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Louis Vuitton | A marketing analysis

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Wordcount: 896 words Published: 8th May 2017

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Louis Vuitton is the world’s leading luxury products group. The strategy of LVMH is based on combining LVMH fashion and leather goods. It hold on to its own brand spirits and do things which are different from any other one .The various strategies of LV are as follows:-

Price Strategy

The most important strategy is price strategy.The prices of Louis Vuitton productions are never cut off even the customer often buys bags .This kind of die-hard selling strategy makes customers follow the footsteps of Louis Vuitton more directly.

Service differentiation

Louis Vuitton is also adopting customization; customers can come to the outlets of Louis Vuitton and place the special orders. The company doesn’t provide the facility of ordering through website but they prefer the self appearance of the customer as it is more suitable. Louis Vuitton respects every customer. When shopping in the Louis Vuitton store proves the best sevice to every customer,and it doesn’t want the store too crowded, so it limits the number of customers.

Delivery Strategy

Louis Vuitton delivers the customized products door to door. But if anybody has standard size or willing to buy any accessories like wallets, belts, they can visit the Louis Vuitton outlets and find the product

Personnel Differentiation:

Louis Vuitton’s staff is one of the highly paid staff who is motivated to produce the products with highest standards of quality. Louis Vuitton’s management gives the complete training time to time to all the staff members to meet the standard which is making Louis Vuitton the well known luxury brand of the earth.

Channel Differentiation:

The company markets its product through its own stores, high end departmental stores throughout the world, which allows it to control product quality and pricing. It also allows LV to prevent counterfeit products entering its distribution channels. Louis Vuitton has neither discount sales nor any duty-free stores. In addition, the company distributes its products through a single online retailer, eluxury.com. Louis Vuitton outlets are located in several countries around the globe.

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Image Differentiation:

Louis Vuitton has the strong reputation as it is the company of LVMH group owned by Bernard Arnault. The Louis Vuitton company carefully cultivates a celebrity following and has used famous models and actresses such as Jennifer Lopez and most recently Madonna in its marketing campaigns for creating the image of brand of celebrities and high class people.


The Giorgio Armani brand owned and run by the founder designer Giorgio Armani has earned the much hallowed space in the fashion industry through its superior design, relevant themes and trends. It maintains the aura of a real luxury brand. Not only has Giorgio Armani become one of the most respected and known brand names in the fashion and luxury brand industry, it is also one of the most highly valued fashion companies in the world with a value of nearly 3 billion Euros.

Brand strategy

Giorgio Armani with its iconic popularity amongst the elite of the society extend its brand . Today the Armani brand architecture encompasses one corporate brand and five sub-brands, each catering to different sets of target customers and at different price levels.

Price strategy

Armani’s venture into a slightly lower market segment. This basically caters to the segment of people who aspire to wear Armani apparel but cannot afford the ultimate signature line, or to those who crave to add extra products to their existing portfolios. The Armani Collezioni brand, with a price point of almost 20% lower than the main line, provides an excellent line of affordable fashion.

Personnel Differentiation:

Whenever you enter to any Giorgio Armani store, the staff will welcome you more excitedly and give you the complete VIP protocol. Most of the staff working in Giorgio Armani factories and outlets are young not more than 30 years that makes Giorgio Armani to explore and design the most powerful and attractive products.

Channel Differentiation:

Armani today employs about 4,700 employees and has 13 factories around the world. It has nearly 300 stores in 36 countries. Giorgio Armani is selling its products through its stores and e market like. Giorgio Armani is also giving the facility to buy online but it is only for USA.

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Image Differentiation:

Giorgio Armani is the symbol of luxury goods and VIP lifestyle. Most of the time, Hollywood actors and actresses are found in the boutique of Giorgio Armani which is also making the image of Giorgio Armani as the brand of celebrities.Armani ‘s advertising campaigns generally features Top celebrities such as Megan Fox , Cristiano Ronaldo.

http://www.slideshare.net/naveedtaji/differentiation-strategies-of louis-vuitton-and-giorgio-armani



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