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The History Of Goodmorning Vietnam Film Studies Essay

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Wordcount: 1067 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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‘Goooooooodmorning Vietnam!’ I’ve seen the movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ for my movie review. Good Morning Vietnam is a 1987 American comedy-drama. The film is written by Mitch Markowitz and directed by Barry Levinson. The film is set in Saigon during the Vietnam War. The movie is about a disc jockey, Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams), who works at Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS). This radio station appears hugely popular by the soldiers serving in South Vietnam. Adrian’s outrageous parodies and his rock music makes him popular, but hated by his immediate superiors. I think it’s a very nice film to see. and I’ve seen the movie with a lot of pleasure.

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The movie ‘Goodmorning Vietnam’ is filmed during the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War took place during the Cold War. The movie is set during the Vietnam war. We speak of the Cold War in the period from the second half of the 20th century. The Vietnam War occurred in the countries Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, from November 1 1955 to the fall of Saigon that took place on April 30 1975. This war was the First Indochina war. It was the North Vietnam, who were supported by the communist against the government South Vietnam, who were supported by the United States and other anti-communist nations. The Viet Cong were the army of the Communist, who were placed in South Vietnam. The Vietnam war was largely a guerrilla war.

Robin McLaurin Williams is an American actor and comedian. He is born at July 21, 1951. With his role as the alien Mork in the TV series Mork and Mindy and later with his stand-up comedy work, he became a famous actor. Williams has performed in al lot of films since 1980. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film Good Will Hunting. ‘Good morning Vietnam’ was a very important film in his career, because the most of his outrageous parodies were improvised by himself on the spot.

In 1965, Airman Cronauer arrives in Saigon, during the Vietnam War, to work as a DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Service. Cronauer’s disrespectful behaviour contrasts with a lot off staff members and by his behaviour and other means of presentation, has he soon a conflict with his superiors. These superiors are Second Lieutenant Steven Hauk and Sergeant Major Dickerson. Hauk complies with rigorous Army guidelines in the field of sense of humor and music programming, while Dickerson is irritated by the behavior of Cronauer’s, but there are people who like Cronauer’s behaviour like Brigadier General Taylor and all the other DJs like the new man and his kind of humour more and more. Cronauer’s show consist of unpredictable humour mixed with news updates and rock and roll music that are hated by his superiors.

Cronauer meets Trinh a Vietnamese girl. He followed her to her English class. The teacher let him take over the class. When the class ended, Cronauer tries to make contact with Trinh, but her older brother Taun stopped him, who tells Cronauer to leave her alone. Instead, Cronauer befriends with Taun and takes him to Jimmy Wah’s, the local bar. Two older soldiers started a fight with the group that escalates into a big scenario.

Dickerson states Cronauer responsible for this accident. Tuan is impressed of the DJs behaviour, so he arranged a date with Trinh, with the rest of the family, who chaperoning them.

The news in Saigon is censored, but Cronauer locked the door of the studio and broadcasted it anyway. Dickerson ended the radio signal. Hauk replaces Cronauer, but his bad attempts at comedy and plays polka music rather than rock and roll, induce to a lot of letters and phone calls from soldiers who demand that Hauk must be removed and that Cronauer must be put back on the air.

Cronauer can come back on the air, but he refuses to go back to work. During a traffic jam, Garlick and Cronauer are by a convey of soldiers. The soldiers persuade him to do an improvisation for them and he gives them a good laugh before they go off to fight in the field. It reminds Cronauer why his job is so important during the war and he is going back to work.

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Dickerson made up a conspiracy to blow up Cronauer by sending him to interview soldiers in the field, while Dickerson knows that the only road into this specific area is controlled by the Viet Cong. Cronauer doesn’t show up by his English class and Tuan steals a car and drives off after them. Tuan finds them, but the car breaks down and they must stopped an Army helicopter that take them back to Saigon.

At the station Dickerson tells Cronauer that his friend ‘Tuan’ actually Phan Duc To is, a Viet Cong operative responsible for several bombing. He will be killed by the Army when they catch him. US Armed Forces members being friend with a Vietcong could be a serious problem for the United States Army.

When Cronauer the next day on his way is to the airport, he sets up a softball game with the students from his English class. Garlick, who takes Cronauer’s place as DJ, plays a tape on the air the next morning after Cronauer is gone. The tape begins with a yell of “Gooooooooooooodbye, Vietnam!”.

What spoken to me about the movie is that it’s based on a true story. There actually has been an Adrian Cronauer that broadcasted a radio show during the Vietnam War. His popularity and sense of humour weren’t exaggerated in the movie. I can imagine how important this show must have been for the American soldiers. Cronauer was their form of relaxation and amusement in the Vietnam War. I was also very impressed about the way Adrian (Robbin Williams) broadcasted his radio show. His sense of humour and quick reactions to the situation were amazing! This makes me appreciate Robbin Williams as an actor because of the fact that most of the radio scenes of the movie were totally improvised on the spot. I think the movie was also good because there was a deeper meaning in their description, in my opinion. This deeper meaning was in my opinion that Adrian found out that he was very important for the soldiers. I think that the radio during the Vietnam war very important was for the soldiers in that time, because it was the only thing were a bit of happiness took places.


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