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In Time Movie Review

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Wordcount: 745 words Published: 4th Sep 2017

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In Time starring Justin Timberlake as Will Salas, is what I believe to be an eye-catching action thriller with every right to be on your must watch list. Breaking onto the scene just as the occupy wall street movement began to gain traction on October 28th 2011. Director Andrew Nicoll, did a fantastic job in displaying what can happen to society when the rich become driven by greed. This film was produced by Regency Enterprises and initially released in theaters. Although, it can be now viewed through everybody’s favourite streaming platform Netflix.

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In Time finds itself to be extremely unique, separating itself from other action thrillers. People are free to live carelessly until they reach twenty-five and that’s when their clock starts ticking. This is when you are given one more year to live and when that time hits zero, you time out. This results in people having to hustle or face death evident by Will saying “You don’t generally sleep in..” when questioned, how do people survive like this. The film is portraying Will Salas a man living day to day on his remaining time. Somehow finding himself in the possession of centuries and accused of murdering the man who gave him the time. He left him a final note reading “Don’t waste my time” shortly before timing out himself. Leading to Will going onto finding himself falling in love with Olivia. A foil of himself rich, with time beyond his wildest dreams, edgy and against her father. Furthermore, going onto robbing time for the poor acting as a robin hood figure and escaping the timekeeper.

As an action thriller movie, I was very impressed in comparison to other films that fall into the same category such as Furious Seven and Mad Max: Fury Road. In Time was not lacking in the creativity department of the plot. It was not simply a high budget movie set out to grab money. The story had depth and layers, moving from one objective to another. Unlike Mad Max: Fury Road which just focused on an escape and traveling with fuel with minor irrelevant details, coming off as a bit all over the place. In addition, Furious Seven which also has a messy plot comes off worse as a cash cow series. With simply no substance and just explosions with lack luster sound effects to tag along.

This truly unique piece, does a great job of setting itself from other films within the same genre of action and thriller. I personally, am yet to see a more creative film well executed. It did a fantastic job in tying in some realism and science fiction. In what society could possibly get too at the point of over population and the rich wanting poor people to remain impoverished. I also believe the film had a very rich and satisfying production, featuring well edited settings whether it was in the corporate city, desert or the ghetto. Along with the soundtrack which added another sense to the film sometimes giving me goosebumps and not allowing my eyes leave the screen to see just what was about to happen. Furthermore, Craig Armstrong did an amazing job in the sound production truly triggering my emotions inside and anticipation for what was to happen. The only thing I wish this film included was more insight into how society got to the point of where time has taken the place of money and how its ties directly with your life.

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I believe In Time to have included many themes such as one being time is money. Which can be taken in the literal sense of this movie because time acts as a currency and is a crucial part of everyday life, running the world. Along with that, Henry Hamilton played by Matt Bomer say “For a Few to be immortal many must die” this is relevant in this film since the rich only get richer and live forever, while the less fortunate wither away and struggle day to day. The themes in this movie are quite sad and can get the viewer really conflicted thinking about today’s world and why some that can afford to give hoard.

In conclusion, I believe this film is a must watch for any thriller fans. The balanced cast including Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde and Matt Bomer made for a great addition. Along with, the great use of a unique plot and great special effects. The use of imagery and themes also really gets the viewer thinking really making this film a must to any movie lover and person with an open mind.


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