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An Overview Of The Body Shop Marketing Essay

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The Body Shop it has more than 2070 tree brands and offer service for 7700.000 consumers all over the world. The founder was a great woman who was called Anita Ruddick. She travelled though South America in two years. Then she collected her experience in her long journey and found that many women used the natural way to keep their skin. She also was interested in this field. She tried to use the vegetable, fruit or plant to concoct the natural formula. In March 1976, the Ruddick founded her first store at Birmingham; the store sold 15 kinds of products such as jojoba oil, rascal and mud. In April 1984, The BODYSHOP became a listed company and started selling the products to all over the world. The BODYSHOP was a business which has conscience and credit. The BODYSHOP has five principles in its retail and production, they are:

  • Against Animal Testing (The BODYSHOP never do the animal testing, they only used the scientific instruments to do testing on some modeled body of animal.(Ruth,2006)
  • Support Community Trade (the BODYSHOP selling the product at reasonable price. The BODYSHOP brought their resources from some special place such as Brazil, Kenya, and Samoa. They often set up the factory in origin and employed local people who need a job to save their life. It also brought their materials in a fair price. The BODYSHOP helped a lot of people. It also can say it is a charity (Ruth, 2006).
  • Improve Self Esteem (In the advertisement of The BODYSHOP, It is difficult to see models who have beautiful face and thin stature. The Body Shop uses some ‘special’ woman. For example, the advertisement of the total energy pulse point it employed a black lady.
  • Defend Human Right (The BODYSHOP support equality. especially between black and white. The Body Shop made great contribution in support ECPAT(The International Campaign to End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism)
  • Protect the Plant (Protect plant is an aim of this green company. The BODYSHOP published a book, called the Green Book in order to call all the people to protect the plants.


Marketing Mix: Marketing Mix was related to a company’s marketing strategy. Marketing mix include 4 parts, place, promotion, price and product. There are often called the four ‘PHS.

Product: Paying attention to the features of the product is easier to attract the consumers. Some consumers focus on the after sales service, appearance, packing faction and brand more than before. For example, red is standing for lucky in china. This color always appears in spring festival. Consumers who want to buy some clothes during spring festival think this color may bring lucky for them, so they may willing chose this red clothes more than the other color. Some telephone firm willing offer sales service to consumers to create their credit.

Price: Make high profit is the aim of the all the businessman. There are many factors effect the price, such as cost, rent, and capital. These factors affect the producer to adjust the product’s price. The price also affects the consumers. For example, customers attract by discount.

Promotion: Information globalization brought a lot of benefits to the market. There are different types of promotions in social, such as, commercial television, commercial radio, and signboard. Through these ways businessmen show their product to all the people and make consumers aware or increase awareness of product. Promotion also makes the consumers know more information and easier to chose products.

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Place: Place is one of the 4PS of the marketing mix. Product can be efficiently available to consumers in the right place, at the right time (Anderson et al, 2008:114).Producer must consider which transport is the cheapest, fastest and safety. Businessmen also consider the product sell from where would make the maximum profit. Fox example, Coca-Cola, the largest soft drinks company. Coca-Cola set their firms in many countries and sells their drinks at a right time. The Coca-Calla wending machines are the best example.

Market segmentation: Market segmentation in cloud behavior, geography, ecological, and demographic. If the company predicts the market condition is right, it also carried out of the market segmentation. Divide the customers into different groups. Such as Grander, Age, It is convenience for company to discover the new market chance. Using scientific way to allocate sources and plan market strategy.


In this report, it introduced a famous brand called Body shop. This report was divided into 5 topics. Introduction, finding, discussion, conclusion and references. In the first part. It introduced the history and five principles from the Body Shop. The aim and the in this report in the second part. It talked about which knowledge appeared in this report and the special thing such as color, meaning in the product’s advertisement. In the third part, it connected the product and some business knowledge to discuss .The fourth part, made a conclusion of this report.


Definition of the advertisement

The Body Shop never employ very tall-thin or stature model, as was the norm in beauty advertisement. The Website reads” We will not promise eternal youth or prey on people’s insecurities, but focus instead on product that provide well being and comfort” (Debapratim ,2007)In this advertisement, we could see The Body Shop employed a back young lady .It have mentioned in the background, The BODYSHOP support the equality between black and white. This is one of the reasons why the body shop chose black lady. The black lady’s smile was full of vitality. She was a beautiful, but her beauty came from natural. The appearance of this shining black lady well embodies the life like.

Second, red and green consist of the blackground.Geen is the color of nature .Green represents youthful and hope. The Body Shop. It correct used green to annoyed their aim and product. In the most of The Body Shop’s advertisement it would use green to as its background’s color .Green also is a color which easier to attract the people’s eye. The BODYSHOP produced “green product”. Protect the plant also is a one of the principle of this company.Red, stand for the material of this product. This product’s basic material called Organic Bergamot which is a kind of red fruit come from Amazonian guarana.Red not only represents material in this advertisement. Red also stands for fire and blood. It is associated energy, power and determination as well as passion, desire, and love.


Marketing Mix


This product was called Total Energy Pulse Point Balm.

The key ingredient is ginger, organic bergamot, Guarani essence, Hormone.

If some place in face need an extra boost, can directly on the pulse of place. The Body Shop’s products filled in different size to convince for consumers to choose.


The material of this product was from Calabria, Southern American, and this product also sells from all over the word. But customers can not find the product of The Body Shop in any supermarket or cosmetics stores. Customers just only can buy the product in The BODYSHOP stores.


In Honking this price of product is $99.Different area have different price. In England, the price lowers than Hongkong


Promotion is the best way to make the consumers to know their products.The BODYSHOP used television, magazine, the Internet, and signboard to show their new products. These ways make more consumers aware of its product. The BodyShop will give them member card .and also sign consumers’ telephone numbers and birth date. If they buy the products they can discount. In this way made the customers more focuses on their product .The logo of body also easy to attract the people’s eyes. White and green consist of the logo. , it is a special logo. In this product’s advertisement a shining black lady showed the product effect in a good result. It seems to tell all the people if you buy this product you can get confident like me.

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Market segmentation

Geographically: The Body Shop set up the stores in Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Korea, United Kingdom, and the USA .In these countries, the level of people’ life are high. Without the happy life, they always focus on they quality of life. The BODYSHOP sometimes sold the different products in different places. For example, the weather in the south of China is dry, so The BODYSHOP sold some moisture products such as skin lotion, and shower liquid. It would sell these products in this country more than some dry country.

Demographic: The BODYSHOP divided the customers into different groups according age, and gender. For example, Total Energy Pulse Point Balm, this product sells to the lady between 30-40 year old. In recent years The Body Shop began focus on the men products, but less than women products.

Psychographic: Why the BODYSHOP focus on men products, it found that man skincare has a large market. Not only the women keep their skin carefully, also the men would buy some skincare products. Such as sports products, men who like sporting would like taking a comfortable bath, so The BODYSHOP sell some special products for men consumers



In conclusion, the Body Shop is a successfully manufactured an image of being a caring that is helping to protect the environment and indigenous peoples, and preventing the suffering of animals- whilst selling ‘natural’ products. The BODYSHOP were responsibly for human and environment .If all the companies in the world like The BODYSHOP, the world will be better.


In brief, as BODYSHOP is a well-known international brand and charity. Its advertisement not only just aims to influence the decisions of investors, but for charity purpose as well. In this advertisement the Body Shop have no showed that why consumers should chose this product. What are the benefits of this product. It seems that the model is more attract consumers’ eyesight than the product. If the picture of product can make bigger it will be better.


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