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Plan for launching a sugarcane juice

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This report explains the marketing plan for launching a sugarcane Juice named “Freezy”. This product has been made by the Freshwater. In the very beginning of the report we have explained the mission and vision of the Sugarcane juice and then we have further carried out our activities to achieve our goals and objectives. It will be introduced in the market with the help of various promotional displays, advertisement and distribution of free samples to the general public and financial institution. This report examines that this product is initially launching in Whole Pakistan domestic market. The study included both primary and secondary research. We have conducted SWOT analysis of the company to see the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then we have explained the purposes, benefits and objectives of our product.

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Then we have made marketing strategies for our product. We have divided market into different segments and decided to target the male, female, youngster mature and old age person. We have also paid special attention to the packaging, color and price of the product. We have decided to place the product in all the markets of Pakistan. We will promote our product through electronic media, print media, cable, and outdoor sources. We shall also conduct a market survey in future to know the opinion of public about our product and developed our product accordingly to our customers changing needs and demands.

Description of the Company – “Freezy” is the brand name of new juice launched by “Freshwater” in Pakistan.” Freshwater” is founded in 2010 with the launching of their first product named as “Freezy”. High capital investments are involved in new business. We have started this business to produce new products and to monopolize the market through our products. Our target products in which we are specialized are juices. So we will produce new and new type of juices in different flavors which already doesn’t exist in the market.

After observing the high consumption of sugar cane juices at the roadside sellers of non-purified sugar cane juice, we realized the need for sugar cane juice because for long period of time there was no entry in the market as sugar cane juice in the form of disposable bottle packing.

We are launching our product throughout the Pakistan except some cold climate areas.

Mission Statement – To refresh the people of all ages with our product. We want to be at the top in the field of juices and breweries.

Vision – To evolve as one of the best Producer of quality sugarcane which is organically, grown extract juice scientifically and, serve totally natural healthy and hygienic DESI refreshment in the world and continue to retain the position.

Product – Our product is basically a sugarcane juice in a bottle pack. The product will be enjoying a monopoly in the market as there is no existing sugarcane juice in the form of disposable bottle in the market but if we see as overall market than there is no monopoly for this juice because this juice is been sold on the roadsides by crushing the sugar cans with machines in the glass. Sugar cane juice is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. While both sweeteners are made from sugar cane, evaporated cane juice does not undergo the same degree of processing that refined sugar does. Therefore, unlike refined sugar, it retains more of the nutrients found in sugar cane. Sugar cane juice is a highly refreshing drink. It contains about 15 per cent natural sugar and is rich in organic salts and vitamins. Fresh sugar cane juice has no preservatives, however its tendency to turn black from oxidation soon after pressing is very high, so to secure from oxidation we should pack in air tight disposable bottle packaging.

Current Situation – Market Analysis

Market Definition:

Demographic and Geographic segmentation:

Age: 3+ Years

Gender: Both male and female.

Income: All social classes except lower lower.

Geographic: We are targeting all of the Pakistan except some of the northern areas in Pakistan

Market Needs – In summer people of all ages take soft drinks and juices to reduce their thirst. So Sugarcane juice in disposable bottle pack is highly demanded by customers because it reduces the thirst and it is useful for healthy life because it is hygienic and pure. So when it is highly available at affordable price at everywhere customers will use Sugarcane juice than soft drinks because it has no side effects and it is safe.

Total population – As our current target is the whole country Pakistan other than some northern areas so total population will be almost 100+ million people.

Potential market – As if we take a look at the market of Pakistan huge number of people are interested in consuming liquid products as their daily usage products like juices. The sugar cane juice is available on the roadsides but they are not much purified which is block between the juice and the upper class customers which are basically loyal to quality specially. So the probability of marketing Sugarcane juice to potential customer as upper class or quality loyal customer will be high. If we look overall our potential customer are almost all of the people in the country from lower middle class to upper middle class except the northern areas because people are not much demanding the frosty drinks there.

Market segmentation & Selecting Target Market:

According to market segmentation our target market are the people of almost all the classes starting from lower upper to upper class. As according to the demographics people use to drink the sugarcane juice in the summer season. As this product is particularly for summer season because it only taste well in hot climate. And consuming it in winter doesn’t suits the mind of people because people tend to consume hot products like coffee and tea. Our less focus areas are the northern areas because throughout the year those areas are having cold climates. Our

Target Market based on demographics Includes:

Individuals with age 3 years and above

Individuals across all income groups

Working and non working individuals


Institutions and offices

Restaurants and hotels

Psychographic Segmentation:

According to psychographic segmentation we targeted people who are:

Health conscious customers

Customers who have preference towards Nature and natural products

Quality conscious customers

Customers who have diverse tastes and

Seek variety

Non users and potential users


Our competitors are the roadside sellers of sugar cane juice. But the substitute products are another big competitive force affecting our product in the market. Substitute competitors include Manufacturers and producers of:

Branded and unbranded fruit juices.

Fruit based milk drinks.

Natural mineral water.

Fruit shakes.

These substitute products are totally different in nature from the sugar cane juice but still it’s a substitute because these are also cold juices.

There are some factors which differ allot between our juice and roadside juice seller’s juice who are the main competitor of FREEZY Juice:

We are different from roadside sellers because

Our juice is a purified and quality assured product.

We offer juice in a sealed bottle packing where as roadside sellers are delivering the product in the glasses.

We have quality standards and can turn customers from the road to our outlet through effective marketing strategies.

Due to lack of packing roadside sellers are not easily available everywhere. Whereas our product is available in every general store in almost all the target cites in Pakistan.

Market trends:

In target market there is trend of soft drinks and juices. People use juices to have a fit life and also to serve their guests as well. Because juices are hygienic and nutritious and have a good taste then soft drinks. In summer its usage is more so the availability should be increased to meet the demand of customers.

Summary of Situation Analysis:

SWOT Analysis:



First opportunity that we enjoy is that we are playing a monopoly in the means of sugar cane juice in the form of packing in Pakistan.

As for first producer of sugar cane juice in bottle packing in Pakistan we can make our customer loyal to our product in the means of brand, quality, price etc…. by making effective marketing strategies.

Weaknesses :

As the juice is fresh and no artificial flavors are used in the production of the juice. So juice has not long lasting life.

The life of juice is 15 days which creates barriers for not buying juices in bulk for home use.



As for new product in the market we can make huge number of profits from the market.

We can introduce flavored sugarcane juices. E.g., mint and ginger flavor etc… This in results can increase the sales to earn more profits to the organization.

We can export our product to foreign country in order to earn more profit.


Due to growth in inflation rate in Pakistan the intermediary goods are getting expensive which lead to an increase in price in future and increase in price leads to a loss of customer from the most lower class of our target market and price conscious customers as well, and may affect sales by turning to substitute and competitive goods.

Our product is especially for summers so there is low number of sales in winter season. So high marketing costs are required to increase sales in winter season.

There are no many entry barriers so a large numbers of local juices enter in juices market.

Marketing Strategies:


Core benefit – Core benefit means the services and benefits the customer is really buying.

Our customer fulfills its need of thrust and refreshment by buying our “freezy” juice. Juice as being a pure sugarcane juice without any artificial flavors is also a core benefit of our product

Augmented product – Products that include deign, features and packaging that go beyond consumer expectations and differentiate the product from competitors.

Our juice taste and flavor is according to the customer expectations because we provide

100% pure juice.

We have no compromise with quality

Following things include in the sale of product:

Design – The design of sugarcane juice that it will be in attractive and stylish disposable bottle pack in following size:




Features – The features of our product are:

Use full for healthy life

Good in taste

Help to digest food

Everyday Energy

Available in different flavors in future.


Our product will be in disposable bottle packaging and is air tight sealed so the juice could survive for some period of time. The design of our packing is attractive and eye catching.


The price of the product can also influence the buying behavior of the consumers because in Pakistan there are different level of classes based on the income difference so price is the one of the important factor, some of the consumer can afford the price and others can’t, so we must set the price of the product that is afforded by all the social classes of the region. So we use penetration pricing strategy. If we look at the middle middle till lower lower class in Pakistan all of the people are highly price conscious.

Price Structure (Consumer price):

250ml – Rs.20

500 ml – Rs.35

1000ml – Rs.60


The place of the distribution and availability of the product also influence the buying behavior because if the product is in reach of the consumer he will prefer it and if it is hard to find the product in the market he will never buy that product. So we have effective distribution strategies by making distributors in every city and provided them with number of facilities like order bookers and sales persons and a supervisor. And we allow our distributors to supply product to both wholesalers and retailers. Because of this our product will be available at more shops and our sales will increase.

Distribution Channel:





Promotional Strategies:

The promotion of the product i.e. the advertisement, sales promotion and other promotional tools can change the buying behavior because some of the individuals highly influenced by the advertisement of the product. We have decided to use integrated marketing communication in which there will be blend of different marketing promotional tools that will convey clear and consistent message of our product to the customers.

These Promotional tools which are given below:


Newspaper has the widest readership and circulation among our targeted market; these would carry most of the advertisements for the publication media. Also, the print ads will be published in other much read newspapers like be designed, i.e. half page and quarter page.


Tele commercials will be aired on sports channels and news channels as the viewer ship

Of these channels is highly common among the targeted market.


Billboards will be placed at busy roads in big cities. Billboards will be our most permanent and long lasting form of advertisement.

Promotional Vans and Activities:

Promotional vans would be deployed on public places which would distribute sugar cane juice for free giving out the message of being an instant energy drink. This campaign of free sampling would last for three months at least in order to make people aware of the benefits and the attributes. Also all the delivery vans distributor have will be printed by the advertisement of Freezy juice.

Promotional Activities includes the display of juice in the retail shops by paying retailers or giving discount on the juice. And deploying stalls outside or inside the shop so to bring in the product to the customers who came to the retail shop for purchasing and create awareness in them for the purchase of Freezy Sugar cane juice.


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