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Factors for Human Resource (HR) Planning in Healthcare

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As a recent graduate, appointed to an HR advisory role within a large New Zealand healthcare organization, you have been requested by your manager to develop a discussion document for management which:

Considers the following types of business factors that underpin human resource planning in a healthcare organization.


I am an owner of a small grocery store, fried chicken stand, and a printing press in our town Penablanca, Philippines. When I was still in Elementary, we have a chicken poultry wherein I love being given the responsibility to feed the chicken and eventually to dress, cut them according to its different parts and offer it to our neighbors and friends with its cheap price. Business is a part of my student life. As I grow, selling goods and offering the business to my classmates and friends is my hobby. When I finished my school, as I practice my profession as a registered nurse I continued my hobby of selling goods such as Longanisa (ground pork), Chicharon (dried crispy pork) and milk candies. Eventually I started to put up and managed a small grocery store, fried chicken stand and a printing press. These are some of my tips on how to maintain and grow a business.

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Firstly, improve customer service. One of the most important thing to do is to attract the people by saying good things about the products and the dealers should always have a good marketing skills. In my business, I have a total of 6 staffs, I trained my staffs on how to treat customers. And we have schedule dates and time of meetings to discuss issues for improvements.

Second, my grocery business is composed of different items. Foods and nonfoods. There are things to discover on a business like the demands of the customers wherein they should have variety of choices. The needs and wants of the community should always be the top priority and considering at least 2 unique items each week helps to increase the number of customers for they are excited to see what’s next item will be out.

Third, included in my marketing plan in my business is the posters and leaflets written are the different items sold in my store. Since, I consider cheaper ones I focused on producing basic material that is stylish but functional. Once In a year I update my posters.

Fourth, I expanded my business by joining up with another business such as my fried chicken stand to promote a special offer aside from having a grocery store. It is a great way to get business into new markets with new opportunities. There are big numbers of customers in my Fried chicken stand. Since the location is just beside my Grocery store, most of my customers in my Chicken stand are also buying grocery items in my grocery store

Fifth, if you want to build future sales through repeat customers, you need to make it clear that you stand behind your offerings. A good start is to offer a money-back guarantee for any product sold.

Pay attention to your customers, Take any feedback from customers seriously and make an effort to thank them for sharing their thoughts – even if they are raising concerns or making a complaint. If you have a regular customer who isn’t happy with a new marketing strategy or product line, listen to what they have to say. There’s a chance that other customers might share their concerns.

These are the attributes I learned and apply it in my future business in healthcare organization.

Decline and Change

At Ambridge Rest Home and private Hospital, before the construction and renovation making it to big facility, the rest home started as a trial Rest home. A 10 bed capacity and a very generic rest home. This idea was for the staffs and other people to visit the facitliy and open some comments and suggestions for improvement. Eventually when staffs and designers made up a compiled suggestions coming from them and other concerned measurements, fittings, furniture, equipment and color schemes were made before renovating it to a beautiful and big building. This was to ensure that the very best design and look would be the end result and it is also to invite costumers and competing with the other facilities. Change is inevitable in the life of an organization. In today’s business world, most of the organizations are facing a dynamic and changing business environment. They should either change or die. Organizations that learn and cope with change will thrive and flourish and others who fail to do so will be wiped out. In an organization Change is not only in the physical aspect of the building but also on their technologies, political, economic, social, legal, international, and labour market environments.

In very simple words, we can say that change means updating, modification or alteration of the present situation for the improvement of the healthcare facility and making things different.


In Healthcare Business, competent applicants are looking for a big health care organization to work and for them to have a good experience and good pay. There is no more need for that organization to post or to distribute posters to market their company to people. The applicants itself will definitely search for that big company and apply it through the internet. Unlike small business they need some efforts such as marketing strategies (tools/materials and papers for marketing purposes). In such a scenario, a human resource department will need to focus on developing recruitment materials and attending job fairs to promote the company and attract applicants. Human resource are responsible to maintain or retain employees by providing them professional growth.

Impact of labour market competition and technology

To work in a care business is to make a positive difference to someone’s life. You will need to have good communication and listening skills, and feel passionate about supporting other people to live a more independent and fulfilling life.

The skill of an employee is the number one edge in a business organization. In a healthcare setting, staffs should be fitted in the different approach of care. They should be well trained and independently perform skills with competence. In a Heath care scenario like rest home in order for the families of the residents to build trust to the company they see to it that their admitted family members are well cared considering their diseases and mental illnesses (Alzheimer’s, dementia and etc.). Furthermore, flexibility is very important factor that will lead to productivity and success of the company.

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Technology, simply means saving effort and money. A job that supposedly accomplished by 2 to 3 people can be done by a single person. Technology makes easy steps in making business. Some care would not be possible without technology. In the Philippines, some Hospitals especially primary care hospitals are dependent in the old practice of care. They usually, catering primary care which doesn’t include the needs of technology, or if not they refer their patients to tertiary hospitals providing adequate knowledge and advanced technologies to treat them.

Impact of Employee Development

According to my research readings authorized by Ruth Mayhew a senior professional human resource manager at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He cited different employee-development plans. According to him each plans depends on employee’s current position, aptitude, performance and professional goals. These three development plans contributes to the provision of quality employees in a Healthcare organization. One of these is, Performance-Based Employee Development Plan, this plan focuses on the performance of employees yearly, review their previews performance, capabilities, accomplishments and goals for the next year. One of the examples is based from my experience, I was given the chance to be trained as ANTI-RABIES and VENUM VACCINATION provider in one of the prestigious Health Care Organizations in our country sponsored by my employer. It brought an impact in my profession and as an employee as well. It developed more my skills and confidence that builds a trust to my company and work well with them.

Considers the following types of human resource requirements and factors that underpin human resource planning in a healthcare organization

Internal and external factors in matching personnel organizational requirements

Internal Forces

Internal factors may create big impact to the change in the organization. Such internal factors are changes in the managerial personnel. In the Philippines the retirement age for employees is 60 years old. Old head nurses are replaced by new ones. But that is the oly one factor it can affected by promotion, transfer or dismissal. Each new leader brings his own ideas and way of working in the organization. The relationships, more particularly informal ones, changes because of changes in managerial personnel. Moreover, attitude of the personnel change even though there is no changes in them. The result in that an organization has to change accordingly.

Nature of the work force. The new generation of workers are well educational and updated and loyal to their career. Their behavior is more complex compared with the once which leads them towards organizational goals

External Forces

Each organization has goals and responsibilities related to each other in the environment. The organization changes according to the outside environment. It can be social, political, economic, technology, and legal environment force. Such changes may result in major functions production and nature of competitions. In order to survive in the changing environment, organization must change.

Technology. The result makes our work easier and makes the company more competitive with others. To established equilibrium with other companies technology should also be updated.

Marketing conditions. An organization markets their facilities and skills to outside environment to compete with other facilities. Such forces that affects the competitive position of the facility is marketing the facility to the people but the people will still choose other facility. Improvements and innovations is important. There may be changes in costumers in terms of their needs, liking –disliking and income/budget of the facility. These changes from the organizations focused on which meet costumer’s requirement.

Social changes: Social changes reflect in terms of people’s aspirations, the needs, and their ways of working. These social changes affect the behavior of people in the organization. There, it is required to make adjustment in its working so that it matches with people.

Political and legal changes: Any changes in these political and legal factors may affect the organization operation. Since these legal and political changes should be followed, any changes of these factors would bring an impact in the organization.

Government policies and labour market competition

Based from my experienced abroad specifically in Libya, their government provides policies and standards for nurses who can work as operating theater nurse in one of their hospitals. Nurses should be well experienced in the field of their specialty and abide the laws and policies governing their profession. Filipino nurses in Libya are competing to fill the gaps of special areas (Operating Theater and ICU) in all government hospitals. In the Philippines, all nurses are required to take a Government Licensure examination to practice their profession. We must abide by our government policy to get a job and experience. There are also government offered trainings that is a must to be called competent and have an edge with others.


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