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Business Plan for Restaurant in India

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THAKURS HAVELI is the name of my restaurant which is located at sector-34 in Chandigarh. This is a single unit, large size restaurant that serve or provide a healthy contemporary style food. . The location will be on 34 sec just outside the Chandigarh University and very close to a dense population of the target market. Location which is selected is first on rental basis. After that there is agreement of lease. After when the lease is signed there will be the 3 year of free rent for construction and in that particular course of time start up fund must be raised. After that work is complete Havel restaurant can open and then project can begin.

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Basically, restaurant infrastructure is a four-storey `building. The ground floor is a fast food junction where you will find Chinese, South-Indian, and American fast food, the first floor is for having lunch and dinner where you can seat with your family and enjoy wide variety of food, the second floor is for Beverages where you will find soft drinks, ice-creams and chocolates with the enjoyment of some games for kids and young ones and the third floor is for people who would like to have hard drinks such as whisky, rum, beer etc.

Here you will find food of about 65 countries, new games to play and whiskies at it best.


As the name of our business is self explanatory that we are one of the best in the business of restaurant not only in Chandigarh but also in India. We have cook of world class that means we select cook from one of the best institution of hotel management so that our customers do not get upset after coming to our restaurant. Here, we provide food of about 65 nations i.e. nearly 1000 dishes either vegetarian or non-vegetarian and as we said earlier we having a bar at the top floor having all types of whiskies, rums, beer etc.


The owner of the company is Ujjwal Galleria, who will handle day-to-day operations of the plan and will work to ensure that this business venture is a success. He will be started this restaurant in 2011, at that time it consists of only single floor but in only 5years he will be grown his restaurant in such a way that able to compete with India’s one of the best restaurants.


The primary objective of ours is to satisfy customers by our products and services. Therefore we offer a range of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each customer.


Service our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.

Maintain excellent working relationships with our staffs such as Managers, Cook and other staffs.

Maintain a professional image at all times.


Now days, people are a bit foodies and want to try new and food of other nations too. This is reason why the restaurants becoming so popular in India. Another reason is that people of especially metropolitan cities have a very busy life especially the bachelors who are living away from their home and doing job on cites prefers to eat in restaurants than in their home. This is because they have very busy schedule and they got exhausted after doing job from morning to evening, thus prefers to eat in the restaurants. This scenario is also very common in families as most the family members are busy in their scheduled work in week days and as they got time they used to go to in restaurants to have dinner for a break.

Due to this there were many restaurants are being opened in the cities and as a result of which there is so much competition among the restaurants.

But despite all such competitions our Thakur Restaurant is able to lead this market in Chandigarh. The all credit is given to Mr. Ujjwal Guleria who made all this possible.


Several new and innovative technique of cooking is a part of the factor responsible for the growth of restaurants in India. Since the government of India has a policy of liberalization of India today is also a base on the market.

According to the survey of the growth of restaurant industry in India is about 5.5%. Many people are also engaged in catering. According to recent survey that was created at the end of 2012, total restaurant in all parts of the world will offer employment to 34.7million people.

The fact is the growth of the hospitality industry in India will directly lead to more fast food, because in today’s world, young people prefer fast food, not just a fact that the growth of the restaurant is increasing every day.

International restaurant opens branches in different parts of the city through the concept of free market and the process of liberization, creating foreign investment.

Future of the restaurant is very bright in India. With an increase in the growth in demand from the industry also increased.


Our restaurant is a single unit, medium size and multiple restaurants that serve or provide a healthy contemporary style food. The restaurant will be located at 34 sec in Chandigarh.

Our Mission

I give my first preference toward to goal of the firm. I tried my best to achieve this goal.

Development and Status

This restaurant (Ujjwal Restaurant) was incorporated in October 2005. Mr. Ujjwal Galleria is the first responsibility is to the financial well being of the restaurant. The high level of understanding, attitude and self respect between our staff member and to the customer.

The location is only 34 seconds outside Chandigarh University and near large populations of the target market. Location was chosen for the first time on rental basis. Then there is a lease. Once, when the lease is signed there will be three years free rent for the building and in particular, that over time you start the fund should be increased. After it is completed, Thakur restaurant can be opened and then the project can begin.

Future Plan

If my business is successfully meeting its projection with in 2 year .then after that I would like to created or start for a second location and start making a plan for next unit. Our 7 year goal is to have 5 restaurants in different part of India having a profit of between 10000000 to 20000000.


The following operational and production strategies that taken in the Thakur Restaurants. They are: –

Facilities and Offices

This type of plan, I would say for equipment and office, where it is located. The restaurant covers 10,000 square meters, which is around in 34sec Punjab University Chandigarh. New equipment was used and the dining room has been decorated to attract customers.

Employee Training and Education

In this plan I never make any compromises. Training of all employees should be required. Employees are trained not only work, but also whole concept. There is a cook who wanted to give all the detailed information and also informed of the latest information in fording the industry.

Food Production

Food production is also an important point in production plan. I will make most food on the premises basis. Kitchen will be very clean and totally furnished. High standard equipment would be used.

System & Control

In this a large amount of money spent in research the quality and integrity of our food. A person is hire who do all this type of research related to quality of food. All this food cost and stock are controlled by the management which is totally computerized basis.


The following are the Production plan of our restaurant. They are: –

Our restaurant will offer a large variety of food (Indian, Italian, and Spanish). It also includes a medium scale coffee shop inside it and having a bar at the top floor. Restaurant is divided into three parts

Want open a fast food for those who want to eat fast food can sit in this section.

Want open for meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) those who want to eat this kind of food can sit in this section only.

Want open coffee shop and bar or just a room for discussion where people sit and talk with his friend or any one without disturbing other.


Our marketing plan is to establish a well-regarded brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. We will have to invest heavily in market to create a distinctive brand image projecting innovation, quality and value. We also measure awareness and response so we can adjust our market efforts if required.

Market Need

While preparing a market plan we should know the market need. That which type of market we want or need. There are two type of market need that ant to fill. They are: –

First one is that to make a market that produce good quality food, having cleanliness environment, with a cheap or low rate.

Second one it that to take very few time for preparing the order.

In modern life we face many problems in the restaurant. The first is that the food is fat and the other is that they take too much time preparing. So keep all this in view I would like a market offering good quality food in less time allows. I would like to add a coffee shop inside the restaurant to open. This is used for all but especially for those who just want coffee after dinner or lunch.


This is used to tell that our business marketing plan focus on the following category:

  1. Student = this include the student of schools and different university situated near by age is from 18 to 20.
  2. Town worker = this include the worker or person working in a firm. Thus is the largest group. Age is from 35 to 55
  3. Tourist = this is the person who just come with their family for enjoying. This makes good market for us. Age is from 40 to 69.


After that I would like to spend on advertising. As this is only the medium by which we can make our sale or increase sale. If my business running significantly over our sale then it is not require to spent huge amount of fund in advertising.


Ujjwal Restaurant is a unique Human Resources Management restaurant that enables the process of acquiring talent, aligning them with organization’s goals and leading the transformation, to help your organization take that leap in performance. From automating routine tasks, to generating strategic reports, to giving access to employee related information through self-service, Ujjwal Restaurant does it all. Our key Modules include Performance Management, Training & Development, and recruitment, HR Workgroup and Report/Analytics, Payroll, Self-Service. As far human resources plan concerns it is just about how you manages your employees, thus, the management of employees in our business is as follows: –

In our restaurant, there are nearly 200 employees, including lower to higher level.

As we have one Head Manager who manages all the employees in the restaurant so his salary is a bit higher than the any other employee.

We have head in each of the branch of the restaurant such as in cooking department, fast food department, and beverage and games department and bar department.

We select employees such as cook, managers, bar server etc. who are passed out from good institution and have at least 2 to 3 years of work experience.


The purpose of risk assessment is to identify hazards that could cause harm to the risks that may result from these dangers and take appropriate measures to eliminate or control risks. Significant findings of the risk assessment should be recorded if five or more persons. Risk assessment of cumulative event distribution and can be made when information was received from the contractor, other companies and freelancers working on the site. It will also need to see the site or sites of specific identified risks to visit.

The followings are the main risks in the business if the restaurants: –

There are many competitors in north region such as McDonald, prêt fast food, residency, virtual this are the competitor in northern region. McDonald is the one the best competitor for our business. It is having a more than 6 franchisee in the northern region. They spend huge amount on advertising. They take the help of all medium such as radio, television, news paper. They also offering some discount after you make the bill of 400.

The reason of risk is fluctuation in the share market.


Financial planning is a process of formulating objectives, evaluation of assets and resources, assessment of future financial needs and plan to revise the monetary targets. Many elements may be involved in financial planning including investments, asset allocation and risk management. Taxes, insurance and real estate are usually included.

There is some important point which I kept in mind while making a financial plan. They are as follows: –

Growth rate will be moderate, and in smooth running.

Sale would like to increase at a flow of 6% per year.

3. Company like to invest in financial plan and not in the. Company (expect it be necessary)

Cost of good.

Marketing Fees

Marketing fees is generally for purchasing the material for production and convert them into finished product. This is also important one we should reserve some amount of fund for purchasing of raw material.

Fixed and Variable Expense

This fixed and variable expense is also required in our financial plan. As this expense is only determine by when we survey many restaurant after that we taking actual number from this restaurant which we survey. As by this we can know our fixed and variable expense.



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