Flowers like lavender, orchid which are violet in shade have a special place in nature. Purple heart is a military decoration for soldiers wounded in battle. Deep or Brighter violet shows richness and romantic.

Violet when used in interiors as decoratives it boosts creativity and imagination.


Color wheel is a way to show the arrangement of colors in a circular form. It also helps how to select colors.


Red, Blue and Green are the primary colors in color wheel and these are the main colors source to get other colors.


The colors which are directly opposite to each other are called complimentary color having good contrast.


The colors which are opposite and adjacent to complimentary are called split complimentary colors.


Tetrad means a group of four colors which is formed when a square or rectangle is placed inside the color wheel.


The colors which is obtained when a triangle is placed inside the color wheel is called triad colors.


The four colors which come in a line and share the same properties are called analogous colors.


Value means the amount of brightness or darkness used in a color.

To show the value of color we have used

Pure blue compared with cool, warm and pure grey.

Pure yellow compared with cool, warm and pure grey.

Pure green compared with cool, warm and pure grey.

Pure red compared with cool, warm and pure grey.

Dark – Vermilion compared with cool, warm and pure grey.

Deep green



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