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How to ensure that the audience gets the right message

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Communication process is taught using the read write and discuss method. Begins with defining communication , identifying , the element of the process , explaining it’s Importancy. Notes to be taken direct from board to notebook. Its a sharing of ideas ,

thoughts , and feeling’s with others and having those idea , thought and feeling’s

understood by people whom we talk with. So when we communicate, we speak, listen,

and observe. Our 80 % of waking life is spent receiving and sending information.

Poor communication can waste our time and energy , and also can cause conflict

among people.

Communication is the process by which people create and send symbols that are

received , deduced , and responded to by other people . A process is a series of

stages or steps during which something is transformed . People includes the sender /

speaker / source and the receiver / listener / audience. The speaker initiates the





At first we must have an understanding among the people that we chat or interview with. It’s like you must understand the question so that you can give an answer for it. Th following method is commonly used by everyone. A) leads of question. B) anticipated responses c) follow up d) anticipated responses. This way we could have a better communication with people it’s like a model that show all the factor that can affect communication and its effective if it’s the message received same as the messge send. In order for our audience to get better view of what we are trying to say, its better we follow some of the tips given by the expert.

For example question is a way to communicate. Then we indulge in the matter with

talking , speaking ,writing and with some person to listen to us is considered like an

audience or simply the person receiving the message used, try to make sense of it or

translating into meaning. And of course whatever we talk will sure get a feedback or

comment and it can be response or nonverbal reaction. Human spoken and pictures

language is describe as system of symbols. There is no border line between a language

and dialect. A variety of verbal and nonverbal means of communication exists such as

body language , eye contact , sign language , paralanguage and so on.

We can put all our learned language in our speech so that our audience can understand

us. Such as of nonverbal communication , gesture or body language is necessary. An

communication comprise 55% of body language, 38% of tone voice, 7% content of word and so called 7 % ,38 % ,55 % rules. To deliver a good speech, sometimes materials such as projector , notes , flyer , and other sort of useful leaflet can be also shown to make the audience to understand better. Communication is often refered as social interaction and it need two interacting agents to share a common set of signs and semiotic rules. A good delivery of good speech is necessary for the receiver to understand the purpose of the speech. Let me clear it out for you.



There are few steps in speech design process. It’s like one by one step at a time. For

some of the speeches conducted in class or for speeches that will be given in other

related situations , always start with basics of what we have and add the fine points .

1. Choose a topic

2. Make the topic easy to understand

3. Identify main goals of the message

4. Audience listen and analysis

5. Pin point your residual message

6. Try to elaborate your main points

7. Put in main frame important points

8. Discuss and find a point for the introduction and conclusion

9. Learn and practice

10. Delivery of speech

Sometimes we could defined them in a complicated manner such as ;

â- Channel of what we are going to discuss

â- Communication of what we are going to talk

â- Communication imperative

â- Context of speech

â- Feedback from audience

â- Interference from the audience

â- Interpersonal communication with the audience

â- Intrapersonal communication with audience

â- Mass media such as projector, files, pictures, etc.

â- Message of what we are going to deliver

â- Met communication

â- Person – to – group discussion and communication

â- Receiver such as the audience

â- Sender the person who give the speech

The communication process is a perfect guide toward achieving effective and smooth

communication. When given attention properly, the process usually assure the sender’s

message will be understood by the receiver easily. Although the process seems simple,

in reality is not. Certain element present themselves throughout the process that have

factors which had a negative impact on the communication process. Some element

include the use of an inappropriate medium (channel) , incorrect grammar , inflammatory

words , words that conflict with body language , and technically. Noise can also be

common element and can occur during any stage of the process. Noise essentially is

anything that distorts or distract a message by interfering with the process. Noise can also

take many forms , including a radio playing in the speech hall, another person trying to

enter your conversation , phone ringing entry of audience in the middle of speech or

any other distractions that prevent the receiver from paying attention.

•Distraction – it is hard to understand if you are distracted by something else.

•Blocks – sometimes it’s hard to communicate simply because you cannot send or receive

the message.

•Poor Skills – some people have not learned how to effectively listen, and do not

understand what you are trying to communicate.

•Attitude – communication can also be affected by a poor attitude towards the other

person, as boredom or lack of interest in the subject can be affected, try to keep the

emotions out of the way until you understand what is being communicated.

•Poor Understanding – Try to use simple words if you are communicating something

complicated, and make sure that both of you understand the context or cultural


•Lack of Feedback – if the receiver does not give feedback, the sender does not know if

the communication is effective or not; also, if the sender is not paying attention to the

feedback, the communication will not be effective.

Communication is well known for process which has several important components .Components, we can improve our own daily communication and better understanding of others. When we talk and think we are practicing meta communication. The purpose of communication is to get your message across to others clearly and effectively. This involves effort from both the sender of the message and the receiver. It’s a process that sometimes got error, with messages often misinterpreted by the recipient. When not detected , it can cause tremendous confusion , wasted effort , time and missed opportunity. Communication is only successful when the sender and the receiver understand the same information and idea of speech as a result of the communication. If you successfully get your message across , you convey your thoughts and ideas effectively . If not successful , the thoughts and ideas that you convey do not reflect your own speech , causing a communications breakdown and creating interruption that stand in the way of your goals – both personally and professionally.(Bovee&Thill,1992)


For your messages to be delivered effectively , you have to commit to breaking down

the barriers that exist in each of the stages. Start with the message itself . If it’s too

lengthy , disorganized , or contains errors , misunderstood and misinterpreted can be

expected from this. Use of poor verbal and body language can also confuse the

message and the audience. Once you understand all this , you have to work to

understand your audience’s culture , to make sure that you can converse and deliver your

messages to people of different backgrounds and cultures within your own organization

in this country and even abroad.To simplify the whole definition is that communication

is best to be summarized as transmission of a message from a sender to receiver in

understanding way and methods.


Revolution is essential for any society irrespective of business the corporation is in. One of the feature that an society must importance is in confirming whether the goods reaches the customers or the target market.

So, choosing the target viewers for the product that we aim to sell is very essential. As the product manager of Nokia Inc., I have been consigned to produce a perfect system of communications in the means of commercial to promote the soon to be launched product. The product that we plan to promote is Nokia N8 which is a mobile device that is a second generation phone in the product line of initial Nokia sharing hands.

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As the product manager, I have been given the responsibility to describe the structures that can be used to promote the new Nokia N8 which will be in the market soon. As the product manager Nokia N8 will be launched on Jun 26th , 2011 in a center of town venue that is on Time Square. Also that, extra task that was given is to produce vehicles of communication to reach the target spectators.


Question 2

As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product, explain the methods, the mediums, and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one (1) advertisement for your product. *student may decide on whatever product that they wish.


Advertising is the action, set of establishments, and processes for producing, collaborating, distributing, and switching contributions that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society. It creates the tactic that underlies sales methods, business communication, and business developments. A company doesn’t carelessly respond to customer needs and chances. A business plan which describes customers and markets to be served, challengers, and competitive strengths offers a framework from which to estimate possible opportunities. In industrial, products are purchased as raw materials and traded as finished goods. (Bovee&Thill,1992)

2.1 NOKIA N8

The Nokia N8 is, obviously, faster and more controlling than the other phone in the market, with a 250 new features that have been added. The Nokia N8,which is 113.5*12.9mm with 135g of battery weight with a 3.5″ screen which uses Microsoft latest mobile operating system (Symbian), with 16:9 NHD (640*360 pixels) AMOLED and a combination of 16.7 million color, that combines a power of a laptop with compactness of a smart phone. Nokia N8 can surf the internet with twitter, Nokia’s web browser, receive and send email messages, share photos and slideshows, watch videos on YouTube, chat with other Nokia users using Facebook (a chatting websites) and listen to music on Ovi music store.

The Nokia N8 is a touch screen hand phone and PC and is available with 5 ranges of colors and can fitted with 16GB megapixel internal memory and additional micro SD 32Gb memory card. All varieties come with Wi-Fi Internet access with software updates over the Air (FOTA) & over the internet (FOTI), with a flash Lite 4.0 and a OMA DM 1.2, OMA Client Provisioning. Phone owner can choose to browse the web can see CNN or Discover Channel live on their phone. It has 720minutes of battery life and can be charged during use. The cameras facilities in Nokia N8, the front and back facing camera with 12 megapixels with Carl Zeiss optics for a clear image viewing will be great for video chatting with your parents, or friends. And inlike pther normal phone, our N8 can be charged using a micro USB charger and plug in to your laptop. Now you can enjoy your browsing while charging your phone. (Refer to appendix)


Marketing is a form of message planned to encourage an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to buying or take some accomplishment upon products, ideas, or services. It comprises the name of a product or facility and how that merchandise or facility could be an advantage the consumer, to influence a target market to buying or to ingest that particular brand. These messages are commonly paid for by sponsors and viewed via numerous media. Promotion can also serve to connect an idea to a large number of people in an effort to prove them to take a certain action. Similarly important, begin a realistic advertising budget. By rule of thumb, it should total to three to five percent of your annual profits, although you’ll need to reflect adjusting up or down liable on the range and spending levels of your rivalry. As the product manager of a soon-to-be-launched Nokia N8, I had chosen the subsequent mediums to promote our new N8 product.

3.1 Media

In general, “media” refers to numerous means of message. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper are altered types of media. Advertising media selection is the procedure of selecting the most gainful media for advertising, to accomplish the required coverage and number of disclosures in target spectators. Ever since mass media became a main basic needs, companies have naturally used this resources of communications to let a large number of people know about their product they sells. Here, as the product manager, I had chosen on of the television medium to advertise our N8 product to the spectators. I had chosen this source of medium because, this medium, are steadfast to providing further down fire solutions to leading clients with custom publishing and marketing sales needs. Furthermore, main focus is crafty tailored marketing and publishing products to boost Nokia company brand.(Gibson,1990)


Internet commercials are an current way for businesses to aim a group of people based on place or similar tastes. Can be enjoyed at home, and at work. Most people browse the internet nowadays no matter what the time. It can done either in home, workplace or internet café. This methods permits you to produce a persona for your commercial using sounds, voices and images. Here as the product manager of the N8, I had chosen this this way as my marketing the product way. I had chosen this medium because most people will browse when they feel need to find something in the internet when they have free time. That time our N8 product will be known to all. This medium is an easy way to reach out to our target audience.

3.3 Banner and flyers

Banner and flyer publicity can be a highly effective way for the commercial to announce new goods, build your brand, and bring out the sales. This is rather of a professional medium, which is normally used in backing of campaigns using other media. It may contain the use of media space in bus station, big billboard, commercial areas and so on. Our brand name is the most important assets for us. By constructing trust with the customers, they are more likely to purchase from us, and keep coming to us for more bargain and services. It’s tough, yet, if our company is new or not widely known. Banner ads allow getting the company name and even the logo in front of the target viewers. This is one of the medium to advertise my product.

3.4 Multi Language News Paper

A newspaper ad can bring new clients into the commercial or promote a new service or product, but it can cost more than normal types of advertising mediums. Highly recognized papers are mostly read by our society in both daily and weekly basis, and reaching out to the majority of homes, office and coffee shops. By this way we can reach certain sections of the market by inserting the ads in numerous sections of the paper. Newspaper can reach out our N8 phone to the readers by reaching their home. (Gibson,1990)

3.5 Radio

Radio ad is an effective way and it target about 90% of our customer. Its because most of the time we on our radio and listen to songs aired daily by our deejays. No matter where you are or what you are doing radio makes you feel at home. You listen while at home, or driving car or even when you went for a walk. Even though it doesn’t provide clear image of what we are talking about the product but still it can create a urges to look for our product. Of course we all would like to see what the thing that they are advertising about is. It give sound and messages in a lively way to promote the product that soon to be established.


As the product manager of Nokia INC that going to launch Nokia N8, I have chosen all the above medium in state for our product advertising cause. The reasons for choosing these mediums are, as this sort of medium can easily be receive by our customers. Furthermore, customer can know more about the usage of N8 and the services that have in our new product.

Where ever they are our advertising about N8 will reach to our customer. From radio to internet, banners to flyers, our customer can get to know more about our product. Another advantage is the N8 has evidently dominated the I phone market ever since it was released. And even if a lot of manufacturers are coming up with their own version of touch screen phone , the Nokia N8 seems to be invincible. At last as the product manager of N8 as soon as possible we will reached the N8 phone using all the above mediums. Customer’s support is wants we need in order to launch our new N8. Without our loyal and respectful customer, we cannot succeed or stay active in this business line in near future.


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