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Pricing And Non Pricing Strategies

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Wordcount: 1495 words Published: 15th May 2017

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This paper discusses about business proposal and details the pricing as well as non-pricing strategies. It also details the planning and operating decisions for the existing service that based upon the stage of economy in business cycle. It recommends an appropriate course for the service that based upon the projected credit markets and also evaluates how the current credit market affected the planning of goods and services. This paper recommends the business decisions in order to estimating the international economic conditions. It also concludes with this concept by providing internal economy effects for the planning of goods and services.

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Recommendation of pricing and non-pricing strategies

The pricing strategies were the strategies that encompassed in order to improve the economic stage in the business cycle. The cost plus pricing was the strategy that can calculate the cost of producing goods and services to the business cycle and this strategy have taken the consideration in the case of fixed and variable costs of new good or services in business cycle. The market oriented pricing was also the strategy that can set the price of goods and this price was dependent upon the pricing of competitors. Target pricing was the one that based upon the economic stage in the business cycle for the existing goods or services.

The non-pricing strategy occurred when the organization decided to distinguish its products from their competitor products in order to make the quality of service to the services. This strategy was also to maintain the market share without altering price. It included the advertising, service quality and longer opening hours for the exiting goods and services that based upon the stages of economic in business cycle (Mark Hirschey, 2008).

Operating decisions for goods or services

The operating decisions included the product, price distribution and advertising as well as promotion. The product was the operating decision that created as a result of a process and this product was the combination of tangible or intangible attributes for the existing goods and services that based upon the economic stages. The price was the second operating decision of goods and services in the case of providing the quantity of compensations that was given by one party to another party. In economic stages, the price was expressed in the form of currency.

The distribution was the third operating decisions that were the process of making service that available for using consumption and this consumption based upon the economic stage in business cycle. The three types of distributions were intensive distribution, selective distribution and exclusive distribution. The advertising was the best suitable concern for goods and services that informed to the potential customers about services for obtaining them and the promotion included the advertising for the product line.

Appropriate course for services

The Xerox planning model was the appropriate course of action to make the business decisions on projected economic state in the business cycle. This planning model was based upon the financial simulations for creating the proposed planning alternatives. This Xerox planning model was also computed the financial implications of alternative marketing and production policies under various environmental conditions and generated financial statements for each set of inputs in goods and services.

The optimum seeking capability was the form of Xerox planning model that developed for facilitating the selection, evaluation and alternatives of goods and services. This course of action recommended to the marketers in order to illuminate the indicators of forthcoming trends. The results of this course of action were affected by a continuation of macroeconomic trends in the global financial areas. The projected credit markets can get the innovation due to implementation of this course in the case of computing the financial goods and services (Tom Sant, 2012).

Current credit market conditions

The credit markets conditions could be used to raise the funds through debts issuance and the credit encompassed both investment grade bonds and short term commercial paper. The credit markets offered the bonds, securitized obligations to the goods and services that based upon the stages of economic in business cycle. The current credit markets affected the operating decisions positively by promoting the product, pricing, distribution as well as advertising to global marketing.

The planning or the operating decisions of services were established by the current credit marketing conditions. This credit marketing increased the facilities to get more profit for services by the protection of good credit marketing reputation. It was used to increase the quality of operating decisions for getting more service opportunities in business cycle. The special function of planning could be served by the current credit marketing conditions in order to increasing the morale value of goods or services that based upon the stages of economics in business cycle.

Business decisions

Utilization of variety of sources for collection of data

The business decisions were based upon the primary as well as secondary sources that could make the services effectively in order to enter into the business cycle. The primary sources included the survey methodology, sampling methods for the projected economic stages. The secondary resources included the internet research, published data and product data for the collection of data. This business was to store the information, protect the ethical issues.

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Understand a range of techniques to analyze the data

This was also the effective business decision in order to analyze the data for making the business purposes effectively. This business decision represented the value of mean, median and mode for making the valid conclusion for the goods or services. The standard deviation of this data analysis was used in the case of measuring the dispersion. The business values were dependent upon this range of techniques in order to analyze the business data effectively.

Effects of international economy

The international economy was having influences on the business planning or operating decisions positively. The international economy provided the power and authority to business planning or operating decisions. The business planning could also be implemented by the effect of international economy and also this economy provided the contribution in the case of enhancing the business goods and services. The business goods and services could be reached into the global market due to the impact of international economy.

The challenging influences could also mitigated by the effects of international economy that’s why operating decisions of business will be protected effectively. The business goods and services has benefited with the attainment of cheap labour, technology as well as capital and this effect had promoted the planning and operating decisions for the better enhancement of business goods and services. The business growth was also based upon the arrival of international economy that’s why this economy influenced on business planning positively.

Additional recommendations for economic conditions

Determine the pricing strategy to meet organizational goals

This was the recommendation in order to ensure the organization smoothly and this recommendation was based upon the economic conditions. The utilization of cost pricing was essential to the organizational products and services. This strategy recommendation could set the price at the production cost of company that included the fixed cost at the current volume, cost of goods and certain margin profits.

The pricing strategy was used to determine the product at lower prices and this recommendation was established in the case of addressing the new strategies for the development of organizational products and services. This recommendation also allowed the organization to capture the new clients in the market for building the image for the new products that’s why the implementation of pricing strategies was essential for an organization.


The concepts of business proposal and pricing as well as non-pricing strategies were discussed. The operating decisions of organizational services were detailed and the recommendations of appropriate course for projected credit markets were described. The conditions of current credit market on organizational goods and the recommendations of business decisions were examined. The influence of international economy on organizational products and the additional recommendations for the organizational improvement were concluded.


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