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The Best Motion Picture: Jurassic Park

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Wordcount: 856 words Published: 24th Apr 2017

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The film that I think should be awarded for The Best Motion Picture is Jurassic Park because of the excellent filming techniques, terminologies and an effective storyline about Dinosaurs that was used to make it the best and captivating film. It keeps the viewers captivated and riveted to their seats

The action keeps the audience in suspense and has great effects. The dinosaurs looked real and sounded similar to what we would think real dinosaurs sounded. in the film, it wasis a very unique effect that made the actual animals look very realistic. The construction of the dinosaurs and the whole dinosaur park brought the film to life and made the viewer feel as if they are part of the investigation in the film and also made the entire film seem modern even though dinosaurs don’t exist in our generation.

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An extreme long shot was used by showing the audience the island where Jurassic Park was situated and this is where all the action takes place. At the beginning of the film we get an eye level shot of the dinosaur when it was it the cage being transferred to an enclosure. This make the audience feel insecure and think that it is looking at us. We also get a long shot when the characters walked towards the cars outside before they went to explore the park and see all the various dinosaurs. We also get an extreme close up shot of the mosquito in the resin that was attached to Johns walking stick is very effective as the backlight and zooming adds a clear view of the mosquito and symbolizes its importance. We also get a bird’s eye view when the people were the dusting the ground of the dinosaurs bones. It makes the audience seem like they are looking down at the people and the dinosaurs fossil being dusted.

The sound in the film is plays an extremely important role in the film. The sound in Jurassic Park has a huge impact on the viewer. The synchronous sound is used brilliantly when the huge T-Rex engulfs one of the visitors in the park. The sound in the film made a enormous impact on the viewers, especially when the director uses non-synchronous sound as the actors enter the dinosaur park and also when the children are being chased. The sound gives the viewer an emotion of uncertainty and fear. There are no wild sounds in the film but there are a few scenes with a voice over such as the scene where the people are trying to escape from the T-Rex as it chases them through the park. The voices of the victims are louder than the synchronous sound.

The dolly shot was used when Ian was in the car with the lady and other tour guides. The camera is placed on a track and set to move at the same speed as the dinosaur. This makes the viewer very involved and close to the scene. A crane shot is used when the lady was trying to get away and get to the technical room. The camera was placed in the air and this made us as the viewers feel like she was being chased by a dinosaur. Zoom lenses, when the goat was placed in the T-Rexs area and it zoomed in and out. This gives the audience an impression that the goat will be eaten and this creates excitement in the scene where it does not exist. We get a aerial shot of the island and it is taken via a helicopter but it does not show us the whole island as one and this conveys real drama and exhilaration.

The colours used on the logo “Jurassic Park” attract the eye because of the use of bright colours and it is a reminder to the audience about where the action takes place. The green forests within the dinosaur park show that the park is a luscious ground for herbivores and a typical environment in which dinosaurs would live in. The use of colours sets the tone, and Jurassic Park has many different colours which I think makes the film more realistic, exciting and adventurous. The dull colours in the background made the logo stand out. The costumes of the characters were not too stylish but they stood out from the bright evergreen island and made them look neutral. The helmets and multi coloured cars made their clothing stand out more.

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The key light made us see the characters and dinosaurs no matter what the conditions were in the film and the fill light added some shadow. This is shown when T-Rex escapes and there is a spotlight shone on it. They also turned down the fill light when the two philosoraptors entered the kitchen and then increase the amount of shadow; this helped by creating suspense and tension to the audience.

There aren’t many icons, indexes and symbols in the film, but one symbol that symbolizes fear is the dinosaur footprint because dinosaurs are dangerous animals and are threats to humans.

I think that Jurassic Park is a great movie because the action of the film keeps the audience in suspense throughout the film and has great effects that make the audience riveted to their seats. The dinosaurs looked and sounded real. Steven Spielberg really deserves to win the Best Picture Award for Jurassic Park as he is a creative director and his film will never become outdated and will always have an exciting storyline.


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