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Business Analysis Of HSBC

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HSBC is public limited bank and it’s headquartered is located in London, England since 1993. HSBC bank was founded in 1865 in and it was started with name ” The Hong kong and Shanghai Banking corporation “.The bank has lots of branches throughout the world. HSBC bank offers wide range of banking, Investment and financial service to high and economic customers. It holds international network of 8000 properties in 88 countries and regions in Europe, Hong kong, Rest of Asia-Pacific, The Middle East, The Americas and Africa. Previously, the Middle East is known as part of ‘Rest of Asia -Pacific ‘. HSBC offers comprehensive range of financial service within these international network. Banking service such as Credit and debit accounts, bank loans (secured loans, loans, unsecured loans, car loans etc.), mortgages, overdraft facility, and insurance are being served by the bank.

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It also provides Internet banking and Offshore banking. HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial service group with 8th rank, according to Forbes Magazine. It has market capitalisation of US$ 199 billion since 31st December 2009. It is listed on the so many stock exchanges like London, Hong kong, New York , Barmuda and Paris; it is also part of the FTSE 100 index and HangSeng index. HSBC is also world’s first bank which was opened internationally that means “World’s Local Bank” and it was financed various projects like Railroad Building due to mordenization in early 20th century.

History of HSBC:

The history of HSBC is as old as extremely intresting for the each and every person and organization who wants great deal with the bank around the globe. Furthermore, bank is offering large amount of service to an individuals and institutions.


HSBC originally stands from “The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ” which is established by Scot Thomas Sutherland in Hongkong ( 3rd march ) in 1865. Then and as now,1 Queen’s Road Central was bank’s headquartered in Hongkong , plus another was opened in Shanghai one month later in 3rdapril 1865 to finance growing trade between China and Europe. In addition, one year later the London office was opened. During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the bank opened its more branches in China, Asia, Japan, Europe and North America to provide financial service for its clients. Throughout the Second war the bank closed its many branches due to an international financial crisis and the head office was temporarily moved from Hongkong to London. Then after, the bank played major roll in rebuilding of Hongkong economy and that was the time for geographical spread through acquisition and alliances .

In 1959, the bank purchased two banks that was The British Bank of Middle East and The Mercantile Bank (based in India).

The Bank moved to Canadian and Australian market to expand its business during 1981-1986.

In 1987 The Marine Midland Bank (Now HSBC Bank of USA) became a member of the group.

In 1991, HSBC Holding PLC was established and it became parent company to The Hong kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the shares were traded in both London Hong -kong stock exhanges.

Other Aquisitions:-

1992, acquisition of Midland Bank was took place. As part of the takeover theMidland Bank.

The bank was forced to move its headquarters from Hong kong to London in 1993.

The bank purchased The Banco Bamerindas of Brazil for $ 1bn in March 1997 and acquisition of Roberts SA de Inversiones of Argentina for $ 600m in May 1997.

May 1999, HSBC that was the time for acquisition of Republic National Bank of New York, USA. The shares traded in a third stock exchange in New York.

More purchases in Europe continent, the bank purchased Credit Commercial De France for £ 6.6 bn in April 2000.

In July 2001 HSBC wanted to extend its business by purchasing Demirbank , a Turkish bank. Furthermore, HSBC bought Grupo Financiero Bital ,SA de CV of Mexico which was the third largest of Mexico for $1.1bn.

Then in April 2003, the new headquarters of HSBC Holdings opened at 8 -Canada Square, London.

Inadition to this , the bank acquired Polski Kredyt Bank SA of Poland for $7.7m in 2003.

In 20th Nov 2003, the head office in Turkey demolished due to bomb blast in Istambul.

In 2004, acquisition of Barmuda of Barmuda took place and shares are traded on fifth stock exchange in Barmuda.

In June2004, the bank purchased 19.9% of the Bank of Communication of Shanghai.

Due to expansion, the bank bought Marks & Spenser Retail Financial Services Holdings Ltd for £763m in Dec 2004.

90 branches of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro of Argentina were acquired by HSBC in April 2006 for $ 155m.

In Dec 2007 HSBC bought the Chinese Bank in Taiwan.

In May 2008, HSBS purchased IL&FS Investment, an Indian retail broking firm.

The CEO office of HSBC group will permanently based in Hong Kong in Feb 2010.


The Mission Statement of HSBC is to become the world’s leading financial service company by providing the best service to its customers

and clients around the globe. The bank aspires to make large amount of

money as early as possible for its dearest shareholders. Moreover, the aim is

also contain to construct extremely motivated team for achieving enormous

performance .The goal of the company is how to create fun work

environment for the loving staff members.


The strategy of the HSBC bank is different for each segment like for the customer service, credit quality, growth of profit and increase the sales.

Always provides outstanding customer service.

To attract more and more people and to keep hold them.

Offering service by skill and speed.

By using various resources to provide low interest rate for the loans and credit card holders.

Grow the sales and make the profit.

HSBC’s business principles and values:

Excellent customer service

Effectual and efficient operations

Strong capital and liquidity

discreet and lending policy

Highly strict outflow dicipline

The honest and cooperative staff of the bank always supports to make strong customer relation and to be the world’s top baking company.

Competitors of HSBC:-

The HSBC bank is one of the largest banking and financial service organization in the corporate world, and it is engaged in its business since 1865. The main competitors of the HSBC bank are Barclays bank, Citigroup and Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ).

The other competitors are:

Bank of America

Banko China

Deutsche Bank

Lloyds banking group

RBC financial group

The bank operates its business with highest business standards as well as fast and fair decision that is why customers satisfaction is now on the top floor. To be competitive the bank offers lowest rate of interest on the loan and other financial services and also provides extra ordinary and fast customer service by using Internet banking and other developed technologies within its working criteria.

Number of employees :-

The HSBC bank employed about 312866 people since 10th may 2010 ( according to forbs magazine ) to conduct its financial company. The bank has many branches around the world to spread the business internationally. 3,02,000 full and part time employees were employed by the bank since 31st December 2009 throughout the world.

The main centre of employment is the UK with 53,000 employees.

The US 29,000

India 35,000

Hong Kong 28,000

Brazil 24,000

Mexico 19,000

Main land China 14,000

France 11,000

Products and services :-

HSBC is the one of the major banking and financial company in the world. It offers comprehensive range of services including consumer banking, corporate banking, credit and debit cards, investment banking, investment management, global wealth management, finance and insurance, private equity, mortgages, loans , internet banking . With enlarge global network HSBC provides innovative range of products and services to fulfil the requirement of customers and clients.

Personal Banking:

HSBC provides personal banking service within 88 countries and also offers credit card facility to its worldwide customers.

Personal banking service includes:

Savings accounts

Current accounts

HSBSC premier accounts

Basic bank accounts

Student accounts



Credit cards



Online banking

Business banking:

HSBC provides wide range of banking and financial service to its business customers worldwide.

Corporate and business banking includes:

Provides services and supports small firm to multinational company

Business banking

Commercial Banking

Corporate and structural banking

International business baking ( Offshore banking )

Online baking

Cards services

Revenue of HSBC:

HSBC is multinational private bank and its sales revenue for 2009 is mention ablove:

Sales revenue:- $ 103574.00m

Total assets:- $ 2.364 trillion

Profit :- $ 5.834 billion

Operating income:- $ 7.079 billion

Total equity:- $ 128.299

SWOT Analysis of HSBC:-

SWOT analysis helps to find out what are the strengths, and opportunity for the business. It also used for to identify weaknesses and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors and opportunities and threats are external factors, we have to think about it in terms of to grow up the business.


HSBC is the multinational bank that’s why bank can give guidance to other companies related to international business.

HSBC knows very well how to do its business and get success in related field.

The bank has strong capital it helps to


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