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Solutions to Domestic Violence

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Every now and then, people have been known to say,” What can they do to help someone they know that is being abused?” There are many different solutions that people can do to help those in need that are involved in a domestic violence relationship.

According to the Michigan State Police there are various solutions involved in assisting someone. Knowing what one is talking about by having some background on domestic violence. Always let them know that your ears are open at anytime they need to talk. Help them as much as possible by being respectful, patient and supportive in learning about their safety. Lastly, never let them think it is their fault, keep addressing that as much as possible.

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There is always ways to get help when someone needs it. They can do so by calling the confidential National Domestic Hotline (DMVH) at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), they are available to the United States, 24 hours, 7 days a week, and open 365 days a year. The DMVH have counselors to support them in getting them information and referrals for themselves, their children, shelter, and legal assistance (Michigan State Police).

There are many other things that you could do to help a victim or even a victim herself can do. It may be just as easy as picking up a phone book to find out what organizations in your community help out with such as employment or even child care. There are other different things that can be done such as seeking counseling or even support groups. While you are seeking counseling, make sure you identify weather the counselor is for the abused and has had experience of working with the abused. Most of all stay active as much as possible to help your self esteem, self confidence, and getting you independence back (Women Web, Getting Help).

Domestic violence shelter, often called a women’s shelter is a building or set of apartments where victims of abuse can seek shelter. These shelter locations are kept confidential so these women’s abusers are unable to find them. Shelters are known to provide those abused and their children with shelter, food and childcare. Since there are very limited times for residing at a shelter, many shelters assist in placement of permanent homes and jobs (Help guide).

There are different things that can be done after leaving a shelter so their abuser doesn’t find them. The top 3 things that you can do are: 1.) get and unlisted number, 2) use a P.O. Box, 3.) open new bank accounts and credit cards (Help guide).

After discovering how serious Domestic violence actually was, the Domestic Violence Bill, 2006 was passed. The Domestic Violence Bill was intended to allow more help and relief of the abuse. The purpose of this Bill was to allow those involved in domestic violence the maximum protection that the laws can provide. These laws have made it mandatory for all police stations to have specific departments to deal with and give legal duty on the officers to assist in a complaint domestic violence.

Under the provision of this bill, police officers are suppose to advise the victim of their rights under, help in obtaining shelter, offer medical treatment, and to lodge a criminal complaint. The Domestic Violence Act also gives police officers the power to arrest the accused perpetrator, without a warrant who is reasonably suspected to have committed or who is threatening to commit an act of domestic violence on a victim. If any person is arrested they are to be brought before a magistrate within forty-eight hours (Government Gazette)

Under the Michigan Constitution, (Art. I, Sec. 24; eff. Dec. 24, 1988) and the Crime Victim’s Rights Act, (1985 PA 87; MCL 780.751) have given crime victims the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Making sure all is handled in a timely manner following an arrest. The victim also has the right to receive emergency and medical services. Receive an explanation of all court proceedings. This act allows them to be protected of being free of any threats, acts, and/or discharge from your employer. The name of the Prosecutor’s who is handling the case. Any scheduled court proceedings, including sentencing, the defendant’s release on bond or escape from custody while awaiting trial. The probation departments address and telephone number. Attend the court trial and make an oral statement to a pre-sentence investigator, and to write an impact statement which will be included in the pre-sentence report. Victims are also allowed to receive information regarding the conviction, sentence, imprisonment, and release of the accused. (Michigan Prosecuting Attorney Associations).

There are many different effects of the abuse. If someone had physical abuse they may suffer from long term health complications. Abused women often have anxiety, tension, low energy, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, or even headaches. They may believe that they failed the relationship. They have also been known to be ashamed and not allowing others to know exactly what had happened to them. In just about every case of Domestic Violence, women have stated that they have lost their self esteem and lack of confidence. Women have also been known to have anger and fear towards themselves and their abuser. They are also known to isolate themselves from other such as family and friends (Women’s Web, The Effect of Abuse).

According to Direnfeld (2007), the aftermath of emotional and psychological can last for several years or even lifetime. It not only affects the victim but also other family members and later relationships. In many cases, children have the trauma of the violence. These children grow to become bullies in their own right whose behavior the violated parent cannot control and whose behavior is reinforced by the perpetrator.

There are many things that a victim needs to remember, it’s very hard to do it all at once. Between the police, and shelters, the victim has other they can talk to; rather it is a counselor or even someone that has been through it. There main thing they need to know what are their rights?


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