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Hella Company Human Resources

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Manage Human Resources as a manager in an organization

Introduction: I am going to represent a report on Human Resources as a Human resource manager of HELLA New Zealand. HELLA-New Zealand Limited was founded in 1973. HELLA manufacture, market and distribute products in New Zealand. Company is part of the HELLA Asia Pacific Group. Today the company designs and manufactures innovative lighting products for the commercial transport and automotive industries, using the latest LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. With these products HELLA New Zealand is a supplier to automotive manufacturers and commercial transport fleets all over the world. HELLA is a prominent brand in the New Zealand aftermarket and in the commercial transport sector, with key relationships with original equipment bus, coach and trailer manufacturers. HELLA New Zealand strives to provide world-class products that contribute to the safety of the automotive and transport industry through enhanced vision and visibility. HELLA is a leading edge designer and manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products that always meet customer expectations for innovative design, durability and quality

Organizational Structure of HELLA New Zealand

In Organizational structure of HELLA NZ top most position in Auckland Branch is Managing Director and All Department Heads Reports to MD. In Every Department there is Supervisor and process workers. Supervisor reports to Department Head.

Skills and abilities of three positions from Organizational structure.

I have selected three positions Assembler, Production Supervisor and distribution Supervisor.

First we will discuss about Assembler’s skills and abilities. Main job of assembler is to assemble different parts and create a full thing. In HELLA assembler is who assemble different part and make a light which can be fitted in car or other vehicles. Skills requirement for Assembler Job.

  • Ability to follow instruction and diagram
  • Accuracy and speed for repetitive task performance
  • Concentration on work
  • IT skills
  • Computer knowledge
  • Quality focus
  • Decision making
  • Control of instrumentation
  • Safety management

These are skills which required for a assembler job. Person must have ability to use these skills. Person should be healthy, Eye vision should be perfect, High concentration level is required to perform tasks, Person should be able to sit/stand for a long time period etc.

Skills requirement for Production Supervisor.

Production Supervisor is person who is looking after employees associated with production work. He keep eye on work and workers to ensure good and quality work to be done. He manage team of workers and handle all inquiries of them. Supervisor requires to have multiple skills and ability to perform job.

  • Speaking or communication skill
  • Critical thinking
  • Monitoring self and others work performance
  • Coordination
  • Time Management
  • Decision Making
  • Comprehension of reading
  • Active listening
  • Leadership
  • Analytical
  • Complex problem solving
  • Management of material and financial resources
  • Service oriented and Quality control

Supervisor must have abilities to perform his role like Active listener, attentiveness, concentration, analytical mind, problem solving, helping to others.

Skills requirement for Distribution Supervisor.

Distribution Supervisor’s job is to organize storage and distribution of goods. Here in HELLA NZ There is distribution team managed by distribution supervisor. After production of final product distribution team is doing the work of storage and distribution to the companies or buyers. Distribution supervisor require skills similar to the production supervisor and some extra skills also required.

  • Good time management ability
  • Decision making and problem solving and offer creative solutions
  • Numeracy and commercial awareness
  • Ability to handle electronic data and IT knowledge
  • Change management
  • A Strong interpersonal skills and manage people
  • Excellent communication skill, written and speaking
  • Analytical and negotiation
  • Positive attitude

Identify deficiencies in current and optimal skills and abilities.

In the above three positions, skills and abilities of the employees is as per the required optimal skills and abilities but there are little deficiencies in the skills of the employees. Optimal skills and abilities are those which are required to achieve organizational objectives and goals. Success of any organization is based on the ability and skills of its employees how they perform work and the productivity of workers. Each departments should have their goals and they must work to achieve that goals which are linked with the goal of organization. In the above said positions the product supervisor is somehow not cooperative to the employees and other departments. His behavior towards worker is not good. Team meetings in the team is very necessary and effective for productivity but he is doing meeting everyday which was not scheduled It waste time of workers which effect production of company. He should schedule meeting before shift or after shift. Work should not interrupted. Interpersonal skill and time management skill here lack in this position.

Recommendation to address deficiency in skills and abilities

Here there is some recommendations to fulfill deficiency in skills of employees we need to escalate it to higher management and give feedback to supervisor about his behavior and unnecessary waste of time. There is company policies about behavioral issues in the company employees should get aware of these policies. A time management training program should be organized for all employees. To improve skills of employees company should arrange training and development programs.

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According to my view organization structure of the company is perfect and it is as per optimal structure. Every position is as per hierarchy. Reporting of the staff is to supervisor, supervisor reports to Assistant Manager, Assistant Manager to Head of the department or Manager and Every Manager report to Managing Director of the Company. If there is any issue unresolved by reporting manager it can be escalated to next management level.

Alternative of Staffing

HELLA NZ is supplier of automobile lights. We hire temporary staff for fixed term in the busy time when there is more demand of lights and during the Christmas period when factory remains closed for three weeks. For other alternative of staff we hire some casual staff to backup of our employees when someone need leave or sick leave. We are also hiring some part time employees to occupy the shifts when there is less workers. We have contract with a recruitment agency who provide us staff when there is need of more employees.


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