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Trans Industrialization in the Film Industry

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In recent times, the film industry has enjoyed the concept of trans industrialization in a bid to increase revenue and capitalize on film brands and other title lines. It is normal for film studios to want to capitalize on this and even improve the title lines so as to make more money from a film (Gao, Ping & Wang, 2018). This has been the case with Star Trek, Disney's Lilo and Stitch and Time Warner's Batman. These brands have grown from the mere motion pictures that resonated so well with audiences to all sorts of merchandise including toys, clothing lines and posters. The trans industrial concept has, however, been a distraction for creatives; taking their mind of making artistic and creative pieces to placing an emphasis on film concepts that can sell easily. The title most recommended in this case is usually the one that can resonate well with marketing ventures including theme park rides, merchandising and general appeal to the audience.

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As regards the concept of synergy, it can be expanded further to include how brands differ from franchises. The same can be said of how synergy is used or implemented in trans industrialization of films (Gao et al, 2018). This can be through a variety of means including repackaging, recirculation or having collaborative marketing efforts with other known brands as well. The problem with synergy is that it is an indicator and, in most cases, it implies that the corporate sector knows what the market needs. In the franchising activities for the Star Trek sequel (which changed to Star Wars), for example, the film studios sold glow sticks that looked like the swords in the film Star Wars. Other merchandise included costumes and suits worn by the characters in the movie.

The creation of title lines for Star Trek originally began with the NBC television show called Wagon to The Stars. The idea had been pitched to NBC by the show’s brainchild, Gene Roddenberry, who pitched it Desilu Productions, and together with NBC formed the show which was characterized by a science fiction background. The show had other highlights,including celebrity guests and politicians (van Oorschot, 2018). The show got so successful as a result of its unique edge that the creators decided to partner once more with NBC and create another show with a similar theme, but this time it would be on a set depicting space. The show was launched and had a successful debut, with one of the main characters, Captain Kirk, declaring that these are the voyages of the Starships Enterprise. “Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before” (Andrews, 2018). According to the script, this mandate was given to the Enterprise by Union Federation of Planets.

The show went on for years and appeared in many networks. The show’s fans fondly known as Trekkers ensured the longevity of the show. This act has been mirrored through the launch of online based media networks such as Netflix, YouTube which have taken over the film and television industry by storm, airing films in sequels and series formats (Whincop, Keyes & Poster, 2018). A good example is Marvel Comics which has made many superhero stories into beautiful sequels including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. The viewers unlike before can watch whatever film or television show they like by subscribing to the channel for a fee. Such online streaming platforms for visual content have had a significant improvement on the state of film and television.

First, programs are aired in full definition hence a great improvement in quality. The platforms also have a great advantage of creating more room for content as opposed to normal television (Gao,et al,2018). The film and television programs placed are usually picked by the viewers to be watched at whatever time they feel like, and this greatly helps in creating more space for content. There is also a huge reduction in production costs in film as compared to before due to improvement in camera and editing technology which greatly helps in creating more content. The online streaming platforms, by virtue of being online, has a worldwide audience at its fingertips, which was very expensive to do before. The platforms such as Youtube have monetizing options for content creators (Markidan, 2018). The good thing about them is that they do not segregate between established or new content creators but rather focus their standards of pay on the user interaction platforms.

The new age digital space has, therefore, improved its economy and made successful content creators from scratch. Martha Stewart, for example, is one of the most inspiring leaders of new age corporate business due to her resilience and persistence with her personal brand (Born & Rutledge, 2018). The article displays her fierce fight for her company to grow and take the media world by storm. On the day her company went public, she is seen at the New York Stock Exchange handing out scones in a bid to boost the stock. It worked beautifully with the stock price shooting from $16 to $39 in sales. This act made her a billionaire. This act teaches us or gives us a recommendation to be aggressive with our dreams and visions for business or otherwise. It is important to note that despite the seemingly huge wave of success that a company has it should be the duty of everyone in it to act as the front man so to speak and be personally responsible for the company.

The management of the new age digital space has also been successful due to a comprehensive management effort on their side. The analytics offered by YouTube, for example, helps even the least content creator understand who is watching their content (Whincop et al, 2018). The success of Facebook is accredited to Mark Zuckerberg, who is one of the most brilliant minds of our time. The same can be said of the team involved in leading the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Company. The CEO was a young person who was not new to Martha Stewart and had previously helped her with negotiations with Times Inc. to gain ownership of the business. Under this leadership, the company grew leaps and bounds setting an unprecedented pace in the media industry, an indicator of Martha's hands on trait. It also indicated the good leadership by the company. It would be recommended for a company to have top notch leadership for effective growth. For example, most of the board members were previously CEOs of other companies. For the first time, retailers started partnering with the media to promote entire groups of products and Americans could buy products with the Martha Stewart brand in stores.

The idea of a trans industry was favourable because it helped movie studios and executives reduce costs that had previously been sky high. In the past, a movie had to work with different people to help in franchising and transforming the film brand into a variety of products that have market value (van Oorschot, 2018). Brands such as PUMA have risen to become one of the most recognizable sports brands in the world today due to such business partnerships. The brand which originated from Germany designs, develops and markets footwear and has been on an evolutionary trail of growth since the last few decades of being one of the top sports brands in the world. This spike in growth and stature was propagated by the integration of the brand’s products into the urban culture of the time that included street dances like breakdancing, beat boxing, freestyle rap and everyday sports.

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The brand has since diversified into mainstream sports and culture of the urban youth and this is characterized by the chosen look and feel of their ads. In the ads, chosen brand products and brand names, have been advertised using bright colors of the text and display of photos of the products (Gao et al, 2018). The product, which is the PUMA Hoops shoe, has been displayed twice which is to place emphasis on the specificity of the product in question. As regards a global perspective of marketing and ad evolution, PUMA recently unveiled one of the world’s leading pop stars, Rihanna, as their creative director and she has been rolling out a series of fresh, new ads with herself as the model at times. The brand also has marketing contracts with Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and this is in a bid to keep up with the trendy urban sporty look of the brand and this indicates the brand’s specific nature of working with only the best influencers of their target market to achieve their intended objective.

The PUMA ad, for example, is designed for an audience that loves entertainment and a mixture of tough sports that physically challenge one. The ad is filled with images and text effect designs that indicate a message of toughness and withstanding pressure. The ad features a photo of a wolf and a silhouette photo of a spider, all animals associated with toughness and a strong will to survive in nature (Born & Rutledge, 2018). The text and the other parts of the ad are filled with scratch effects that resemble those from an angry animal that chooses to attack. It speaks the story of resilience and determination. The ad indicates that the shoe is built for a tough environment and conditions as well. This of course means that this would not be an appropriate shoe for a dinner party for example, but it would be totally in place at a gym setting. This is the underlying message in the design of the ad. Based on the advancement in technology, the internet is the best medium for placing the ad since it is likely to reach more people while giving clear data on the marketing activities in real time.

A clear example is that the brand’s creative director decided to post a few of the ads on her Instagram account that has a massive following of her fans globally and this helped reach the message of the brand to a much wider audience that can be monitored as opposed to having a poster hang somewhere. This is the power of trans industrialization. The concept of creation of title lines and brands from products have had a positive effect on film studios revenue and have been made even bigger by the creation of the digital space with online streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. This is also a revenue stream for the film world that was not there before and does not adhere to the conventional rules of television, hence making it highly advantageous.


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