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Operational Plans Of Emirates Airlines

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Operational plans of Emirates Airlines are the strategic plans that facilitate short term ways for achieving operational goals during the period of fiscal year. Operational plans in any organization are the basis for operations and justifications of budget in the strategic plans. Emirates Airlines aimed for future prospective in order to meet consumers’ expectation and also contribute to the success of organization and to make the city as new aviation hub in the worldwide (Flight Operations).

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Description of Emirates Airline’s Operation:

The operational department handles several components at the operational ground within the Emirates Airlines. On the other hand, it is primarily emphasized on the safe, legal and efficient operations of airlines that include training and scheduling programs of Flight Deck Crew in order to meet regulatory requirements that can perform quality operations in the efficient, safe and customer friendly manner. Specifically, trained staff in the department plays vital role ion the recruitment of new flight deck crew. The technical unit of the organization is effectively surveying new routes, their performance and other required operational data to flight crew in order to ensure safe ground operation and air to the consumers (Flight Operations). The operations of flight department are comprised of the following divisions:

Flight Training Operation

Flight facilities Training

Emirates Network Operation and Logistics

Flight Performance Operation

Flight Support Operation

Flow of Orders for Goods and/or Services:

Emirates Airlines serves number of services to their customers with quality and safety features in order to increase customer satisfaction with their services and products. Various goods and services offered by Emirates Airlines are as follows:

Source: (The Emirates Group:Environmental Report , 2010-2011)

Aircraft Passenger Services:

Emirates Airlines facilitates with unique services to their consumer in order to ensure their duties and responsibilities to the organization. The central aim of this airline is not only to provide flawless experience at the time of travelling although also ensure ground services to customers. The main flows of the units are as shown below:

Source: (Passenger Services)

Check-In is an area in which tickets and luggage have been checked and passenger after this move towards boarding gates. At this gates, all documents of passengers are verified by their staff and after verification passenger can proceed for run way. Emirates is planning to incorporate barcodes and mobile phone for check-in and boarding purpose. After this stage, passenger send to lounges area which consists of two classes such s first class and business class. According to the classes consumer get different facilities. Transfer desk team assists customer by directing them for restaurant, meal and flight service (Passenger Services).

Emirates Sky Cargo Services:

Emirates sky cargo is the freight division of Emirates Airlines and is considered as one of the growing airlines which have around 34,000 tonnes of transactions between U.S. and other parts of the world. Through the sky chain system, the online cargo logistic system changing the way of business work and authorizing their customers with tools so that they can control consignment in better manner (Shipment; Emirates SkyCargo Stimulating Growth in America’s International Trade). The flows of operations in Emirates Sky Cargo are shown below in diagrammatically manner:

Check Flight Schedule

Space Availability

Booking On-Line

Submit and Print Air way Bills

Print Bar Code Labels

File and Track Claims

Communicate with Key People

Notification of Shipment Status

Emirates Airport Service:

Emirates Airport services comprises of check-in service, boarding service and some other services. Emirates Airlines have staff of 2,200 people that facilitates services to their customers from all outstations. It is serving various services such as passenger services, baggage and ramp services, customer services, quality and resource planning etc (Emirates SkyCargo Stimulating Growth in America’s International Trade). The flow of airport services is shown below:

Arrive at the Airport


Require assistance from attendants


Provide assistance after confirming passenger’s need

Assist passenger to the Check-In counter

Passengers Check-In at the Counter

Board of Plane

Emirates Flight Catering:

Emirates Airlines offers In-Flight catering facility to their customer as per their flight class. It support around 100 airlines flying into and out from the Dubai Airport. Emirates Airlines works according to its advanced catering style. EKFC1, facilitating meals to those passengers who are travelling on emirates airlines and EKFC2 serves to all other carriers including Singapore Aircraft also. In-Flight meal passed away from various stages before reaching to the consumer and the whole process of catering activities shown above.

Source: (Inflight Catering Trial Requirements)

Emirates Flight Services:

Emirates Airlines is the well renowned company for its In-Flight services. The airline serves various services to their customers at the time of their journey and makes it pleasant one. It offers several services such as entertainment service, cabin crew service, in-flight mobile service, food of different cuisine etc (Emirates Airlines Flight Services). In airlines organizations, attendants are the mediator between customers and services provided by airlines. This connection of customers and services are shown below:



In-Flight Mobile Service

Entertainment Service

Food and Drink Service

Cabin Crew Service

Other Services

Technology Utilization:

Technology facilitates platform to the organizations for maintaining flow of data, track processes as well as for maintaining employees’ records also. Technology in the airlines industry plays significant role for updating its operations and services. It helps organizational operations by keeping them connected to the stakeholders which comprises of customer, suppliers and company’s sales force. Technological advancement develops aircraft and fuel efficiency that continuously reduce the impact of environment on organizational operations (New Technologies). Some new technologies of Emirates Airlines are as follows:

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Airbus A350-XWB:

The Airbus A350-XWB is the next foremost technological enhancement in medium-to-haul aircraft. This aircraft will deliver ultimate comfort zone to their passengers although it is presenting a hurdle in the efficiency of environment with the reductions in noise and emission. This aircraft is constructed from light and some composite material particles which constitute of titanium, advanced aluminium alloy and fifty three percent composites. These combine with the latest avionic system in order to provide fuel consumption to the consumers (New Technologies).

Boeing 747-8F:

The 747-8 Freighter is the new aircraft of Emirates Airlines with the capacity of boeing 747 families in single drive. This aircraft will establish new benchmark in the reduction of noise and fuel efficiency. The 747-8F is designed to have lower CO2 emissions that make it able to fly into more airports for more times in a day because of its fast take-off and landing facility. This aircraft is more fuel efficient than the 747-400 aircraft by sixteen percent (New Technologies).


Emirates Airlines is the company which spends around USD 4 billion on fuel in a year. Aviation biofuel is developed with the safe guard, sustainable and cost competitive in accordance to human being. Emirates Airlines will be the first consumer in the queue to buy them. But there have been a problem about the sustainability of alternative fuels and carbon footprints. An alternative jet fuel that has more environmental impact as compare to normal kerosene which can not be considered as improvement in terms of environment (New Technologies).


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