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Core Product and Supplementary Services

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A service consists with two product element to perform it function. The two product elements are core product and supplementary services. Core product is the core set of benefits and solutions delivered to customer while the supplementary services are service-related activities that surround the core product. Other than that, Supplementary services classified with facilitating and enhancing services into eight factors. Facilitating services are included information, order taking, billing and payment yet the enhancing services contain with consultation, hospitality, safekeeping, and exceptions.

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The core product provide by First World Hotel (Genting) to consumers is accommodation. The hotel was designated to contribute the supreme comfort and luxury for the customers with the help of variety types of Room Facilities. They had located 32 counters at lobby to let customers do the check in process for the 6118 rooms available. First World Hotel had supply six room types for consumers to choose. There are Standard rooms, Deluxe rooms, Deluxe triple rooms, Superior deluxe rooms, and World Club rooms. To assist the customer, hotel also provide no smoking rooms and special rooms for the people who deficient. Each of these types of rooms is designed to offer comfort and pleasure to the customers.

The hotel was build with convenient location, variety of types of facilities and warm hospitality. In the hotel rooms, service provider had provide the basic infrastructure to roomer like in room safe deposit box, mini refrigerator, air conditioning, hairdryer, television, in house movie channels, tea and coffee facilities, direct dial telephone, radio, shower, mini bar, and others. Besides that, the roomer can get an attentive room service for all 24 hours, absolute privacy and total getaway experience. They emphasis every detail in accommodation to make sure roomers had memorable experience and enjoy with the First World Hotel.

First World Hotel also provides supplementary services for the customers who stay in their hotel. The supplementary services are categorized by facilitating services and enhancing services. The facilitating services are included:


Information provide by hotel let customer obtain full value form of any service and relevant information. First World Hotel delivery more information about the services provide for visitor to attract more customers. The information provided by them can be payment for an overnight stay in different class of room, warning and reminders to using hotel facilities, operation time of dining and so on. Customers can get the information from many sources like phone call, customer’s service centre website, flyer, newspaper, social apps and more. For example, customer can get the location, price of the rooms, promotion packages from www.genting.com.

Order taking

Once customer ready to order First World Hotel services, they will move to the process of order taking. It can be on website, by mail, telephone and e-mail. Customer hotline of First World Hotel is +66-38-364-700, this hotline exists for help the customers to make a reservation of room whether it is a standard room or other room types. While for the booking at internet, customers can make booking at the website like www.booking.com/Hotels, www.genting.com.mym and others.


Customer can easily get all price information since First World Hotel provided their price of different rooms through website, flyer, counter, customer’s service centre and hotline. At their hotel lobby, 32 counters are waiting customers to check in or make payment so customers no need to waste their time for waiting. Other example is customers can log in to the website like www.genting.com.my to see the price of the rooms and do the online booking at same time.


Customers expect to be easy and convenient when make payment. There are variety of options exist to facilitate customer bill-paying provided by First World Hotel like credit card (master card or visa card), e-banking, at the counter, tokens or world card into machines.

Another category of the supplementary services and last part in product element is enhancing services that contain with the following four factors:


Consultation involves a dialog to probe customers’ requirements and then develop a solution that is suited to the needs of the customers. For example, First World Hotel provide medical consultation for people who got any illness and gym consultant give customers advices on how to use the gym equipments.


The quality of hospitality services offered by a firm can increase or decrease satisfaction with the core product so First World Hotel ensure their staff treat every customer as guest. They provided quality meals and room services for each customer. First World Hotel offers myriad Hotel Amenities and Services in Genting Highlands to suit the taste and purpose of the different customers and this factor attract many visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, restaurants over there offer a lot of dining such as Mediterranean food, sea food, Hainan food, western dishes, hawker style noodles, refreshing coffee and the places for relax tired like Starworld Café.

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The hotel offers enough spaces to conduct corporate meetings and conference that equipped with modern amenities and services. The hotel also feature business center for smooth of the business, banquet facilities with international standard, gymnasium, and other recreational facilities include tennis court, golf course, shopping arcade, casino and many others. Other Hotel Amenties and Services at hotel are car parking facilities, reception, currency exchange, laundry and many more.


Customer can fully enjoy the service provided without worry about their things at First World Hotel because they provide variety of safekeeping services. For example: caring for possessions customer bring with them, child care, security personnel, caring for good purchased(or rented) and others.


This is something that outside from the normal services delivery. There are four types of exception provided by First World Hotel:

  • Special requests in advance of service delivery – Hotel provide children’s needs and disability needs to customer. For example, toilet for disability people.
  • Handling special communications – Hotel overcoming complaint by the customers at counters and give customer suggestion. For example, customer complaint the room was unclean and untidy.
  • Problem solving – Hotel help customer resolving difficulties cause by accidents or service failure. For example, if customer injured in hotel, help them to have medical treat.
  • Restitution – refunds and compensation for the dissatisfaction customer using the services. For example, compensate for the customer who injured at theme park.


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