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Reflective commentary: Skills

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Wordcount: 568 words Published: 4th May 2017

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“Marketing” is one of the fundamental modules for marketing students. It is one of the marketing modules where it teaches and provides enormous knowledge about marketing strategy, management, communication, business administration and every single elements of marketing. A portfolio assessment is an exercise to know about reflect and understanding about future and potential job prospects, the major challenges, setbacks, successes and opportunities in examining future career prospects.

In marketing module we had to do a group presentation, group report, employability task, self Evaluation form, marketing graduate job vacancy search, Developing a graduate Curriculum Vitae (CV) for a marketing graduate job vacancy, writing a cover letter to go with the CV for the marketing graduate job vacancy.

Self Evaluation form:

In this task I had to answer some questionnaires with evidence to identify whether I already possess those skill or quality. This task basically divided in eight parts followed by:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Intellectual skills
  • Group and tem roles
  • Work experience
  • A personal prospective and
  • Career goal setting

By this task I identified and also figured out quality and position of my skills. It also assisted me to develop my skills which I need to improve. From this task I identified that communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-management skills and many more is my strengths skills. Even I have practical work experience with those skills in my career life. This will be really helpful to my future career. In other hand I identified that my intellectual skills is underprivileged then my other skills. It’s also assisted me to focus and develop on that skill. In actual career life these skills are related with every single time. This task provided my experience to classify my skills and develop that and I believe these skills will help to gain much work skills and will assist me to increase work efficiency.

Job vacancy search:

Marketing graduate job vacancy search is another employability task of this module. This task provided me different methods to search and applied for job vacancy. This task mainly divided in two parts followed by:

  • Job search and apply
  • Job analysis and matching

At first part from this task I learned that from where I can apply for job vacancy, which method will be easier and faster, from where I will get massive advertise for job vacancy, job description etc. Second part assisted me to do job analysis. Identified their technical requirement, essential qualification to apply this job, transferable skills, identify aptitudes skills and many additional requirements. I believe to apply for graduate job every candidates need those skills. Skills which I identified from this task I believe, that this skills will really help me in my future graduate job application. From this skills can easily identified most of the requirement for graduate job that employers are looking for and also assist to develop skill if have any lack in any skill.

Developing a graduate curriculum vitae (CV):

Developing a graduate curriculum vitae (CV) is one of the employability task


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