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Consumer Behavior When Buying Coffee

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Wordcount: 2863 words Published: 3rd May 2017

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1.1The Comparison between Coffee Bean & Normal Coffee Shop

Before the reason why people willing to pay more for Coffee Bean rather than a normal coffee shop, firstly will need to know the overall background of both coffee shops. Normal coffee shop in Ipoh is familiar for the public, no matter which of the area of Ipoh nearly will easily find a coffee shop and purchase. Compare to the Coffee Bean, their provided the high quality of coffee bean and giving consumers having a choice to choose many different types of Coffee Bean coffees. There is only one Coffee Bean in Ipoh Kinta City of Jusco. When both sizes came for a comparison, there have several things that will need to notice about it, in order to search for the reasons why consumers willing to pay Coffee Bean more than normal coffee shop.

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1.2 Environment

In the very first point of both coffee shops will discuss about the environment. Normal coffee shops are usually operating in a shop that normal construction building. Their shop design might just have a standard outlet. Compare to Coffee Bean, there are having a well design for the shop as well as caring the consumer’s mood when the consumers enjoying their coffees. Besides of that, Coffee Bean using the lightening and dark color wall, it will give the consumers having fully attention and enjoyable. In the other reason of environment will be the people, in normal coffee shop might usually be able to see those consumers are making much noise on talking. If a consumers is not having a good mood and wants to have a cup of coffee, when goes to the normal coffee shop and seen such noise, it will make the consumer much anger on it. In the other hands, Coffee Bean having a peaceful place as well as no anyone will affect the consumer’s mood when during the coffee time. Even a person is no in the mood, when come to the Coffee Bean, the environment can make the person cool down and having a feeling to think and solve problem. Beside of that, Coffee Bean has much cleanliness compare to normal coffee shop, many of the normal coffee shop will always have the customers are not caring the hygiene problem. Like sometimes there will have some customers sneeze without cover anything or spit the food on the table, those actions will affect the consumer’s attitude. So part of the consumer will more prefer to purchase coffee in Coffee Bean because on this issue that they not willing to consume coffee in normal coffee shop. As the result, this is the one of the reason why consumer willing to consume Coffee Bean more than normal coffee shop in environment.

1.3 Coffee Choice

Further on, the coffee choices for both coffee shops will be the following discussion. In the normal coffee shop, there have few types of coffee choices. It has normal coffee, white coffee and no milk coffee, and those choices are familiar for consumers that usually purchase it. Even thought there have people that must at least one day one cups of coffee for satisfaction themselves. But, in normal coffee there is only has very less types of choice for the consumers. Compare with Coffee Bean, they made more choices to the consumers. The Coffee Bean coffees, there have four main tastes, it have light & subtle, rich & smooth, bold & distinctive and honored, earn of those types of taste will have different choices of coffee for the consumers to choose. Beside of that, Coffee Bean is also provided the extra service for adding cream or more coffee beans. The service like Coffee Bean can make consumers having different style and choices to purchase their coffee as well as a flexible taste that consumer’s made. There will make the consumers more surprise on the coffee. In fact, Coffee Bean is also making the promotion to let the consumers to purchase their coffee bean in order to let the consumers can drink their coffee without going their shop. Compare to normal coffee shop, they do not have the strategy of packaging their coffee. Therefore, consumer will more prefer to have more convenient and choose to select the coffee bean products for their choices.

1.4 Branded

A consumer will easily create a royal to a product or brand if the brand or product can satisfaction their needs. When people heard about Coffee Bean, people usually will know this shop is selling coffee, further on when the consumers try the coffee and really satisfy them, the brand loyalty is created in the consumer heart. Using the same situation to compare with normal coffee shop, they are hardly to make consumers create the brand loyalty because there are too many similar coffees in the market places and no specify brand on their coffee. As long as people compare the coffee is better than the other shop but seriously they are using the same coffee bean but only different people made it. Therefore, hardly can see a normal coffee shop is only base on their coffee and survive their business. Adversely, the Coffee Bean coffee is being branded. They are specialists in selling coffee, when consumer likes their coffee and it will easily get continuers customers. Because the brand itself in there and no matter where the consumer go as long as want a cup of coffee, automatically their mind will came out the Coffee Bean brand, and there is the branded itself can made in Coffee Bean. Compare to the normal coffee shop the consumer won’t have the specify brand of coffee in their mind, don’t know which shop is better. Therefore, it is a weakness of normal coffee shop compare with Coffee Bean.

1.5 The Consumer Behavior on Selecting Coffee

Hence, after all the comparison has showed above, the important of the discussion in consumer behavior on selecting coffee will be the further section to refer to. On the above explanation shows the point that why consumers willing to pay Coffee Bean coffee more than a normal coffee shop, but the importance is why Coffee Bean can make the consumers satisfy on their coffee and how they achieve. A very simply answer will be the Coffee Bean company knows the consumer behavior for their customers as well as the consumers needs and wants. For the research information, nowadays the consumers will more prefer to enjoy their purchasing or it can say they know how to be a smart consumer. Because most of the smart consumer will consider before they purchase, the most perfect is to satisfy as much as they can during consuming. Therefore, Coffee Bean Company make an improvement in their services, provided WiFi, songs and free sky juice for customers. Although Coffee Bean coffee is much expansive compare to the normal coffee shop, the consumer will also willing to pay and the price they pay is included all kind of their services as well as the environment. Base on this strategy Coffee Bean are offering the superior product and service to attract the consumers, because normal coffee shop will not be able to provide such services and most of them are not willing to improve themselves. So Coffee Bean wants for their customers to enjoy on their product, the service providing make them achieve the goals. Moreover, the consumer behavior of attitude on choosing coffee, Coffee Bean made their coffee have a great quality. Once the consumers saw the brand, can make them feel smoothly and comfortable, that is also the one of the consumer behavior that the Coffee Bean’s marketer created attitude from the consumers.

1.6 Conclusion

As the result, the very important issues that will affect a business are to know the consumers behavior. When a company will always improve themselves for satisfy their customers, the company will not easily fail their business. In a fact that, every company successful company will need to thanks for their company marketer, because they make a very important works for the company as well as researching the consumer behavior of the company products. So, if a company is making a long-term business plan for their business, a very important is to find a marketer to research the consumer behavior of the company’s customers. There will helps the company having a more clearly direction to improve themselves as well as more satisfy their customers.

2.0 Introduction

Business market is always full of challenging for the people to involve, because there will always having a different period by using different situation to maintain the business as well as to maintain the economic. So, during the time, there are many marketers will came out for such researches, in order to let people knows the economic flow and such current issues will affect the economic. However, the marketers found that aging population is the common issues that always affecting the economic, because the elderly people is the group of people that marketers constantly suffer to get sale from them. So how marketers do to achieves the sales from the elderly people? This issue makes a very good research method for marketers and finally found out there have several ways that marketers should knows for the aging population and how they can do to create sales by attracting the buying intentions from elders.

2.1 Common Issue from Elderly People

Nowadays, creating sales from the elderly people is a very hard mission for the marketers. The consumer behavior of the group of the elderly people is easy to know but hardly to change from them, because most of them will not willing change to accept the new things as well as the new products, they will have their own loyalty on the brands that they all alone using. For example, once an elderly people try the brand of rice, although the brand price increase and become expensive compare to the other brands, they will still purchase it rather than take the risk to try a new brand. So, basically there have several ways that marketers can do to attract them on their products,

2.2 Simple Advertisement

As the marketers know, a complex advertisement is hardly let the elder’s notices on it and even though they are hardly to understand what the messages that the advertisement sending for them. Therefore, in order to make the advertisement to attract them, marketers should be smart to make the advertisement simpler and easier to understand. In this situation, if the advertisement is flyers or posters, the marketers can make the product picture as big as it can and putting the simple words for an introducing of the product. When the elderly people walk though the advertisement, will more changes to attract them to stop their further step for notices the products. Because the elders also are the consumers, when the advertising design put more attentive on it, surly it will attract the consumers. The reason why this situation can attract the elders is because the elders like to look pictures more than the words of detail. Once the picture the elders notices, the elders will start to get further information from the sales person or the words in the flyers or posters. For instance, Brand Dimension distributing the cooking oil product, in order to attract the consumers, especially the elderly people, the company design a simple poster to make consumers will easily being attract on it.

On the above simple will shows the posters that the markets created. Essentially, the cooking oil product will more attracting the elderly people, because the elderly people will very caring about their family’s health. So, if marketers can understand the consumer behaviour form the elders, like the cooking oil product, the marketers knew the elders will prefer to have a more healthy food for their families. The marketers make the advertising more specify for the consumer. In fact that the products will successful attracting the elderly people as well as other different ages consumers. Therefore, that is one of the ways to attract the elders to consume on the company’s products.

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2.3 Sampling

Further on, there are more ways to discuss that marketers can make sales from the elderly peoples. In the following way is to do a free sampling for the consumers. It was easy to achieve, when people saw a free sampling to dispatch, normally they will take or at least will take a look what products are dispatching. Same as the elderly people for the attraction on the product, the elderly people will try and test the product if it suitable for them. The reason why this strategy can be use to attract the elderly people is because majority of the elders are not willing to take risk for testing the new things or products, and the elders will not easily to spend their moneys. Based on this issue, when the marketers giving the elders a free sampling and let them have a free testing on the product, the elders will more willing to try the product. Once the elders tried the product, the closing sales from them will become more easy because sometimes the product is good, but nobody willing to try it also no use. However, the elders willing to try the product, the sales will more changes to get from the elders. That is a way to create sales from the elders. For instance there is one of the company that doing a strategy of sampling to attracting the elderly people. Tuv Taam Salads Brand Nova Lox Salad is a healthy product that distributed in US. The company marketers doing sampling by New York State Department of 

2.4 Activities & Promotion

Moreover, there is more ways that can use to attracting the elderly people. Beside of the situation that had mention, the marketers can also try to create an activity for the elders in order to let the elders to involves the fun as well as penetrate the activity to promote the company products. On the other hand, the elders will very seriously on the relationship with their families, so the activity can create like an elder and his grandson to involves and play. When the activity setting on the mall, people will notice about what function that the marketers doing as well as willing to try and play. Penetrate the activities can give the consumers having fun with their family and any player can get a free product on the company brand. Therefore, using the activity to attract the consumer can be effectively to create sale from elders as well. Beside of that, during the activities the marketers can set a booth for selling the company product and arrange some salesperson to sales or introduce the product to the consumers. The elders will being attract when it has a function like this, because the elders likes to excitement and once the elders happy, they will try the product as well as the marketers based on this situation creating sales from the elders.

2.5 Culture

At last of the way to attract the elders, the consumer behavior of culture is useful on the promotion. As the research, many of the elders will not educating in other languages as only the elders mother tongue. So, the marketers can base on the elders culture to create the phase or words on the product to let the elders easier to understand the company selling for. For example, in Malaysia country had three different main culture or race, so if the marketers create the product with three different languages, when the elders saw the product, the language itself will attract the elders and get more changes to get sales from them. For instance, Coke Company is usually using this situation to attract the consumers. This situation will not only useful to the elders, every different age will useful also. As the result, this situation is generally that marketers will always use for the company products promotion, in the proved that is way is suitable for attracting the elders.

2.6 Conclusion

In the conclusion, there are many ways that marketers can use for attracting the elderly people, but those situations might need to give more effort and give more attentive on the promotion. On above there have the simple advertising, using simple words and give a big picture on the flyer and poster to attract the elders. Secondly is use the situation of sampling, using a free sampling to let the elders testified the product and let them continues to consume on the products. Thirdly, is to use the activities & promotion, creating activities for the elders and make them involve and play as well as get the product reward for them. And lastly attentive on the elders culture by using different languages for the elders that can easily understand and read the name of the products. With those situations above, the marketers will get the ideas as well as knowledge for solved the problem to attracting the elders in the market.

2.7 Harvest Reference


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