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Globally United Way Analysis - SWOT and PEST

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Client Briefing of United Way


Globally United Way was founded in 1887 in Denver, Colorado in the USA. It is a non-profit organization founded by five people a Denver woman, a priest, two ministers and a rabbi to distinguished the welfare problems and get suitable actions in their city. They assembled to get solutions of problems and connected with welfare societies and make organization to collect funds for local charities and coordinate wellbeing services. United way doing works on providing caring power and create better lifestyle for people.

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In 1986, United Way WA was established twenty eight years ago by a group of Perth businessmen in Western Australia Inc to growing requirements of society and increasing charitable requests. They developed a 12 months pilot program in July 1988 they begun full operation of United Way. The United Way do struggle for providing better opportunities to improve the lives of societies by fulfill their basic needs so they mainly concentrate on three fields EDUCATION, HEALTH and INCOME because these three fields play an important role in society. Quality education helps the youth to achieve good knowledge and skills so students will get suitable jobs and enough income for fulfill the basic needs of their families. United Way WA also created so many activities in Health sector, they works to improve health services by caring to individuals and organizations(“A 50-Year History of United Way and Toronto-the-Giving; the City’s Needs and Generosity Have Both Grown over the Decades” 2007).


Community Engagement– United way WA has more focus on corporate social responsibilities towards the society so they involved in communities to find and understand the problems of community and take appropriate steps to solve these problems and provide help to community.

Customer relations Management– United Way create relationships with their customers and they always concern about the demands of their customers then they fulfill the needs of people and helping families and individuals become financially stable and independent.

Unique position for philanthropy– United Way wants to involve in particular social activities of Western Australia. In this way they do works to improve health and welfare services to give better lives of society. They make better lives with solving social problems and advance the career of people of society and individual(Anonymous 2011).


Corporate Donations – Corporate Partner organizations make important annual lump sum donations.

Workplace Giving – an licensed Australian Tax Office program where employees make a donations from their pay and receive an immediate tax deduction.

Corporate volunteering – a program where teams of employees from our corporate partners volunteer for a specific project at a local community organization such as painting, gardening or mentoring.

Other ways to collect money for United Way:

They are store some other events such as casual dress Fridays, Football competitions, Easter food hampers and adopting and funding special projects in the workplace.

These Sponsorship Agreements provide funding to projects from origin to end. United Way has the reputation, resources and relationships on a worldwide scale so it is not simple to handle such a largest privately funded non -profit organization because of this the partners and sponsors of United Way contribute their ideas, skills and volunteering power more than money in the projects(Smith 2005).


United Way WA enhance their activities in education, income and health for individuals and society but they do not handle these three areas alone so they have 2.6 million volunteers and 9.6 million donors for creating and improving the lives of communities. They bring changes to make societies better.

Corporate connect – (Team volunteering)

In the team volunteering they make small groups up to twenty people to handle the projects from origin to end they collect the information about the needs of societies then they safely improving and fulfill the basic needs of societies.

Education volunteering

They provide education to children of communities and children have the opportunity to reach their potential with quality education. It is improving the literacy rate and volunteer opportunity. They works in groups who are agree to spend one hour, one day or one year during school. They enroll in those activities who supporting to the children in reading, coaching, and create a differences and make strong decisions in their lives.

Skilled volunteering

They put their good efforts, knowledge, talent and skills to improve the communities and increasing the capacity of people for better results.


  • Give
  • Volunteer
  • Advocate

Give -This means donate something to open your heart in United Way WA. By providing some part of earning to fulfill the needs of common people and make a wellbeing community. There are easy ways to give some money to organization, people can directly transfer money from their earning to United Way it will be tax free and they will be give regular updating of money where and when it is used.

Volunteer – United Way WA provide volunteering to people because anyone put their skills and knowledge to improve the lives of community. They have a opportunity works in groups, who spend their time to help and improve the communities.

Advocate– United Way has lots of programs for improving the community through their supporter’s skills, knowledge, talent and experience and they provide better lives to society(Jean C 1986).


  • In Western Australia United Way existence some twenty eight years ago, concerned about needs of society and increased charitable requests, In west Australia it is established in 1986 by a group of Perth businessman they develop a 12 months pilot program then begun full operations of United Way in July 1988 and to supply more than $16 million everywhere in Western Australia.
  • United Way performs at a National level – They have large networks toward Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Ballarat, Glenelg, Central Coast, Perth and South Australia. They hold over 3400 volunteer who invest $6million in the community project in the country for improving the lives of 18,000 Australians.
  • United Way perform at a International level – This organization established 125 years ago in Denver, Colorado in the USA by five people a Denver woman, a Priest, two ministers and a rabbi to identify the welfare problems and take cooperation actions to solve these problems in their city. They got together plan the first united campaign for ten health and welfare agencies and make organization to get funds for local charities for coordinating wellbeing services.
  • Denver created a movement by increased $21,700 and spread over the country to become a United Way in that year. United Way concentrated on to assemble the caring powers of societies and create a difference in lives of people.
  • Nowadays United Way spread in forty-one countries and territories, they increase $5 billion in a year for local communities nearly by 1800 communties.


To enhance the lives of societies in Western Australia they take care of all aspects of life by mobilizing and take good steps to provide better lives of societies.

Energize and inspire people to make a difference;

Provide meaningful opportunities to individuals to realize their potential;

Increase investments in our community by expanding and diversifying our own resource and fundraising efforts and supporting those of others;

Ensure our investments have recognizable impact;

Strengthen the United Way movement and Brand at the local and national levels.


Demonstrate trust, integrity, transparency, inclusivity and respect;

Measure, communicate and learn from the impacts of our efforts;

Endorse innovation, partnerships and collective action;

Encourage and promote volunteerism and volunteer leadership; and

Embrace diversity(Gracie Bonds 2008).


These all are major issues faces by non-profit organization in 2012.They have lots of difficulties with business structure. First of all, Economic Unrest- After the 2008 people are not willing to donate money in the non-profit organization in this way they lose their funds but the needs of services raised, it is big issue resource problem in economy.

Leadership Succession- Non-profit organization has intelligent leaders for participating in the growth of sector annually, but some of the leaders find a difficulty to make a plan for strategy of business to improve the welfare programs because of this they do not get success in their plans.

Change Management- Most of the non-profit organizations face this big challenge in their business, because they change their structure of business such as selecting members of board, using volunteers, remain with their resources.


Losing Donor: It is an important part of United Way’s programs so they are not concentrate on their business structure in this way they lose their donors day by day.

Strategic philanthropy: Most of the Companies moving to “strategic philanthropy” approach.

Overreliance on Old economy business: United Way mostly dependent on old economies business in this way they do not follow advance techniques to handle their business.

Large trust gap: In this business has a large trust gaps toward age groups in this way they faces some challenges in their business because they have different age groups of employees and they do not pay well attention on their works.

Low public trust: They have low public trust compared to other large non-profit organizations it is one of the important reasons go their business down. (Beatty 2007).


SWOT is known for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in the organizations

SWOT of United Way WA

Strengths– Strengths always give ability to achieve the organization’s mission. It can be perceptible and imperceptible. Funding is strength of United Way. It is a Public Ancillary Fund – include DGR Item 2 Status. These funds are links between donors and organizations, who can receive tax deductible donations as deductible gift recipients (DGRs). Ancillary funds are two types-private ancillary funds and public ancillary funds.

Weaknesses- Weaknesses are the properties that prevent the organizations from their achievements of mission and full potential. Weaknesses are presents in United Way like 20% of children are not preparing to go school in their early year, other weakness is “Homeless Coalition” means there are lack of permanent place of residence in the organization.

Opportunities– Opportunities are defined by the environment and works of organization. United Way have so many opportunities such as grant, exemptions and tax deductions, these all collect by donors and government.

Threats– Threats are difficult condition of united way because this will affect the economy of business such as funds, donations and charities. It happens when external environment conditions threat the profit of organization.


Pestle analysis gives the information of whole situation of business .It includes political, social, economic, technical, and legal and environment factors.

Political factor– This factor effect the economy of non-profit organization because it’s find out that areas which effected by government such as new tax and duty which change the whole revenue structure of organization, these includes tax policies, fiscal policy, trade tariffs.

Economic factor– This factor identify the economic performance of non-profit organization, this includes inflation rate, interest rate, foreign exchange rates, demand and supply and economic growth. United way concentrate on their strategy of business they work with their economic factor for providing opportunities to community.

Social factor– This factor identify the social conditions of the market like cultural trends, demographics and population. United way works with the different communities to fulfill their needs.

Technological factor– In this factor non-profit organization influence by inventions of technology. United way follows the innovative techniques to enhance their skills and experience in the business.

Legal factor-This factor affect the business from both external and internal sides, it affect the certain policies and certain laws. In this way United Way WA concern about these laws- consumer laws, labor laws and safety standards because they take- care the whole business.

Environmental factor-All the organizations affect by their surrounding environment. United way uses their resources carefully to fulfill the basic needs of people of society and also they think about location of business in the suitable areas which prevent the environment clean(“Pestle Analysis Vital for Strategic Decision Making [Column]” 2015) .

CONCLUSION– United Way works very well in the society it is a non- profit organization so they fulfill the needs of society with donations, funds and charities.


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