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Wranglers Jeans: Consumer Buying Decisions

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The project was done to achieve the project purpose as understand consumer groups and business competition used to define a projected market. The project also tries to obtain the current level of satisfaction of various branded jeans users. Both when coupled yielded reasons that satisfy the need for research.

The data collected was analyzed with the help of Statistical tools like frequency charts like bar and pie were used to analyze the data.

The findings analyzed and based on the analysis conclusions were drawn and requisite recommendations were provided. These included:

  • Competition faced by the brand,
  • The promotional effect on consumer caused
  • Current trends followed


The consumer group which is being successfully and consistently targeted by the apparel industry are the people of age group 21-35′. With technology reaching the skies at a fast pace, better denim quality jeans with durable stitching are making their mark . Today, jeans makes a style statement for most.

As a consumer there are many factors that need to be considered before going for a final purchase of a jeans. Some prefer the jeans on the fabric quality of denim while others might go for the cost factor. These preferences are equally important for consideration from marketer’s point of view as it gives a clear insight as what the end consumer wants and values and accordingly more emphasis can put on the features demanded by the consumer.

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Through this research we have made an effort to understand the prime benefits that a a consumer look on before buying the jeans. For the same purpose a sample of fifty respondents was interviewed to know about the underlying benefits. Degree of agreement with variables such as price, availability, sales promotion etc. were analyzed and clubbed into factors which should considered primarily from a marketer’s point of view. The elaborations on the findings have been provided in the following report.


Founded in mid 1800 and today known as, Wrangler & Co. is one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 100 countries. There is no other company with a comparable global presence in the jeans and casual pants markets.

Our market-leading apparel products are sold under the Wrangler®, Dockers® and Wrangler Cowboy brands. In 1873, Wrangler user the process of putting rivets in pants for strength, and the world’s first jeans – Wrangler® jeans – were born.

Today, the Wrangler® trademark is one of the most recognized in the world and is registered in more than 160 countries. Descendants of the family of Wrangler privately hold the company. Shares of company stock are not publicly traded.

Wrangler Co. is a worldwide corporation organized into three geographic divisions:

Wrangler , the Americas (LSA), based in the San Francisco headquarters

Wrangler Europe, Middle East, and Africa (LSEMA), based in Brussels

Asia Pacific Division (APD), based in Singapore


To determine what factors influence a consumer’s choice

To determine the frequency of buying pair of jeans by consumer

To determine which advertising mediums are most effective in influencing consumer’s perceptions of a brand.

To assess which brand of jeans are most preferred by customers.



The study was conducted to study and measure the satisfaction level of Wranglers jeans users. Secondary as well as primary sources of data were used to arrive at findings and analyze the results. The project commenced from Januuary last week and ended on 15th February 2010.

Secondary sources of data like internet and books were used to do exploratory studies. Relevant variables were generated and questionnaire was developed to obtain primary data from the market. 50 respondents selected were necessarily Wranglers jeans users and based on convenience of researcher.

Findings based on questionnaire filled were analyzed using statistical tools like frequency charts,pie diagrams etc. Requisite conclusions were developed and recommendations made. The research had limitations like:

Time constraint

Sample size

Respondent biasness


Since the problem of the project deals with consumer perception and opinions about product so research carried out for this purpose is exploratory type.


The respondents were not necessarily Wranglers jeans users. The sample was selected from the restricted area.It was a non-probability based sampling based on convenience. The sample size was limited to 50 respondents because of limited available time.


Data was collected through secondary as well as primary sources. Secondary sources included articles on jeans from internet, books, and journals. Primary data was obtained through self-administered questionnaires and surveys. The questionnaire is a mixed bag of open ended and closed ended questions. The questionnaire was prepared asking respondent about their purchase behavior towards jeans.

The questionnaires were either filled by the respondents themselves or were dictated by the respondents. The respondent was free to give his opinion on the questions.

The survey was conducted outside shopping malls, multiplexes in Mumbai and also hosted online.



Following were the findings from the data collected

No. of pairs ownedFrom the analysis of how many pairs of jeans does age group of respondents own, it is evident that the respondent of the age groups 16 – 25 and 26 – 35 tend to own more than one or two pairs of jeans (76%). The other age groups above 26 – 35 rarely own more than one or two pairs of jeans. Therefore, from this we get to know that the people who regularly buy jeans belong to young generation’s group ranging between 16 – 35.

Age of Respondent

Majority of respondents who own one or two pairs of jeans tend to buy jeans twice a year (31%). Many of the respondents also buy jeans very occasionally (23%).




No. of pairs owned

Study shows that customers are more willing to buy jeans at price below 1000 Rs.(48 out of 100 responses) and 38 % of respondents can go up to range of Rs 1000-1500(38/100).

Most of the customers do not buy during promotions. Generally, the respondents who buy occasionally or twice a year do not buy during promotions but go for seasonal offers (23%). Moreover, when they buy is not fixed (34%).

When you buy Wranglers Jeans

Ranking different brands of jeans revealed the respondents followed by Lee (3.15) gave that wrangler (3.26) the highest rank. Wranglers, the brand in question was ranked third (2.96).

The highest ranked attribute was given to durability of cloth followed by durability of stitch and range of fitting styles.

Majority of them said that they couldn’t say whether advertising and sales promotions affected their post purchase satisfaction(41%), followed closely by those to whom advertising and promotions affected(39%).

From the frequency analysis of open-ended question, most recurring 4 responses were put on pie chart, which included excellent fitting, in style, trendy and rugged. The top response was excellent fitting (33%) followed by trendy (26%), rugged (22%) and in style (19%) respectively.

When respondents were asked whether they look for any specific brand of jeans, 52% of respondent were not looking for any specific brand of jeans.

Whereas 48% of respondents look for some specific brand and their responses for their favorite brand is shown in chart below. This shows that nearly half of the market is brand conscious and we need to tap this segment of market.


The research was confined to a sample of 50 respondents, which certainly does not represent the whole population of Mumbai.

This being a judgment sampling, the analysis may not be the true picture of the target population

The respondents were approached at the convenience of researcher.

The respondents included those who have used Wranglers jeans irrespective of number of usage.

Respondents might be biased at times.

Limited time frame was the biggest constraint..


From the above findings and analysis, following recommendations could be drawn:

Wranglers should more aggressively tap the youth segment, which lies in the age group between 16-35. The reason for the same is Wranglers was ranked third in terms of the overall brand image.

Since most of customers buy twice a year (i.e. every 6 months) or occasionally, and they are not affected by the promotions, Wranglers should aggressively advertise coupled with effective sales promotions for improving customer recall and brand image.

It was also found from the survey that color range is low. This also limits preference towards Wranglers as a brand. This area should be properly looked after by making viable hosts of colors.

After sales service which is becoming the most critical success factor seems to be not given due importance. Proper after sales service can provide a competitive edge through efficient customer relationship management.

Wranglers is perceived as premium brand in India. Hence, an economy product range can also tap the unexplored middle class range.

Since Wranglers jeans is majorly available in departmental stores and factory outlets, reaching the customer and availing him with consumer schemes is difficult..


How often do you purchase jeans?

Once every three months


Once every 6 months

Once a year

When do you generally buy Wranglers jeans?

During promotions

Seasonal offers

Not fixed

How many pairs of Wranglers jeans do you have?




more than 3

Rank the following brands on a scale of 1-5 (5 being most preferred and 1 least)



New Port



Is your satisfaction level, after purchasing Wranglers jeans affected by

advertising and promotion?


Cant say

Not at all.

Extremely Dissatisfied

Somewhat Dissatisfied

Neither Satisfied

nor Dissatisfied

Somewhat Satisfied

Extremely Satisfied6) How satisfied are you on the following parameters of Wranglers jeans?

Durability of Cloth

Price vis-à-vis quality

Range of colours

Range of fitting styles

Range of sizes

Durability of stitching

Washing convenience

Range of shades

After sales service

Rate the following attributes on a scale of 1-9 in affecting your

decision making process: (9 being the most important and 1 being least)



Durability of cloth

Durability of stitching

Trendy clothes

Range of fitting styles

Range of sizes

Range of shades

After sales service



How do you perceive Wranglers jeans as?


Do you find Wranglers jeans usage friendly?



In which of the following family income group

do you fall?(per annum)

Below 200, 000

200, 000 – 400, 000

400, 000 – 600, 000

above 600, 000

Please Mark your gender:



Which age group do you fall in?




45 and above



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