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Marketing plan of Tata motors India

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In this report we can understand the marketing plan of an organization. And how they are using there marketing strategy to compete with other organization. From this report we can find about various marketing plans and strategy used by the organization to garb market and also future marketing plans and marketing strategy. In this report we can critically evaluate organizations market plans in relations to its marketing environment. And we evaluate how media and technology can affect the market plans of an organization in this present scenario.

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From this report we can get an idea of an organization, how affective is there marketing plans and what are steps they are going to take for implementation of the marketing plan. Combining all this together we will be know whether the organization got the competitive advantage or not. The purpose of this report is to find out marketing plans and strategy of an organization and how this market plans and strategy going to effect the consumers , and how proper analyses can help us to understand weather the organization satisfy the consumers needs and demand .

In first we can find about marketing plans of an organization.

In second step we can find about organizations market plans and its relation to its marketing environment.

In third step we can find out about how technology and media can affect the organizations marketing plans.

And in the fourth step we can find about how marketing strategy affect the firm reputation in feature.

Overview of Tata motors India

Tata motors are India’s largest automobile manufacturing company. It is controlled by Rattan tata, he is the chairmen of tata group India ltd. Company produce cars trucks tractor etc.

2004 onward tata motors expanding there business all over country as well as internationally. They have over taken many international car companies. Like Daewoo, land rover, jaguar etc. they have joint venture with fiat, Marco polo, Cummins etc. Tata motors have more then 150 manufacturing units in India and growing. At present Tata motors more then 1600 dealers in India as well as Tata motors export to brazil, Africa, USA, UK and middle east countries. The vision Tata motors is to provide quality service to the customer in low price, in this way company can fulfill customer needs and demand as well as company can achieve his goal.

“Tata Motors Limited engages in the manufacture and sale of commercial and passenger vehicles primarily in India. The company offers cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses, and defense vehicles, as well as develops electric and hybrid vehicles for personal and public transportation. It also involves in distributing and marketing cars; and financing the vehicles sold by the company. In addition, the company engages in the provision of engineering and automotive solutions, as well as machine tools and factory automation solutions; construction equipment manufacturing; automotive vehicle components manufacturing and supply chain activities; tooling and plastic and electronic components for automotive and computer applications; and automotive retailing and service operations. It offers its products and services through its dealership, sales, services, and spare parts network. The company also markets its commercial and passenger vehicles in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia, and South America. The company was formerly known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited and changed its name to Tata Motors Limited in July 2003. Tata Motors Limited was founded in 1945 and is based in Mumbai, India.”

http://invest2success.blogspot.com/ (source- internet)

Nature of the business

Tata motors is a automobile manufacturing company, it forecast the feature market on that bases they produce. Depending on the demand of the product they produce. In a year they produce minimum 50000 different automobiles. Due to excellent customer service and it’s increasing every year. In India tata motors expanding there business through retail chain like BIG BAZAR etc.

Step- 1

Marketing plan of Tata motors

Marketing plan is feature plans for an organization, for proper marketing plan organization should know about present marketing conduction. on that basis they can forecast there feature plans.

Until now Tata motors use different marketing plans for there automobiles. Each and every year they launch new automobiles with new deign and features with different price. Mainly they focus midsize car which is affordable for lower income people.

If we take a example of Tata Nano, it came in Indian market in march 2009 its cost for Indian people around 1,20,000 (1700 pound) if we compare with other car it is cheapest car ever launched in India. And comes under budget for many people. From 2009 to 2011 20,000 cars were sold out due to the demand for tata nano has increased in India as well as in other countries. It is estimated that in 2012 tata motors going to launch tata nano In USA and in 2013 in Africa.

Every time Tata Motors using different marketing plans for its automobiles. In case tata nano, tata motors team decided to make car more easily accessible to people. So instead of dealership, Tata motors team sold tata nano through conventional retail outlets like Westside and croma. They provide merchandise like baseball caps, key chins, T-shirts among others. These kind of marketing plans were used by tata motors to attract people.

Other marketing plans of tata motors are product upgrade. In this type marketing usually they up grade automobiles with new feature and deign providing extra look, extra powerful engine extra mileage. They also provide free insurance, 2 to 3 years warranty, and after sales service and so on. These market plans helps tata motors to grab market.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a important part of marketing plan, It help to find out strength, weakness, opportunity, , threats weakness are important for it feature.


Tata motors produce low cost car with less fuel consumption.

Tata motors have a huge employee base

Tata moters expanded his business internationally

Tata motors have a high market share.

Tata motors total revenues is of RS 35651.48 cores (USD.8.8 billion)

Tata motors have high corporate responsibility.

Tata motors have a strong research and development department.

Tata motors are the reputed brand in Indian market.


Return on investment for tata motors is low.

Domestic sale for tata is not up to the mark.

Tata motors are not able to meet safety standard for there vehicles.


Tata motors should concentrate on luxury cars

Tata motors should increase return on investement.

With the help of joint venture,tata motors can easily can enter into new market.

Tata motors should use new ideas for segmenting the business.


Tata motors have great advantage over its competitors.

Less safety can impact the sales.

The tata motors can face big challenges for the rising price of plastic, steel, and aluminum, which is used by tata motors for manufacturing of automobile.

With the help of SWOT analysis we can understand the weakness, strength, opportunities, and threats of tata motors, and what are the

Opportunities they got. This entire thing can help tata motors to prepare good marketing plan. For present as well as for feature.

Step – 2

Tata motors present market situation /environment

All the companies were depending on present as well as feature market situation. On the bases of present market situation./environment many organization forecast there feature marketing plan. If the organization understating the present market situation, it will be easy for organization to gain comparative advantage in feature.

In this step we can get the information about market situation/environment of tata motors. And how much sales thy did in between 2010 to 2011 march and what they are going to do in fature.

The two important brand of tata motors land rover and jaguar achieved a reasing hopes for better prospects in India. In the second quarter of 2011 tata motors going to assembling these car.. ,tata motor are going to reduce the price to penetrate the market with large potential challenging the other in the segment.

In march 2011 dealerships for JRL vehicles will be 10 from the current three in Hyderabad, Mumbai, delhi.

“According to Zacks investment research on 16 march 2011, tata motors ltd. Posted that there is rise In wholesale vehicles upto 18.4% to102, 411 units in February.  Out of this, commercial vehicles, including Tata, Tata Daewoo and the Tata Hispano Carrocera, totaled 46,747 units, a growth of 10% from the prior year. Meanwhile, passenger vehicles totaled 55,664, up 18% from the same month in 2010. Tata acquired the two U.K. brands from Ford Motor Co. for $2.3 billion in 2008. The automaker expects to invest INR 73 billion ($1.60 billion) for research and product development on these brands Tata reported a 272.8% jump in consolidated net profit to INR 24.24 billion ($526.5 million) in the third quarter of its fiscal year ended December 31, 2010. The company’s sales increased 21.6% to INR 315.06 billion ($6.84 billion) from the same quarter in 2009. The operating profit margin grew by 270 basis points as operating profit surged 51% to INR 44.89 billion ($975 million).

The improvement in results was attributable to strong volumes of Jaguar and Land Rover, cost reduction measures, favorable currency movements and better product mix.

March 22, 2011, Tata Motors Ltd announced the increase in prices of some of its passenger and utility vehicles, effective from the first day of April, 2011. The decision to raise prices of vehicles comes on the back of an unavoidable surge in input costs and a hike in interest rates, despite the cost control measures by the company.”

http://invest2success.blogspot.com/ (source- internet)

From this we can understand development, growth, current market situation / environment of the tata motors. At present market environment for tata motors is good. They increase there sales and according to the marketing environment they are changing there marketing plans and there marketing strategy.

Step – 3

Technology and media

Technology and media plays an important role in every organization, without proper technology, organizational operation can not be done, and without media marketing process can not be done.


Technology helps organization to solve various operational problems.

Technology helps to done work easily in organization.

Work load in organization will be less.

Less time consuming.


Media helps organization in many ways.

It helps in promotion of goods and services

Helps in marketing.

Helps in gaining good reputation.

competitive advantage.

For tata motors, technology and media plays key role. Due to proper technology, production capacity of tata motors has increase from 2002 and still growing, due to this tata motors gained good competitive advantage in between 2002 to 2010. Due to this they can easily attract capital as well as customer.

Technology helped tata motors to expand there business. In order to be most effective tata motors should always implement new technology. For higher production.

Over the life cycle of tata motors, technology should facilitate; flexibility in product and service development and quality in early stage. The management of the complex operations in the middle stage and both the expansion and consolidation of activates in the later stage.

Thus, proper adoption of a proper technology helps the company to aware of the latest developments, help it adapt to changing market and it from obsolescence. To complete each and every task company have to use appropriate technologies. Tata motors must employ innovation technology that will produce a competitive advantage, differentiate the customer’s buying experience at any point in transaction.

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Media coverage helps to know about latest developments of the economy and we come to know about business career and investment. Media also plays an important role in business; media helps people to know about the market situation of the national as well as international. It also help business to know about the factors effecting modern market conduction. Media spread the information about the recent updates on investment Patten.

For tata motors media is important, because all the marketing process are by the media. With help of media they gain competitive advantage. Tata motors use different media to increase sale. Media made it possible for tata motors to bring information regarding global economic crises. At present tata motors is getting good advantage of media. But in future new media will help a lot for business. In future way of doing business will change. New media will replace the old media, like newspaper magazines etc.

In future new media will increase business opportunity for the tata motors. In future they can use digital marketing. But there will be new competitors with a new marketing strategy. So new media will give good marketing as well as competitive advantage

Step – 4

Sustainability with regard to the firm’s marketing strategy

Sustainability means capacity to endure. In a simple word sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without giving up the ability of feature generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability of an organization helps to understand, whether the organization going to stay for long time or not.

In business Sustainability often define as a function by which an organization can manage social, financial, environmental risk, obligation and opportunities. These three things referred as profit people and planet. Business Sustainability always represent resiliency over time, businesses that can face shocks because they are connected to healthy economic, environmental and social system. These businesses can male good economic value and contribute to healthy ecosystems and communities.

There are few practices that foster business sustainability that helps organization move along the path from laggards to leaders. The practices include;

Stake holder engagement

Reporting and disclose

EMS (environmental management system)

Lifecycle analysis

Organization that are sustainable can easily attract retain employees and can face less financial risk.

Marketing strategy is another important aspect.

Marketing strategy means where marketing personnel are involved in the detailed management of individual brands and the interrelation between brands. This are a includes basic decision on issues such as market segmentation, positioning and targeting.

Formulation of marketing strategy include proper marketing plan. Marketing strategy is very important for all the organization, because this is what they are going to use for there business. A firms marketing strategy mainly focus on customer and market. Proper marketing strategies attract the customer for a long time. This will give a great deal of profit for long term. A firm should use good marketing strategy for the present as well as for future. Market strategy also helps to expand business as well as for growth of business.

In the case of tata motors they look for the booth sustainability and marketing strategy. Marketing strategy of tata company little similar with other companies. They are

Product, branding, and advertising

we know that every business will start with 0. No one knows it until

Every one knows it. Advertising is the one of main way of marketing. Another important way of advertising is create a brand image.

Over a year tata motors created good brand image. They use some spokesmen. For there marketing other important marketing strategy is innovation, packing and quality control. Tata provided many offer to attract customers and one of that is TATA SAFARI DICORE

Pricing strategy

Every month Tata motors gives discount for special promotion ofr certain type of vehicle. Always they change pricing strategy for good business as well as good market.


Place of dealership plays an important role in India there are many distribution channel of tata motors. In India dealership sales are mainly adopted. For good business.

Maintenance and support

After sales and service comes under maintenance and support it is another important marketing for tata motors.

These are all the marketing strategy which is used by the tata motors as a part of there business.

In the case Sustainability of tata motor is different from other company.

Tata motors believes in feature technology, they look for there business as well as for environment. They are giving there best effort for the implementation of many environmentally sensitive technologies in manufacturing process. They are using world’s most advanced equipment for emission check and control.

At present they are focusing on two important things they are

Reduction of environmental pollution

Restoration of ecological balance.

Tata motors have different programs on conservation of soil and water trees etc. they committed to restoring and preserving environmental balance by reducing waste and pollution, recycling materials and conserving resources

For ecological balance they have setup effluent treatement facilities in there manufacturing plant to control releasing polluted water in the in the eco system. They have started tree plantation program in many village in India.

From this we can understand sustainability of tata motors and how they are contributing for environment.

Tata motors using right type of marketing strategy for less usage for of resource to protect environment from pollution. This type of program helps tata motors to get good reputation. In the present as well as in feature.


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