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Issue of Cyberbullying Today

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“Twenty percent of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and one in ten attempt it. Four thousand five hundred kids commit suicide each year” (Laird). Cyberbullying is turning out to be a enormous problem effecting many people. There should be a higher offense for a person who cyberbullies someone. Cyberbullying should be a felony, because it has pushed many people into self harm and committing suicide.

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Bullying is already a major problem in our society today, when it reaches to the internet then it becomes cyberbullying and it ends up affecting more people.When cyberbullying reaches the internet numerous amounts of people are able to read it. Cyberbullying can occur at anytime and it allows people to harass each other which could even end up in people harming themselves.Also you have to include the other emotions people feel when they get cyberbullied such as feeling depressed and empty because of the harassment they receive. They also feel hopeless as if there is no one they can talk to or feeling of hopelessness because you lost the feelings of friendship. A felony is an extreme punishment because if you get a felony you will , lose the right to bear arms, certain employment opportunities, public social benefits and housing, parental benefits, and even the ability to vote. “no laws specifically addressed cyberbullying. But legislators have not been blind to the increasing number of high-publicity incidents, including tragic results in certain cases (suicides and school shootings, for instance)” (cyberbullying).

“70% percent of students report seeing frequent bullying online” (was your visit to nobullying.com helpful?).cyberbullying gets seen by not just the people that it is directed to but cyber bullying can be seen by anyone on the internet. The world is becoming a cruel place to live because everyone is attacking each other instead of building each other up, and now that we have internet it spreads the problem instead of stopping it.This should not be the way we live instead there should be a more serious consequence then just a slap on the wrist. Cyber bullying should be a felony because a felony is a harsher punishment and when people see they cannot take it any further and will hopefully stop.”68% percent of teenagers agree that bullying online is a serious problem” (was your visit to nobullying.comhelpful?). Most teens agree that cyber bullying is a major issue that needs to be solve and that some actions should be taken into to stop the increase of cyberbullying because cyber bullying has become too common to not be doing anything about it. “43% of children have experienced bullying online, and 1 and 4 has had it happen more then once”(was your visit to nobullying.com helpful?). That on its own tells you that cyber bullying is a huge problem especially since social media has not been out that long this also shows the progression of it has been extremely rapid. People are intentionally bullying people online because they are either cruel and heart less or they are to scared to do it in person but either way it is unacceptable. You shouldn’t have to be rude to people all the time or show them hatred over the internet.This is the reason there should be a higher punishment like a felony for this abuse over the internet that possibly everyone in the world can see. Also “80% of teenagers use a cell phone regularly, making it the most common medium for cyberbullying”(was your visit to nobullying.com helpful). Most teens now a days have a smart phone and most likely have some sort of social media that they can get on this does not make it any easier to stop cyberbullying from happening.

“97.5% have been online in the previous 30 days, 63% have a cell phone, 42% regularly use Instagram, 33% regularly use Facebook, 15% have been the target of cyberbullying in the previous 30 days (boys: 11.8%; girls: 18.5%), 6.3% have cyberbullied others in the previous 30 days (boys: 6.1%; girls: 6.5%)”(cyberbullying facts). this shows that most kids are on social media and using internet in some way and 15% of kids were targeted in the past 30 days this is not a good thing that’s why there needs to be punishment to those who are doing this.

“Know that it’s not your fault. What people call “bullying” is sometimes an argument between two people. But if someone is repeatedly cruel to you, that’s bullying and you mustn’t blame yourself. No one deserves to be treated cruelly.” (tips to help stop cyber bullying) Cyberbullying is only the bully’s fault because they are the ones who keep perusing to be rude and inconsiderate to someone and it is not a laughing matter anymore. They have to be rude and cruel to make one person feel bad about them selves hurt them selves or even bully them to attempt or even commit suicide. It is best to be able to reach out to some one and be able to talk to someone like a counselor, principal, mother figure, father figure just someone that you can tell how you truly feel. Also if someone is being cyberbullied do not just watch the argument unravel take action and tell a teacher parent about what is happening and to the person who was cyber bullied and see if in anyway shape or form you could help them so they do not have to go through this struggle alone. If cyber bullying happens to either you or someone you know take action to help and stop cyber bullying immediately so it does not progress any further.

At the end of the day cyber bullying is not something to joke about of even think is cute and funny this is really serious and needs to stop immediately that’s why the law for cyberbullying should be a felony so after people saw what the punishment is they might double think before they are rude to a person so much that they would want to hurt themselves or even commit suicide.

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