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Major Components Of A Customer Focused Environment Marketing Essay

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As an example, in North America, they tend to be on time punctually and they expect others to be punctual also. They do not appreciate any late or delay. But in others places, such as Malaysia, showing up 15 minutes or even an hour late is not considered a problem. This is because of the different concept of time in different places.

To provide quality service

In a customers-focused environment, one must always provide good quality service. There are always customers who speak different languages or with special needs. One must provide best service regardless the type of customers.

Such as, for customers with disabilities in hearing, American with Disabilities Act protects people from discrimination. One could speak slowly or reduce background noise.

Service with quality must always be provided regardless the generation too.

For elderly, one need to be respectful, patient, and most importantly guard against biases. While dealing with younger customers, one must know the wants and need, also one should never talk down to them.

Having positive global service

Positive global service is a state of mind that is important too. One shall put their best foot forward and offer whatever level of assistance possible. One need identify true customer needs by listening proactively and take the time to get to know more about your customer. Also, should verify understanding and engage in relationship-building strategies immediately. Besides, having positive global service also means stay abreast of current industry trends and strategies for delivering quality customer service. There was a survey conducted by www.eMarketer.com in Q1 2012 titled “Likelihood to Purchase Based on Satisfaction with Customer Service Interactions According to US Consumers. And the survey showed that, 86% of ‘very satisfied’ consumers are like to purchase while 64% of ‘very dissatisfied’ consumers are not like to purchase.

Having a good behavioral style

Having good behavioral style in important in customer-focused environment as behavioral style plays major role in how people will react in situations. Everyone is different, therefore it is important not to stereotype. One must learn to deal with own emotions and know own style and understand how one tends to react in certain situations to success in customer-focused environment.

Knowledge of handling difficult customers

There are always any type of customers to deal with including difficult customers. Some of the examples of different types of difficult customers that are demanding, rude, indecisive, talkative, or dissatisfied. Therefore, knowledge of handling difficult customers is an important component for customer-focused environment. One must know the strategies for dealing with different types of difficult customers, and must always avoid stereotyping. For example, when dealing with indecisive customers, one must be patient, listen actively, suggest other options and provide guide decision making to customers.

Preventing dissatisfaction

One of the component in customer-focused environment is to prevent any dissatisfaction of customers as it will lead lost in customers and most importantly, influences of company image in the industry. To prevent customers’ dissatisfaction, one should think like the customers to truly understand what the customers needs, pamper customers with excellent services and respect the customers, also, always try to exceed their expectations to impress them. Besides, one must know the right problem solving process to prevent dissatisfaction.

Admit errors

In customer-focused environment, errors or mistakes are strongly to be avoided at all times. But inevitably, there are always sometimes there are errors. When there are errors, the important component is to admit errors. Ego can make it hard sometimes but one need to take the responsibility when something does not work right and fix the problem. The best example of this component would be the tainted Tylenol in 1982, they took swift action and spend lots of money to correct the problem.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is an important components in customer-focused environment too. Customer loyalty are always emotional rather than rational. Customer loyalty plays a major role in customer comeback. Customer loyalty is one thing to strive for as it has a big impact.

Customer Service Strategy

Good customer service strategy is a component in this environment. As everyone knows, increased satisfaction means increased profits. And customer satisfaction is based one customer service. Therefore, customer service strategy are major component also. Some of the tips of customer service strategy are:- 1) Always only deal with one customer at a time and pay attention to customer so you can address their needs. 2) Give customers special treatment, and make sure they know they are special 3) Know your customers and do something unexpected to impress them 4) Always sell the benefits, not features as it will attracts customer more.

Strive for Quality

Quality of products is what customers concern the most after all. Therefore, quality of products is extremely important.

Example of an existing service-oriented organization in Malaysia and how these components are applied and practiced:




Telephone and Multimedia


Maxis Berhad

Corporate Affairs

Level 22, Menara Maxis

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

50088 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone #

(6)03 2330 7000


We are proud to have helped our fellow Malaysians communicate better through the years. As we continue to improve our services and technology for the future, we never forget that our first priority is always to improve your lives.

Now, learn about who we are, get updated investor information, read the latest news about Maxis as well as find out opportunities to join our world-class team. 

Customer Service Charter

Our Vision

To bring the future to our customers’ lives and business, in a manner that is simple, personalised and enriching, by efficiently and creatively harnessing leading-edge technology and delivering a brand of service experience that is reliable and enchanting. 

Maxis is about life enablement.

Part of our job at Maxis is to make sure that technology is never scary. Or even, remote from your daily activity. Our challenge is to answer successfully the question “how human can the technology become?” 

We have four words to describe the spirit of Maxis, the things that should come across in every single thing that we do, for customers and for everyone who works together in the company. 

By focusing on just four words we define ourselves. 

This is what Maxis stands for.


We aim to keep everything we do as simple as possible. For example, customers understand what it is we are telling them because we do it in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. 

We make things simple for everyone, including ourselves. Keeping things simple also means that everything we say is said in a clear direct tone of voice that is friendly and human.


Trust is crucial in every successful relationship and this is true between customers and Maxis, just as it is true between the company and its employees. All good relationships are built on trust which inspires confidence, and, assurance, conviction and reliance. 

To be trustworthy is a way of life.


Creativity defines us and therefore differentiates us from our competition. It inspires not only our communication style, but also how we answer the phone, design our stores, and deal with challenges. 

Creative runs through everything we do and everything we say, it’s in our DNA.


To lead people into new territories we have to be brave. We have the courage to try new things, to take the occasional calculated risk, to go where our competitors have not been. It ensures that we stay at the forefront and that our customers benefit from new and better ways of doing things. 

It means doing the right thing, rather than the easy thing. It means having the courage of our convictions. Brave is the quality of a true leader.

The Major components of a customer-focused environment are:-

Having the correct concept of time

Concept of time in each country is different. Maxis always know the correct concept of time in Malaysia.

The concept of time in Malaysia is more into Polychromic.

Polychromic refer to the perception of time that should not interfere with relationships and elements of happiness.

For example, Maxis would not bar your service if you are overdue payment for the first month only. They will still continue using the service until the next due date.

To provide quality service

Malaysia is a multi-races country. We have different races of people whom speaks different language in our daily routine. Maxis ensure that every of their staffs are professional, all of the staffs able to speaks at least two languages fluently, Bahasa Melayu and English.

Having positive global service

Staffs in Maxis are professional in their services too. They always smile and speak nicely to customers in every situation.

Having a good behavioral style

Maxis’s staffs are mostly well-trained. They are able to handle multi-task at one moment. They are trained well to handle emergencies incident, like service break-down too.

Knowledge of handling difficult customers

Maxis’s employee always provide best sercvices to every customers. Even when facing rude customer, they speak nicely and try their best to settle their problems. While handling indecisive customers, they are always patient enough to attend them and help them in to make decision in professional way by provide them helpful guide and advise.

Preventing dissatisfaction

Maxis always do their best to prevent dissatisfaction. For example, even when customer’s service is barred after two month of overdue payment, customer can always phone customer service hotline to request for temporary unbarring for a few days before making payment.

Customer loyalty

Maxis clearly know that ustomer loyalty is an important components in customer-focused environment. Customer loyalty are always emotional rather than rational. Therefore, Maxis always offers package or contracts that have benefits to their customers.

Customer Service Strategy

Good customer service strategy is a component in this environment. As everyone knows, increased satisfaction means increased profits. Maxis clearly aware of that too. For example, Maxis has changed their package for 3G data services. Previously, Maxis do not provide unlimited 3G data quota. But now, Maxis starts to provide unlimited 3G data quota, just that they will adjust the surfing speed after exceeding subscribed quota. As this package is more preferable for most data services users.

Strive for Quality

Quality of products is what customers concern the most after all. Therefore, quality of products is extremely important. Maxis has the widest coverage while this is what the most of the users concern. No one like their telephone or internet is out of coverage as this is very inconvenient for them.


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