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Food and beverage sector in the consumption service

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The service consists of four categories which are people processing (direct at a customer), possession processing (direct at customers’ physical possessions), mental stimulus processing (direct at people’s mind), and information processing (use technology direct at a customer’s assets). The people and possession processing are based on tangible service while the mental stimulus and information processing are based on intangible service.

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In this assignment we choose the food and beverage sector in the service consumption which is based on people processing service. This is a common sector on worldwide. It is the daily routine and needs for everyone. In this sector, different people have different tastes of food, so it will split into different food and beverage sector such as Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and other foods form different countries. As a customer, we have three-stage model of service consumption in buying and using a service of our choice, which are pre-purchase stage, service encounter, and post-purchase stage.

The Secret Sanctuary is the restaurant that we are chosen. It not just provided the food and beverage service, it also provide the accommodation service. Actually, it is called Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage Kuching and created by Cyril Lim. The Secret Sanctuary is a unique boutique cottage located inside Taman Stutong Indah at Jalan Setia Raja (JG blogs 2009). It is like Minangkabau or Padang style house and exotic garden. The Secret Sanctuary is a peaceful garden because it provides a great place for a quiet retreat to get away from the hectic busy city life (JG blogs 2009). This place is for customers to find inner peace, creativity, beauty, love and truth (Travel Borneo Blog 2010). The Secret Sanctuary classifies as a three star hotel, that provides room service, restaurant service, and facilities available service which is waterfall pool, Jacuzzi, stream room, fish spa, open air hot tub, garden shower, gym, Wi-Fi access, and BBQ. For the facilities available service, they just provide to those customer who wish to pay RM30 per person (RM15 per children) for the charged of use the facilities available (Cyril 2010). The Secret Sanctuary provides the restaurant service to the guests and also the outsider customers. The foods of its restaurant are based on western foods.


Pre-purchase stage

The pre-purchase is first stage model of service consumption. Pre-purchase is defined as a series of information acquires according to consumer-specific decision making evaluation, which recognize salient information from different resources depending on situation (Hoffman, 1998). Pre-purchase can also being defined as customer decision on their initial decision making pertaining to their purchase of a product or service that being reflected by their underlying needs (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004).

At pre-purchase stage, we start to be aware of our needs and wants. Such awareness of our needs and wants enable further consideration into the decision making process in later stage, service encounter. It also enables a further implementation of information search and alternative evaluation in pre purchase stage. We awareness needs a restaurant for our friendship reunion and we wants provide the western food and beverage services. This tangible service is based on people processing that provide service directed at the customer.

Under information search stage, it plays a relative important role in defining our needs and wants as discussed earlier. When we decide what to the service needed, we will seek for information prior our consumption. Such information search can either be active or passive, depending on the level of involvement and perceived risk associated to the search of information. Active and passive information search normally provided by family, friends, colleagues, advertisement, mass media or organization. For our information search, that is provided by our friends. In addition, information search can also come from both internal and external sources. For example of internal information search are personal preferences and self involvement. Oppositely, external information search such as internet, catalog, and advertisement. Such purchase of service is considered limited decision making mainly because consumers unlikely will purchase such service on the daily basis. This also define the level of low involvement consumer have on purchasing such service. We information search also come from internet search and Privilege Book which can provide our restaurant’s information and the environment.

Apart from information search and awareness of our needs in consumption service, at pre-purchase stage, we also do alternatives search. Such alternative search enables us to have more choices on our consumption. When we from information search, we have three alternative choices which are Tray Cafe, Secret Sanctuary, and Friends n Family. At this stage, we are concern on our choices between different service provided by both Secret Sanctuary and its competitors which are Tray Cafe and Friends n Family. We not only evaluate the service provided by Secret Sanctuary, but also similar service provided by other competing service providers. Tray Cafe is a memories restaurant that they provide a wall to let customers write down their comments and inside the restaurant’s memories. But the Tray Cafe does not have a seat to provide a group customers seat on together. However, the Friends n Family is an ordinary western food restaurant and they provide less choice of the food and beverage. As for Secret Sanctuary, it not just a restaurant, it also is a unique Boutique Cottage. The Secret Sanctuary has a graceful environment provide to customers. It can provide a seat like a peaceful garden for our friendship reunion. For our decision making, we are discussing on Facebook and compare the entire three restaurants. After discussion, we are decide to choose the Secret Sanctuary because its service and environment provide be close to our needs

Service encounter

After making a pre-purchase decision, we will consume a service encounter of the Secret Sanctuary. A service encounter is a period of time during the customer interacts directly with a service provider. Secret Sanctuary is providing us the tangible service (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004).

The service encounters as ‘moment of truth’ which is metaphor by Richard Normann. The point of Normann is a service organization’s life of the relationship that is at stake on building long-term relationships with their customers (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004). The Secret Sanctuary is our decision for friendship reunion place. The Secret Sanctuary is our decision for friendship reunion place. We requests from them to provide the food and beverage service and the happy environment possess a peaceful sanctuary for away from the hectic busy city life and also providing a memorable reunion for us.

Throughout service delivery between customers and organization that consists of different level of services which is high-contact services and low-contact services. Most of the restaurants are focuses on customer’s service rather than inanimate objects (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004). But, Secret Sanctuary is focuses on customer’s service and also the exterior and interior of its building, equipment, physical facilities and furnishing. Secret Sanctuary not only a restaurant, it also is a boutique cottage. It provide a garden style home-stay, is a great place for us because we does not feel the hectic busy city life but a peaceful garden. It is providing high-contact service on their environment and the facilities to their customers. For their low-contact service as customers undertake the self-service on beverage and take order.

To conceptualize the service factory as a system that integrated marketing, operations, and customers themselves. It is known as the servuction system which is combining the terms service and production. This conceptual framework to embrace three overlapping elements, there are service operations, service delivery and service marketing system (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004).

The service operations can be divided into those relating to the service provider and those relating to the tangible services such as equipment and physical facilities (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004). The Secret Sanctuary is satisfied our requirement because it provides us a graceful and freedom environment (high-contact service). In Secret Sanctuary, we needs to go their bar counter and take an order by self (low-contact service).

Service delivery is concerned with the process of delivery between the product service and customer (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004). During the service delivery, the customer will start evaluating the quality of service they are receiving and deciding whether its services meet their expectation. The Secret Sanctuary is a restaurant to provide the western foods. For their restaurant services, they does no provide the service delivery on beverage which is undertake our self-service from their bar counter. But, they were providing the food delivery service on customer seat. In addition, they have prepare a book in the bar counter which is for customer to write down their feeling of the Secret Sanctuary and leave down the contact number, so they can inform them to come their event together.

The service marketing system of Secret Sanctuary is a full-service of accommodation and restaurant. The Secret Sanctuary is providing the best facilities to attract customer such as waterfall pool, fish spa, BBQ, and Wi-Fi access. Additional service encounter, they are through their sites to introduce their services and also provide the map of their place.

Post-purchase stage

After service encounter, we then enter the post-purchase phase. During the post purchase stage, we will evaluate the service performance that we have received and compare it with our prior expectations (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004).

Post purchase produce satisfaction and loyalty, which are aim of most marketing strategies. The product is evaluated to dissatisfaction or satisfaction. If it is dissatisfaction, customer may produce complaints. The complaints must be handling properly to reserve dissatisfaction. If it is satisfaction, loyalty may perform and the customer is committed to the service.

Comparison of the Secret Sanctuary’s service performance with our received and prior expectations, it satisfied our prior expectations. Whatever it is expensive than Tray Cafe and Friends n Family, but it provide us the foods service with the best behavior of their employees, comfortable and graceful environment. Therefore, we are satisfaction its employees’ service behavior and the environment provided.

Post purchase dissonance is a doubt or anxiety about the correctness of one’s decision after a purchase has been made (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004). Customer’s satisfaction is a purpose of the proximity between the customer’s expectations and the service’s perceived performance. If the performance is below the customer’s expectations, then the customer will be dissatisfied and will suffer the consequences resulting from the mismatch. Dissatisfied customers will reduce the cognitive dissonance and customer will exhibits risk-reducing behavior. Although the Secret Sanctuary satisfied our expectations, but if we were go frequently that prices provide is expensive for us. So, we will loyal in occasionally.

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Customers may attempt to modify the facts of the purchase scenario, mostly by reducing the proposed price paid for the goods when it meets dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction is the feeling experienced by a customer whose expectations have not been met by a service. However, the purchase has resulted in complete dissatisfaction and goods returning are not probable, this strategy is to hide the good away in an attempt to forget about the purchase. On the other hand, word-of-mouth (WOM) plays an important role in the advertising. Word-of-mouth is used to reduce the cognitive dissonance following a major purchase decision. Nevertheless, word-of-mouth serves functions of ego defense otherwise as a means of enhancing the status of the information giver, as well as dissonance reduction.

Purchase satisfaction is the ultimate goal of marketing. It results when perceptions of product performance match expectations that are at, or above, the minimum desired performance level (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004). It happens when the purchase expectations are fulfilled; there is a tendency for customers to repurchase and loyalty to the services. Repeat purchase is a pattern of customer behavior that involves the purchase of the same product or services over time (Lovelock & Wirtz 2004).

However, consumers develop certain expectations about the ability of a product to fulfill instrumental and symbolic needs. If the services meet the needs, satisfaction is likely to result. In the other round, if the expectations are not meet, dissatisfaction is being experiences.

In this case, we are satisfied about the services provided by Secret Sanctuary. Secret Sanctuary provided us the delicious food and a garden style home-stay for our reunion. In addition, it is a great place for a quiet retreat to get away from our hectic busy city life, so, it let us enjoyed and relax for our reunion on this place (Travel Borneo Blog 2010). The owner of Secret Sanctuary (Cyril Lim) ever said that, ‘this little cottage is also for those who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of this hidden island paradise. This place will give an ambience of local culture as well as Zen living all under one roof (Travel Borneo Blog 2010).’ While in our future intention, we cannot go there frequently. Our reason is although the Secret Sanctuary provides us the satisfaction services but their price of food and beverage are expensive, so, we do not have ability to go there frequently. However, we will go there occasionally.


As a result of overall performance, we should through the three-stage model of service consumption before buying or using the service of our choice. When we decide our event, we start to be aware of our needs and wants. For we awareness our needs and wants, we enable a further implementation of information search and alternative evaluation in pre-purchase stage. After that, we enable consideration into decision making process in later stage, service encounter. During the service encounter, we will request service from our chosen supplier and service delivery. After service encounter, the customers then enter the post-purchase phase. At post-purchase stage, customers evaluate the service performance they have received and compare it with their prior expectations. Finally, the customers will make a future intentions whether they loyalty or disloyalty on their chosen supplier.

As a conclusion of Secret Sanctuary, it is a unique boutique cottage for accommodation and restaurant business. It provides the service of our needs and wants. Secret Sanctuary let us to enjoy the sights and sounds of this hidden island paradise for our reunion (Travel Borneo Blog 2010). We are satisfaction about their delicious food (western food) and its building style. In future intention, we were going there occasionally because the price of food is expensive and we do not have ability to go frequently.


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