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Standards of Quality Health Care

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Health
Wordcount: 924 words Published: 21st Sep 2017

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Patricia Hall

Long-term nursing home care has unique elements relative to the type of medical attention that is required and the public’s perception of elder care. Modern nursing care facilities must adhere to the six standards of quality health maintenance:

  • Safety: Circumventing injury to patients from the care that is supposed to make them healthier. This invokes the Hippocratic Oath, both old and modern versions (“Medical definition of Hippocratic oath,” 1996), to cause no harm.
  • Effectiveness: Providing administrations based on logical information to all who could profit and abstaining from giving administrations to those not prone to profit (maintaining a strategic distance from underuse and abuse, individually). Avoid overmedication in elder care scenarios.
  • Patient-centeredness: Providing care that is deferential of and receptive to individual patient inclinations, needs, and values and guaranteeing that patient qualities control every single clinical choice. Make a long-term care facility as close to a resident’s home life as possible, with the inclusion of personal amenities and family involvement a standard technique.
  • Timeliness: Reducing wait times and sometimes damaging postponements for both those who receive and those who give care. A major complaint from patients is the wait time between being seen by a health care provider, and the ‘red tape’ required to obtain treatment from specialists.
  • Efficiency: Avoiding waste, including misuse of gear, supplies, thoughts, and vitality. A prime example of a need for teamwork in the organization.
  • Equitability: Providing care that does not differ in quality in view of individual attributes, for example, sex, ethnicity, geographic area, and financial status (“The Six Domains of Health Care Quality,” 2016). Making sure that no patient experiences uneasiness during a health care visit due to cultural differences.

Patient-centered care advances decision, reason and importance in day by day life. Individual-centered care implies that nursing home occupants are bolstered in accomplishing the level of physical, mental and psychosocial prosperity that is independently practicable. This objective respects the significance of keeping the individual at the focal point of the care management and basic leadership process. Care arrangements are living reports that are updated to mirror a person’s evolving needs. In person-centered care, staff puts a premium on undivided attention and watching, so staff can adjust to every inhabitant’s changing needs paying little heed to subjective capacities (“National nursing home quality improvement campaign,” 2017). The staff treats the patient well regardless of that patient’s ability to appreciate the fact.

A prime model of a patient-focused long-term care organization, the Eden Alternative is a global, non-benefit association committed to creating personal satisfaction for elders and their care assistants, wherever they may live. Through training, counsel, and effort, Eden Alternative offers individual coordinated standards and practices that bolster the novel needs of various living conditions, extending from the nursing home to the neighborhood street (Alternative®, 2017). Family interaction is strongly encouraged.

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In a culture that ordinarily sees maturing as a time of decay, the Eden Alternative theory asserts that regardless of how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about keeping on developing. Expanding on this new worldview, it certifies that care is not a restricted road, yet rather a community association. All guardians and care recipients are portrayed as “care partners,” each a dynamic member in a critical position of giving and getting. Together, care partner teams try to upgrade prosperity by killing the three diseases of forlornness, weakness, and boredom (Alternative®, 2017). This mantra reflects my personal beliefs regarding the dynamics of a long-term care facility. If I had it my way, families would not dread placing a loved one in the care of a long-term health facility, but consider it a positive process.


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