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Happy Dent chewing gum

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There are many players in the confectionary mart which include HLL, perfetti India , Nestle India and Joyco Innovation at all spheres is the key to stay ahead of competition. Our constant effort is to continuously innovate and we have successfully done so in products (Center Shock, Alpenliebe Swirl candies, Happydent Gum, etc, etc) , in promotions ( Big Babol redemption contests, Cofitos Click Card promotion etc., etc) and also in our distribution system. the chewing gum I have selected is Happy Dent chewing gum and the advertisment or commercial selected is ” Muskura Le Jagmaga Le”.Well in the commercial they are into exaggerted copies, with melodrama and hype spicing up and rightfully so as they are selling a product of the low involvement category.This new one is set in eastman colour, a palace and the Raja and Rani’s in frame, the trappings of royality.A guywhose cycle gets off road in the centre of a bridge and he runs and runs over the fences, climbing locked gates,runs and runs through long winding corridors, passing massive doors, a tennis court where the ranis are playing, a magnificient ball room where a slow dance is going on.with amazing sufi music with the jingle (tere man roshan mere man roshan, Prasoon Joshi wrote the lyrics. The commercial won the national award for the best commercial as well.

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Happydent White ‘Muskura Le Jagmaga Le’ commercial Reviews

Hats off to the Mccann -Erickson guys -Prasoon joshi for amazing visualisation and daring execution.. Ram Madhvani for making the film ..it is no small job..for Shantanu moitra for the background score…wonderful sufiyana stuff.,for Kailash Kher, Pranav Biswas, Shantanu Moitra and Prasoon Joshi for singing it.Hope we had more ads that could evoke such recall in the TG .


No great startegy is used in this add but in this add they have shown the power of happydent in light that how much teeth gets shine after eating a happy dent. and they gave the name to the add mukura le jagmaga le to attract those people who dont have so much clean and refresh teeth that they can laugh openly in front of any one.thats why they used the old time for this ad. According to Technopak advi-sors Ltd., the oral care market in India is estimated to be close to Rs 4,000 crores of which the largest

contributor is the toothpaste seg- ment accounting for approximately 75 percent of the total market in India. The toothpaste market is es- timated at Rs 2,866 crores and is expected to reach Rs 3,226 crores by 2012. The toothpowder market, valued at Rs 497 crores, on the otherhand, is expected to drop to Rs 458 crores by 2012. The mouthwash market – an infant product segment for now — is valued at Rs 74 crores and is expected to reach Rs 89 crores by 2012.The toothbrush market is valued at 539 crores.The main strategy behind it is to capture the market of tooth paste also.


Practically all of rural India pre- fers cleaning their teeth with tradi- tional products such as neem twigs, salt, ash, tobacco or other herbal in- gredients, contributing to a low per- capita consumption of branded oral care products. according to WHO, India’s overall awareness of oral hygiene is still very poor. The dentist- to-population ratio is 1:35,000 in comparison to 1:7,500 as recom- mended by the WhO. But with burgeoning middle class and multi- pronged advertising campaigns, there is now a latent demand for the formal oral care products and this is set to rise exponentially in the com- ing years. Growth is also likely to emanate from consumers ‘upgrad- ing’ to matured, value-added and innovative products in this category.

Of late, growth of modern trade has also propelled brand sales, especially in the urban marktes.In India, toothpowder was pri- marily targeted at people who used traditional products like salt, neem twigs and other herbal products. Brands like Colgate, Dabur, Babool, Vicco are the prominent players in the toothpowder market in India. Over the past decade it has be- come evident that growth opportunities really lie in the rising demand for toothpaste as the toothpowder is beginning to show a phase of de- cline, as more and more consumers are switching from powders to pastes. according to amit Burman, vice chairman, Dabur India Ltd, the toothpowder market is growing slowly and has been largely stagnant, whereas the market for toothpastes has been witnessing strong double- digit growth, largely driven by a consumer shift in rural markets from toothpowders to toothpastes.

Unlike in western countries, the market for new-age oral care products such as mouth freshening wash es, dental flosses and teeth whitening products are at a nascent stage in In- dia. The limited use of these products is also for now restricted to urban ar- eas only. “The market for specialised cleaning products and mouthwashes has remained a slow grower, with a bulk of the market still controlled by regular value-added toothpastes,”

says Burman. One reason for the sluggish growth could be the fact that mouthwash in India is perceived more as a product for therapeutic rather than daily and cosmetic use. Listerine dominates the OTC mouthwash category, while Be-adine, Clohex and hexidine are the major brands among the medically prescribed products.


In this add a chewing gum is shown as which can be used in place of a tooth paste in place of a mouth freshner. Because this add is based on the old time of Raja and Rani. when there was no lights and all. when Raja sits to eat meal person chewing happy dent white and his teeths start sparkling so much that is puts light on the table then in place of every equipement which produce light there was a human being and when the light was needed person starts chewing gum.


Happy Dent white company covered all the three products in one product,

Tooth paste

Mouth freshner

Chewing Gum

In the beginning the commercial to create the interest of the consumer they show a person who was running some where after seeing the persons on car instead of Head Lights, this was like something very attactive and catchy to the customers and the lyrics added flavour to the advertisement.


In this commercial all the segment of customers are attracted because they have shown three qualities in one chewing gum Perfetti Van Melle India (Happydent White). Happydent White is a coated functional gum available in Peppermint and Fruit flavours with special ayurvedic recipe. The brand’s positioning is that ‘chewing happydent White can give you a sparkling smile’. happydent White offers two sugar free variants — Protex happy- dent and happydent White Xylit.

Brand: Happy Dent White

Product: Happydent WaveTooth Whitening Gum

Medium: TVC

Agency: McCann Erickson

Creative team: Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman, McCann Erickson India, and regional executive creative director, Asia Pacific, McCann Erickson

Production House: Black Magic, directed by Abhijit Chaudhari

Post production: Reynold and Nikhil of Pixion.


The film shows a shepherd searching for his lost flock of sheep. He comes across a lorry which has crashed and HappyDent Wave which comprised its cargo has been spilt all over. A herd of passing elephants tramples on the cargo, creating bursts of the toothwhitening liquid contained in the HappyDent Wave and this becomes a river, the elephants play in this river. It becomes night and the herd of elephants emerge, their tusks glowing bright thanks to the HappyDent they soaked them in. Villagers watching the forest light up in the distance say sadly that the village has yet to get electricity but ‘Jungal mein mangal ho rahan hain.”

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Behind the scenes:

The film was inspired by folk lore of elephants playing in water according to Joshi. The film was shot in Kerala over a period of three days. Folk music was used as the background score, apt as the setting of the film is very rural. The films used a real location with a jungle and a lake and constructed the village. The shot of the elephants tusks gleaming like tubelights have been worked on in post production. The number of elephants were also multiplied to crePrasoon Joshi, executive chairman, McCann Worldgroup India, and regional creative director, McCann Asia, created the highly exaggerated Happydent campaign to re-create the brand promise of sparkling teeth, the category was looking for something just as outrageous to spur the confectionary purchase.

Before the ad, consumers tended to confuse brand Happydent with rival Orbit. Effective advertising pushed Happydent to top of the mind recall in the category. Orbit was forced to change its communication from being a teeth whitening chewing gum to a gum with benefits like tooth decay prevention.

Namita Gupta, product head, Perfetti India, says, “Communication should be a mix of creative and effective advertising. Its pointless if our campaign is great, but we are not able to sell our products.”

The new variant of the Happydent campaign looses on the novelty factor. The new ad for HappyDent Wave pales in comparison, which features a herd of elephants that stomp through several cartons of the gel-filled variant only to end up with tusks that flicker like tube lights.ate the feel of a large herd.


This is the latest commercial from Happydent after the two earlier films which set the benchmark for films that went again the grain for the product category. The first film was the photostudio film which had the assistant pop in a Happy Dent chewing gum before every shot for a flash, the second had a palace and a city, illuminated by folks grinning from ear to ear. The premise for the previous films was Muskurale Jagmagale, while the new improved premise is Daaton tale, diya jale. The product is a brand variant and not the Mother Brand which necessitated a new TVC.

I would buy a Happydent today…the recall is so much… Happydent: An Elephantine effort for sparkling teeth Happydent is at it again

. After the ‘photo studio’ film, and the globally acclaimed ‘Palace’ commercial, the brand has just unveiled a commercial for one of its new variants – Happydent Wave. In the wake of the brand promise of Muskurale, jagmagale… for Happydent White in 2007, Happydent Wave comes with the somewhat poetic promise of Daaton tale, diya jale.

The film, conceived by McCann Erickson, opens on a shepherd looking for his lost sheep. He comes across a herd of elephants that has found a toppled lorry full of Happydent Wave. As the elephants step on the gum, there are splashes of water, which gradually turn into a river in which the elephants swim and play. At nightfall, the elephants’ tusks suddenly start shining bright, lighting up the jungle. The film ends with a few old men sitting in the darkness and quipping sarcastically, “Jangal mein mangal ho raha hai, par gaon mein toh bijli aayi hi nahin bhaiya!” (There is no light in the village, while the jungle is shining bright.)




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