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The 5 needs of every customer

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What is customer service? Customer service is the skills to develop an organization to ensure that to assess their level of customer service and wish to be satisfying customer needs. Customers personal needs will change every time. This is because the procedures operation can’t be effective this cause by the customer base has change, a companies must develop new plan and strategies to meet new customer needs.

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In addition, of course, employees must be have self-empowered to make decision with the situation to benefit their customers. On the other hand, employees must have manager who to train the right person in the right jobs and make sure employees who can challenges their daily mission. Employees must provide a great attitude, and service to the customer. Try to provide excellent customer service that hope can fulfill customer needs and enhance customer appreciate in the first sight. In additional, customer service not just only provide service to customer and also using technology and current information to provide to customer service. This is because nowadays technology is part of the market; of course, information and technology combine together will give the best service. Some might need use for business that they work also, some time it will hard to determine what they are. Companies have to find out what customer concern are they?

Customer service is never ends to providing service to customers, giving the service that are enjoyable and efficient. Of course, customer service must periodically measure customer satisfaction. This is because, providers or an organization need to consider about customer request that the provider or an organization concerning to done what they need to done well and what should be improve or maintain etc. In that case, customer service often face customer in daily working. Yet, provider must concern about customer life style, their likes or dislikes etc. On the other hand, if a customer didn’t question or complaint does not mean not need to concern or to improve about.

Question 1:

Five Needs of Every Customer

To giving the best quality customer service the main point is the provider must become a better customer at first, to find out what customer really want and need to; then plan, analysis to provide to the customer. The first target the right customer, have to be aware enough to become the best customer service provider. For example write compliment or complaint letter to share what experience and opinions sending to the company, the company will absorbs and learn more from their opinion than the customer that to sharing with them.

In service industry rules, every customer has the rights and differing what they want in some of the situation. However, customers have some common expectations. The important expectation may use to vary and also depends on the type of the product or service they need to require, their common expectation are:

Service: Service is the important that influence the customer, and usually they think service is providing the level of purchase that they are making to. For example, someone who makes a small, efficient, spontaneous purchase may have a best service need that a customer who trying to makes the largest purchase in a company.

Price: Price is the costs include everything that people use to purchasing is becomes the important role part of the life. In additional, people and business often use price as their financial to become their efficiently as possible, and also price is component becomes an issue of them. But price temptation for a business to compete the price is very dangerous, yet also is the chance to learn how to avoid those useless that have to set out. On the other hand, a business should set an alternatives way to reduce the price, but to ensure that a business can add values in the product or service to make the business more competitive. This is because many product can be consider in unique are commodities. For example, a customer use to travel a local hamburger, and this hamburger restaurant can be acquired at many others locations. Which is mean, this hamburger restaurant had gain reputation and provide best service and promotion so it influence customer rather travel to local hamburger to learn some experience of the restaurant. This example makes the component of the price is important to the customer.

Quality: Mostly customer has an good expectation about the quality and durability. Business or a company knows that has a reputation for the best quality they usually won’t question too much of the product. For example, Americans less to question the product of their purchase as throws-a ways items that much. On the other hand, durable and functional products that customers need to decide to purchase for. This usually is related with the manufacture and distributors produce the product that to gain expectation experience from customer of durability. Customers won’t question the price is the manufacture or distributor had provide the high quality product.

Action: Customer will take action to ask the question if they have any problem. As the rules of service industries, everyone has a need like to be treated as a priority, which is mean, they pay they deserve to get the service benefits. On the other hand, if problems came, many companies will offer a toll-free customer assistance telephone lines, make it flexible and to return policies, to carry out the service that customer need for action. Customer which like to think that they are important priority and when they want to question or need someone it hope got someone are ready to be serve them or waiting them.

Appreciation: To improve the efficient business in a company, customers need to know that what our company can gain appreciation in their business. There for, customer service providers have to giving the best service that to gain the appreciation in many types of appropriate ways. For example, saying “Thank You” to the customer through from our words and add on the action movement is a good starting point. In additional, to provide current information to the customer, the providers better prefer customer a mailing address lists, information newsletters, special discount, courtesy, and name recognition is the good start that to show to our customer of our appreciation. The advantages of the record customer information, and email address which to let them know our company updating and any promotion need to share with them. In additional, let them know that what they have chosen to deal business in the consumer market. For example, A fast food restaurant has provide the sign and say, “We know that you could eat somewhere else; thank you for allowing to serve you.” This will cause enhance customer appreciation on our company and which have the mine that intend come back again.

Of course, customer might have expectation to show how their needs and wants should be met. Find out what their wanted to expect and exceptional in customer service. The way to gain life-long of the business!

In order to improve long lasting relationship that need to:

Become familiar with the customer and to establish or improve relationship, trusting with them.

Try to ask what customer expectations are and what they hope for.

Follow up what they expect and plan to exceed or to fulfill them possible.

Be honest, willing and courteous when serving a customer.


On the above is mention about that how is customer service provider had provided the best service. Interpersonal and attitude is very important, don’t show off about emotion mood to the customer in each situation when facing customer. Improve trust and relation to the customer, to gain reputation from the company, and hope they will return. Once if receive a complaint letter, the experience provider should be explain a positive experience and offered some of the positive treatment etc. Giving them the current details, including specific name, dates etc.

Customer service yet also need to concern about the five types of customer needs not only service but also need to concern about price, quality, action and appreciation. Best service can lead customer return again and improve company reputation and trust also being included. Price, related with the facilities had earned in a company, thus, good price that included best service. For example, a 3 star hotel compare with a 6 star hotel, both of the prices extremely difference; but the service of course is 6 star hotels better than 3 star hotels. Quality is base on the product, if the product is make by high quality material, customer usually won’t question about the product and will willing to pay for the product.

The last is appreciate, a successful business can be gain customer appreciate. Giving them the best service and product to impress them, wish they will return. Giving them the first good service sight in a business, of course this will be include a provider service, information and any details that customer request for; improve customer relation and gain their trust.

Question 2:

All customers have their own unique sets of expectations. Expectations may be positive or negative. Organizations must periodically attempt to determine what their customers expect from their customer experience. In a group, list and explain in details the top five expectations that customers would have of the following organizations;

5 star hotel

International Fast Food Chain

Travel and tours company


This question that to study about and to investigate the issue from business travelers from asking them their respond of their expectation and dissatisfaction within in a open question instead of rating directly.

At first the need to be aim is:

Try to lean about expectations and past dissatisfaction of difference segment, which to be provide alternative sight for customizing hotel offers

Investigate and finding what report that need to correct or not.

Above the point is study to investigate expectations, dissatisfaction from staying at hotels that rating difference star in categories.

Question 2:

The positive way of 5 star hotels:

Usually a business travel will use to concern the hotel that, “did the hotel have a lot of experience within in a 5 star hotel”, “what they do expect from the 5 star hotels. This question had given hotels a star grading to improve their management and facilities that they had to be done. Usually they respond will allowed stating as many factors as they want to. For example, after the work had finished, the list of statement had categorized. Such like the sign, cleanliness had statement like hygiene. This category had use with the following distribution.

A top five hotels expectation had mention about cleanliness of the most respondents; this is because got half percent that the respond is include the cleanliness. On the other hand, the respond also had included the friendless, which is mean employees showing that they really willing to serve and face with a friendly smile.

Good food, such like the quality of the food are providing by the hotel, hygiene is very important and television set, refrigerator in the room, laundry and service etc.

Location of the hotel is important with a hotel industry, for example location is convenience around the hotels, such like transport, mall, restaurant etc.

Good value for money, receptionist must give the current rating to the foreigner’ in case they need to change the currency etc.

In additional, hotel appearance is the first movement that to attract customer, giving them the “first sight” is the most important way. Facilities and environment must let customer feels like enjoying. Make them feels like there were in their own home.

A good service is part of the role in the hotels, especially front desk staff they might be often face customer in every single day. Front desk staff must improve relationship with the customer and try to fulfill their needs.

Dissatisfaction in the 5 star hotels:

They might be having some problem that also rate with a dissatisfaction even in a 5 star hotel. Usually this problem had cause with a staff personally or some reason of the poor management of the hotels etc.

There have some of the reason that a hotel lack of cleanliness, customer will thinking because they pay to me relax and enjoy the environment; thus, the respond to that hotel given by the touch issue of lack of hygiene and cleanliness.

Appearance within the room design and setup, personnel and service are lack of the experience. And yet both of the location and the price are not suit the factors of dissatisfaction this is because it cause inconvenience service, transport within the area. On the other hand, cleanliness and noise problem are most often that mention by the guest staying in the hotel. The basic needs bed and foods are the most often.

In additional, some of the customer does not like the environment was too noisy, because it will annoy them to relax or in a private place. Poor service or food is too expensive etc is including.

The expectation of the International Fast Food Chain:

The most famous Fast Food Chain industry which can be Burger King, this cause Burger King appears to sales the healthy eating to the customer. Burger Kings is the largest hamburger vendor, and the sale had sold in others part of the world. Burger King does not include any service that given, but they provide the convenience fast-food service to the customer needs.

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In British operations industry says, which the chain can due to perceptions in food-borne illness and increase competition from sandwich, bakeries and other new healthier options which to be concern. For example, they request no longer using the salt in French fries in the chain business. On the other hand, such like the children menu includes milk and apples or grapes to be consider.

In additional, Burger King had offer with some of the new chicken and fish offerings and also add on the breakfast product line etc had provide.

The dissatisfaction in the international Fast Food chain:

Although Burger Kings had concern about health in the menu but their menu list usually is more on fries, salt, fats and calories in the products. The result and include some negatives attention due the amount of unhealthy fats and trans-fats in the items; on the other hand, Burger Kings get warnings because of the package explained the dangers of trans-fat and the level of trans-fats contained. Thus, Burger King force to move to Federal courts and have to dismiss.

Some customer may not satisfy because of self-service even in the fast food chain. It because some customer think, their pay money they might have gain some service during the meals and Poor service etc.

The expectation of Travel and Tours Company:

Travel and Tours Company had provided service for inbound, outbound and domestic travels. The best way success for the company is because that many companies improve the value in professionalism, creativity and competitiveness.

A travel company had created are resources that the company and operates with a difference model and capacity. The resource had included the reservation team is equipped with online booking system and provides 24 hour service.

Their best ways of expertise of the travel company those provide the style that they giving a good suggestion without being asked. Travel customer service had giving the creative, friendly and attentive service, and yet also provides the delivery product them to enhance customer expectation. They major holiday travel package or business for purpose, package will add on seat-in-vehicle or private transfer & tours, or personalized VIP service in the arrangement provide. This tour package can provide for every discerning individual travel need.

If for leisure travel groups, with this leisure and hotel are close link to each other, both of them had share the wealth of experience in luxury, budget, educational, sport and other specialist tours.

Today in this service business, efficiency and quality are essential now had being include; with this two facilities will help to extend the supplier network. Travel Company will get the chance to meets more about customer needs and offers excellent value for money.

The dissatisfaction of Travel and Tours Company:

The reason that customer dissatisfies for the rating include, a company does not provide sufficient information to determine how long that the business are operating, or company does not build sufficient background information in the business; lack to respond or modify the respond of the complaint in the business. Employees didn’t not fulfill customer needs or request, never double check the list that customer wanted. Travel & Service Club offers lack of the facilities, Hotel, Motels, others leisure service and facilities.


This question investigates the issue of the hotels important in the business travelers by asking them about their expectation and dissatisfaction such like a comment card. Hotel try to collect those comment card or customer direct respond in order to modify or to be able control for their expectation result. To be a successful business in the industry, concern about the factor such like cleanliness in the important part in a hotel. No matter how important to be seen from the expectations or dissatisfaction. Employees’ friendliness and the good food also list on the customer responds or in the comment card. On the other hand, Good value for money usually is expected from more in low hotel categories, price dissatisfaction are more often in higher hotel categories.

Burger King is the international fast food chain in globalization business. Burger Kings provide fast food service and giving the more difference type of food to customer and also had attracted children and adult when to the restaurant. But the fast food material had added more fried cheese in the food list. It cause some of the customer complaint that the food were too fat, not good for their children; poor service include because fast food service usually apply with self-service, customer may not really satisfy cause if non-service during they having meal. But yet, fast food service such like McDonald is the successful business in globalization, although is self-service but still attracts and gain customer trust and return guest.

If a travel, tour company need to change their priority business that may have to improve customer satisfaction, organization has to enhance initiative, direction and guidance must came from the strong management and work. Improve customer relation that wish to run a business successful that can be reinforced. Reinforce your personalize services and the products services and make sure communicate clearly and respond quickly, be approachable and courteous to every customer, make sure that must deliver and promise what had promise to customer. Get feedback or respond to improve the business. This is because feedback from customer is the best way to learn how a customer to improve our service, survey, question and comment cards improve some techniques. A company may try to hiring a customer that to train them more friendly, and train them to gain more customers service and modify customer satisfaction to their organization.


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