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Digi Is A Leading Mobile Telecommunications Company

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DiGi is a leading mobile telecommunications company providing a range of mobile and wireless services under the DiGi Prepaid and DiGi Postpaid brand name, delivering voice, mobile content and data services to both individual and corporate customers. Its data service focuses on the development of new mobile interactive services which include infotainment via SMS, WAP, GPRS and MMS. Mobile content includes value-added and entertainment content for mobile phone users such as weather forecasts, picture messages and live game scores.

DiGi telecommunications company also providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers. DiGi create value for their customers by selecting the most appropriate cutting edge technology so that they benefit from products and services that give them choice, convenience and control.

DiGi is controlled by Telenor Group which is a pioneer in mobile communications in Norway. Telenor’s international expansion in recent years has been based on leading-edge expertise acquired in its home Norwegian and Nordic markets, which are among the most highly developed technology markets in the world. Strength in satellite communications, mobile technology and domestic Internet activities has been a key factor in the Telenor growth story.

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Intergrated Marketing Communication involved

DiGi telecommunications companies have involved many type of advertisement. It was including broadcast advertising and printed advertising. The broadcast advertisement is TV and radio. The latest of the DiGi TV broadcast advertisement is about DiGi broadband and DiGi prepaid packages. They telling to people their broadband are more stable and faster than other companies broadband. Their broadband is calling DiGi turbo 3G broadband. The meaning of the turbo is telling they can get very faster speed from their broadband if are under coverage. The cost of the broadband is RM68 per month and it was no contract, no registration fees and no activation fees. The latest TV broadcast advertisement for DiGi prepaid is calls “So Easy”. The main point of the advertisement is telling to people we can get very low rate cost for using the DiGi prepaid. The DiGi prepaid So Easy package is just hit RM1 for the total usage on any day then people can enjoy the 12sen per minute to all networks and 1sen per SMS to all DiGi numbers. DiGi prepaid customers can get 4 times reload bonus in a year and best birthday bonus 50%. Example for the best birthday bonus, if people reload RM50 in their birthday that day, they will get extra bonus RM25 from DiGi companies. In the radio broadcast advertisements, the advertisement is same with the TV broadcast advertisement and only the different is one can look and listen and another is just only for listen.

The printed advertisements have including newspapers, magazines, flyers and so on. DiGi telecommunication companies putting their advertisement in anywhere to let everybody know what their packages are offering to people in now. The DiGi broadcast advertisement also same with the printed advertisement. From the printed advertisement, people can look more details and information that broadcast advertisement is not telling. Example of the printed advertisement can refer to the appendices. Besides that, DiGi telecommunication companies offer the personal accident insurance only in the printed advertisements. The personal accident insurance can be claim for the accident death, permanent disablement and funeral expenses in the event of accident death and the higher cost can be claim to RM10, 000. The example of this printed advertisement also can refer into appendices. DiGi personal accident insurance is underwritten by AIG General Insurance Berhad.

Outdoor Activities

DiGi telecommunications companies also involved many outdoor activities. In year 2008, one of the activities is presented by DiGi telecommunications companies is call Spark. Spark! is a 5 days 4 nights stay away program and designed to spark original and creative thinking amongst Malaysian pre-university youth between 17 to 19 years old because they are our next generation of leaders and managers. Spark! is intended to help the participants to better understand and prepare them for the choices in the world that lie ahead. From the moment they arrived, until it’s time to leave, the participants will have their notions shattered and will continuously be challenged to be different. Spark! provides a safe space to explore an alternative base of learning. The programme will provide participants with DiGi mindset and work culture, knowledge of non-traditional approaches to life and career and greater awareness and respect to living in a multicultural society.

Another activity presented by DiGi in year 2007, postrophe is DiGi’s web-based creative expression platform that runs programmes and activities through which all Malaysians can discover and develop their artistic creative talents. The activities is about make a short story in 16 words, making a postcards and make a short film. The platform offers programmes and activities that are simple and yet creatively challenging to promote unconventional thinking and unexpected responses, resonating with DiGi commitment to innovation and creativity. A panel of well-established creative professionals were engaged to support Apostrophe in running creative workshops for university and college students throughout the country. In total 4 creative programmes were run with around 30 workshop in over 20 colleges engaging around 1200 students throughout the country in creative expression sessions.


One of the publicity that created by the DiGi telecommunications companies is the DiGi yellow man. As people saw the yellow man then they will know it is DiGi. DiGi telecommunication companies also created their own company products song and the song name is “I will follow you”. The purpose of the songs and also the yellow man is to create awareness of the DiGi companies to the customers mind and also to promote their products to everyone.

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Throughout the years, DiGi has recognized that we are part of the community in which we operate our daily business operations. Therefore, as part of the local community, we have the responsibility to make better the lives of those around us and share alike the concerns and cares of the community. In 2007, during a renovation project, DiGi donated more than over 200 units of used furniture items from the office to the local community specifically the SMK Assunta in Petaling Jaya, St. John’s Ambulance and the Ti-Ratana Children’s home. These items range from chairs to cabinets, from pedestals to tables and even fax machines. In the same year, DiGi donated more than 230 used laptops to the local schools and charity homes in our local community in Selangor and Sabah.

Elaborate Promotional Mix

DiGi telecommunications companies also involved sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling to promote their products and services. One of the DiGi telecommunications sales promotions is done in the PC fair on 6, 7 and 8 August 2010 in KLCC. DiGi telecommunications companies sent a lot of promoters and wear the DiGi clothes to help DiGi promote their products and services. DiGi telecommunications companies offer their special packages which is DiGi turbo 3G broadband only in that 3 days. DiGi turbo 3G broadband actually is selling RM68 to everyone in normal prices. But only in that 3 days, DiGi telecommunications special offer their broadband price to RM38 per month for everyone. The DiGi broadband is no contract, no registration fees and no activation fees. DiGi hires many promoters to help DiGi telecommunications companies doing the personal selling and also to promote their broadband in the PC fair and giving the flyers to the customer.

Once DiGi have come out the new products and services, they will do many advertising and also hiring many promoters and wear to help DiGi’s sells and promote the products and services. DiGi companies will offers the training to the promoters become professional and sent the promoters to each shopping centre to do the personal selling or direct marketing to the customers. Technologies become more important and fastest in this world. DiGi also offer the products and services in the internet. People can get the fully details information of the each products and services from the DiGi website. People also can get the latest products information in DiGi websites. Besides that, postpaid user can check their bill from the DiGi website to know how much they need to pay.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The DiGi telecommunications companies IMC program are very effectiveness because they are using all the promotional tools to promote their companies and also their products and services. Nowadays, every people live in Malaysia they will know about DiGi telecommunications companies because DiGi companies create so much awareness to the customers mind.

My recommendation is DiGi can keep continuous to doing their promotional mix because it can help DiGi to improve their sales. Besides that, DiGi companies can do more helping society activities. Example doing many charities works and also donations to the people need our helps, to improve DiGi reputation and image of the companies become more people trust and like the DiGi brand of telecommunications companies.



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