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Parties Involved In Communication Process

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In nowadays marketing, advertising is communication tool for majority of businesses. It is important that companies should communicate effectively and properly to their customers either through Ad, s or other sources. In advertising campaign, we will discuss the communication model used in advertising.

The major parties which are involved in communication channel of advertising are;


Advertising agency

Media e.g. electronic, print, social etc



Clients are those people, companies or organizations that do advertising of their new product, services in order to get attention of their target market. For this purpose, advertisers contacts and hire advertising agencies which do advertising for organization to promote their products.

Advertising agencies:

Advertising agency is consisted of people who do advertising for companies. Advertising agencies is consisted of different departments which do creative work, media selection, brochure making and many more works.


After making an Ad, then media is selected, types of media are;

Electronic media e.g. TV

Print media e.g. Newspaper, magazines

Social media e.g. face book, twitter

Media plays an important role because the message is conveyed to target customers by using media because media has access to peoples.

Role of advertising agency:

Advertising agency plays an important role because advertising agency makes an effective and innovative advertisement which attracts customers and customers gets that product. Advertising agency is one which makes awareness about company’s product through advertisements.

Advertising agency and client relationship is of great importance because client hire advertising agency for making an Ad. so advertising agency tries to make innovative and creative Ad to attract customers. Advertising agency also help company to choose media for the advertisement.


The party sending the message to the customers is called sender. Sender is also called communicator. The Ad agency is sender.


The party which put the thoughts into symbolic form.


The idea or thoughts which the sender transmits to the receiver.


The communication channels thought which the Message moves from sender to receiver.


The party receiving the message sended by sender. This party is also called audience.


The set of reactions that the receiver has after being exposed to the message. Actually after seeing the Ad, audience comments.


The part of the receiver’s response that the receiver communicates back to the sender.



Unplanned static or distortion during the communication process, resulting in the receiver’s receiving a different message than the sender sent. Sometimes the message which sender wants to communicate to the receiver does not communicate properly to the receiver because of wrong media selection, wrong target market etc.

Communication Industry of Pakistan

If we look at the typical Pakistani Ads so we will find all these tools in some Ad’s because in majority of Pakistani Ads. We can find easily noise and lack of feedback. In most of Ads we will find noise and lack of feedback because if we see, many people just see Ad’s for actors or just time pass. Sometimes audience get bore because of again and again showing of similar Ads.

But In 20th century, the Ad’s quality has changed and we have seen improvement. If we consider the Ad’s of Telecom sectors, so we can say that everything of the model which was discussed previously are present there with target market and good customer’s response and feedback.

P-2: Identify and discuss current trends in advertising and evaluate its impacts

Current Trends


A marketing strategy in which advertising efforts are focused on a small group of highly-targeted consumers. Micromarketing requires a company to narrowly define a particular audience by a particular characteristic, such as ZIP code or job title, and tailor campaigns for that particular segment. It can be a more expensive technique due to customization and lack of an economy of scale.

Micromarketing grew to prominence in the 1990s, as personal computers allowed easier segmentation and dissemination of information to customers. E-commerce websites are able to track the type of products that a consumer views or purchases, which allows the website to suggest related products.

Media Fragmentation:

In Pakistan Media fragmentation is happening from 2000 onwards. It includes Radio Stations, Television, Internet, Newspapers, and Mobile Phones. When worldwide broadcast I.e. TV cable in some countries was the only way of transmitting video signals over big geographic areas, the result was that there were massive audiences for a small number of channels.

The adding up of satellite TV, and a raise in the number of cable channels, means that audiences are now divided between more operators. This is called fragmentation of the media.

Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion is any activity that offers incentives for a limited time period induce a desired response, such as trial or purchase, from those who are targeted. Sales promotion is frequently misinterpreted and thought to mean literally anything is done to promote sales.

Brand Proliferation:

Brand Proliferation is important change in the branding environment is the proliferation of new brands and products, in part spurred by the rise in line and brand extensions. As a result, a brand name may now be identified with a number of different products of varying degrees of similarity.

“Current trends in Pakistani Ads”

In Pakistan, currently we are using very less amount of electronic billboards. But we hope that in near future these electronic billboard will be more in work than simple billboards.

Internet growth is increasing very quickly all over the world and now Pakistani people are also getting familiar with the Internet in their normal routine life. Thus, this is the reason that most of the companies are advertising on the Internet through pop up windows advertising, advertising on both sides of the window, Google advertising etc, with the purpose that many people can watch their advertisements every where on their computers.

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The cost of Electronic Billboard are cheaper than the simple billboards as on electronic billboards different advertisements will be run one by one, so the overall cost will be less. In European countries, electronic billboard are very common while in Pakistan, these electronic billboards are not the ordinary way of advertising. In Pakistan, still many companies rely on TV advertisements, as Television advertisements are still valuable way of advertising.

P-3: Discuss the models of advertising and its impacts on customer behavior



The customer’s attention is got by the saving which is a large amount.


Then the sentence “mazay ki offer” creates interest of the customers and their emotions are triggered. They feel that the offer is a good one because of the inflation now a day.


The benefit the customers receive is that on every packing of the product they can save if they go for large pack they will have more saving which creates a desire to save more.


At the bottom left of the ad it is written that “the offer is for some short time “which gives enough motivation to the customers to go for it.



The awareness I created that we have new offer for our customers.


The knowledge is shared with the customers that the new offer which is named as “mazy ki offer “is on every pack and it is for some short span of time.

Liking and preference:

The ad creates liking because of the saving which is of large amount on such product.

Conviction and purchase:

The image of the product is good in the mind of customers and they are giving such offer so the purchase will be increase.

AIDA model


“Warid bol anmol” the sentence is enough to grab the attention because he will think there will be a good offer on calling


The interest is created by giving the customers relaxation from activation and there are no conditions on the offer.


In my opinion the add fails to make the customers desire to go for the offer because no info is given about how much balance will they receive.


Giving offer that the balance will be given at once motivating the customers to go for that offer


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