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New Zealand Product: Tip Top Ice Cream

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A product is a good, service, or idea consisting of a bunch of physical and vague attributes that gratifies consumers and is received in replace for money or some other component of value. On the demand of the consumers, companies produce things and goods to satisfy their needs and wants. Some products are related to our normal goods and some comes in supplementary goods.

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The product of New Zealand on which I am going to discuss about, is the Tip Top ice-cream which is the product of famous dairy product company ‘Fonterra.’ Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition, the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies. Fonterra is also a market leader with consumer dairy brands in Australia/New Zealand, Asia/Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Number of brands comes under the Fonterra Company like Tip Top ice- cream, Mainland, fresh n fruity yogurt, Primo flavoured milk and CalciYum etc. Tip top ice-cream is one of the best brands of Fonterra. Tip Top is a Kiwi emblem and has been a Kiwi preferred for more than 75 years. Tip Top is New Zealand’s foremost ice cream company, famed for its extensive choice of tasty products and its rich, creamy ice cream.

It was established in 1936 in a small ice cream parlour in wellington. It grew quickly and now creates million litres of ice cream every year. Tip Top is the product of New Zealand and is exported to Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malayasia, Taiwan, and the Pacific islands. Apart from the scoop ice cream, Tip Top has a range of goods to suit each market, together with Trumpet, Memphis Meltdown, Mammoth, Kapiti, Popsicle, Fruju, and the newest addition – ICEBAR co. It is made in Auckland and Palmerstone north.

There are number of factors of that have influenced the market strategies of Tip Top ice cream. These factors are demographic factors, economical factors, socio culture factors, environment factors, and health factors. How these factors affected the market strategies of this product has been explained as follow:

Demographic factors:

Demography is the study of qualitative and quantitative aspect of population. New Zealand has above 4.4 million populations which includes male, female, youth and teenagers. From last few years Tip Top ice cream has become very popular in the market. People love to eat it. Kiwi kids think that to be tip top in life, have tip top ice cream at any time. New Zealanders are among the highest per capita consumers of ice cream in the world, according to the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association, Ice cream and edible ices account for about $1 of every $44 spent on food by New Zealand households. 90% of New Zealand population is very fond of this product as compared to last 5 years. Children are the main target for that. In 1990 Tip top produced its new products for the teenagers as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in a 2 litre bowl with the ice cream resembling one of the turtles). It was fat free.

Tip Top produces around 50 million litres of ice cream a year; New Zealanders alone consume the equivalent of 1.9 million litres of milk in the form of Tip Top ice cream every year. Also, New Zealand’s 4.2 million people population, consume around two million Jelly Tips every year. So this way demand of its products keep on growing and today it is the most leading ice cream company in the New Zealand.

Economic factor:

Economic factors include the nature and direction of the national economy in which a company does business. For international entities, it includes the global economy. We know that consumption is affected by the wealth of the population. If people of the country are rich then they will consume more and more products or things. If there is increase in selling then it will effect on the GDP of the country and it will automatically affect the economy of the country. In 2006 GDP of New Zealand was 2.2% and it reached up to 2.3% in 2012. So this data shows that the production of the country went on increase from 2006 to 2012. So definitely there will be good contribution of the Tip Top ice cream product in GDP of country. Occasionally, Tip Top offers some deals and specials on some festivals like on Christmas or New Year as a discount and people always get ready to buy their favourite ice cream more and more and then the demand of product goes increase which helps to increase the sale of the product.

Socio culture factor:

Humans are conditioned to respond to different stimuli in unique ways. Whether it is through the general culture, family units, education, or religion, we are trained to react positively to certain things and negatively to others. Society imposes beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles that are adopted by the masses. These attitudes change frequently. So the demand for certain styles of clothing, technological devices, and other products increase while demand for other alternatives fades away. It is just same in case of Tip Top ice cream product. As it is the most leading ice cream making brand in New Zealand so it is also influenced by the socio culture factor. Population of New Zealand is near about 4.4 million. The majority of the population is of European people about 69% with the indigenous Maori being the largest minority around 14.6 %. Asians are 9.2% and non pacific islanders are 6.9%. All different cultured people have their own different taste, culture and religion. Most of the New Zealanders like this product. New Zealanders’ taste in ice cream is uniquely characterised by the popularity of hokey pokey flavour, which is the second-most popular flavour after vanilla. Many of the current novelty and ice block favourites, Jelly Tip, Trumpet, Fruju, and Popsicle, have been popular for decades. Jelly Tip was launched in the 1950s. Trumpet and Fruju are inventions of the 1960s.

Technological factor:

Technology continues to improve in a Business. The most excellent companies stay on peak of technological changes and use them to get more work done in a shorter age of time. Marketers must be attentive of the changes that may have an effect on their businesses. Tip Top just celebrated its 75th celebration in 2011. Its mission was to ensure every New Zealander got a taste of the Tip Top. The plan was to engage the New Zealand to re-launch of the Classic Mint Trumpet and Grapefruit and Lemon Fruju, the Tip Top 2010 Scoop Index, Tip Top and Surf Life Savings partnership, the Great Ice-cream Hunt. The main purpose of this celebration was to promote the product through different channels and magazines. Coverage of whole celebration was done on thirty of the nation’s top radio stations, and TV exposure with multiple pieces on TVNZ’s Breakfast, Prime News, Cue TV and Small Blacks TV to reach over the 5 million people.

This was their technical strategy to reach the people and to communicate the people. With new technology, it has its own sales contractor network those do real time ordering and in time delivery. For sustainability of the product, it has big walking freezer and specialist ice cream people.

Attitudes towards environment and fitness and health:

People are very conscious towards their health and environment. Whatever they eat or drink they find nutrition and healthy facts in their food. Even the teenagers are more health conscious in these days. They prefer sugar free sweets. By keeping all these things in mine Tip Top is removing artificial colours and flavours from its products. All products of Tip top brand are safe for ages of people. So the demand of this product is growing day by day.

As concerned with its packaging, it is safe to the environment and it is easily disposable. Below health and safety global audit graph shows how it did improvement in health and system process from 2008 to 2012.



Tip Top is the most popular brand of Fonterra Company, which is famous for the production of ice cream. In these days it is the most leading ice cream product in New Zealand. All New Zealanders love to eat it. Most of the kiwi kids, they just love it very much. All the products related to it, are according to the customer’s choice. Day by day increasing demand of this product shows that it is very popular among New Zealander and other communities as well. All economic, social, demographic and health factors have contributed in its growth and popularity.


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