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Maxis Business Level Strategy

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Business model is plan or diagram for how it competes, uses its resources, structures its relationship, interfaces with the customers, and creates value to sustain itself on the basis of the profits its generates. It had included all the activities that define how a firm competes in the marketplace.

Core strategy

  • Mission statement

Maxis missions are to be simple, trustworthy and creative. Maxis want everything they do is simple for everyone; it must be straightforward and easy to understand by their customers. Maxis believe that trust between customers and it is the key to successful relationship. All good relationships are built on trust which inspires confidence, and, assurance, conviction and reliance. Creativity is important and defines them; this is how Maxis differentiate from their competition. (Maxis is about life enablement, www.maxis.com.my, ND)

  • Product/Market Scope

Maxis’s market scopes are telecommunication and networking sectors. They are the mobile communication’s service provider and recently they are also providing wireless broadband services. Their services include prepaid call plans, monthly subscription plans, international roaming, MMS, WAP, Resident Fixed Line services and the recent one Broadband internet plans. Maxis also are offering VSAT services and Blackberry based mobile services for their business customers.(Maxis website, 2010)

  • Basis differentiation

The basis differentiation of Maxis are based on the calling plans and pricing structure to appeal to different customer segments. The value-added services in Hotlink Prepaid had make Maxis differentiate from other competitors such as ring-tones, background ring tones, Voice SMS, fb2me, tweet2me, voice portal and etc. (Hotlink easy menu, 2010)

Strategic resources

  • Core Competencies

What serve as core competencies for Maxis are customer service and their strong brand name. Maxis always emphasize on what can be done best to their customers and provide their best customer services as after the subscription of their plans. To enhance the customer satisfaction, Maxis had announced there are 70 Maxis Authorized service agents outlet are available in customer concentration are in Malaysia opens (Maxis Authorised Service Agents Outlets to Enhance Customer Satisfaction, www.maxis.com.my, 7th July 2001) and continue increasing in the following year. The outlets provide real time services similar to Maxis Centers such as customer registration, payment, IDD and Direct Debit application, and reinstatement of mobile line. With the availability if the shops that strategically located, Maxis clients can look forward to extended service hours, weekend services and easier access.

There are more over than RM 500 000 are used for dealers and staff training annually to ensure the best possible service to Maxis customers. This is a part of Maxis core strategies to enhance the value in their existing relationships with key dealers. Maxis had established a strong brand name since 1995 for their wide coverage of signal and reliability.

  • Strategic Assets

There are several strategic assets owned by Maxis which let them continue to leading among the mobile service providers. Firstly, Ananda Krishnan, the founder of Maxis communications owned a satellite tv- Astro in Malaysia. It is the ASEAN leading satellite TV that always plays the important role in promoting the plans and services by Maxis. Moreover, Maxis have the huge database of customer’s information and can be used to make adjustment in their plans, packages and their marketing strategies base on the poll SMS that sent to the subscribers. In addition, one of the most valuable assets Maxis owned is their highly qualified and experienced staffs, such as, the executive director and chief executive officer of Maxis, Sandi Dap. Before he joined Maxis in 2007, he had been served as deputy managing director of Vodafone Essar Limited, one of the largest mobile operators in India since 1994. Jean Pascal is a Chief operating officer, he has 20 years of experience, of which he spent 13 years with France Telecom group in France and Orange in UK. Others like Rossaba Annizah, Mark Dioguardi, Matthew Willsher, Mohamed Fitri and many more (Maxis senior management webpage, 2010).

Partnership network

  • Suppliers

Maxis main suppliers are consist of SIM card suppliers and broadband wireless thumb drive suppliers. Other partnership network like strategic alliance such as Nokia, Apple and Blackberry are supplying Maxis theirs products to cope with Maxis’s various kind of plans and packages.

  • Other Key Relationships

Many companies in diverse range of industries such as telecommunications, media and broadcasting, leisure, power generation, property development and management are directly or indirectly controlled or connected with Usaha Tegas, which is owned by Ananda Krishnan. As such, many of these companies and other related parties also subscribe to Maxis Mobile’s mobile service and Maxis Broadband’ s fixed line services due to the relationship with Ananda Krishnan.

Customer Interface

  • Target Market

Maxis has good customer interface which enable their service reach their customer easily and successfully. Maxis target their market on the telecommunication and networking’s consumers market. For the target customer like students maxis come out with “Maxis Youth Club”. By using this service students can get a lot of benefits. On of them is Point Rewards; under this service students need to collect points as much as they can which enable them to get free talking time. If students top up twice in a week, they will get 100 points which equal anent RM 1.00 of free talking time. Besides that, students also can enjoy free calls to any maxis numbers on their birthdates. Apart from that, maxis also come out with service called subliners for the specific group of people who love to talk with their loved ones or couples everyday for a longer time of period. The subliners need to register their name under the mainliner. By doing this the subliners can enjoy less price. For the specific group of people who like to use internet, the maxis come out with broadband services. Maxis has four types of broadband plan which are 1.5GB,3 GB,6 GB and 12 GB.

  • Fulfillment and Support

Maxis communication company’s service and product reaches it customers. For example, customers of maxis can go to maxis center to get some help like lost the SIM cards, problem of the deduct balance of prepare and postpaid, and the unclear of the new maxis plan package. Besides this, maxis center was build on city to make customers easy to pay the fees of postpaid and internet fees. (Find a Maxis Centre or MEPs, www.maxis .com.my, ND)

  • Pricing structure

Maxis are focus on aggressive pricing strategies to compete with other service providers. Apart from that, maxis also has different price depending on their target market. For the students under Youth Club service they can enjoy sending SMS only for 1sen per SMS. They also can enjoy free calls to any maxis numbers from 6pm to 6am.For the target market like line users, the subliners who register their name under main liners only need to pay RM 30 per month compare to RM 80 which is the actual rate for line users. Maxis offer the cheapest broadband services which only need to pay RM48 for 1.5GB. (Wireless Broadband, www.maxis.com.my, ND)


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