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Nike Football Marketing Report

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The purpose of this paper is to undertake discussion about the marketing mix of Nikes football boots. Nike football boots are one of the most immaculate products launched under the name of Nike. First of all the paper presents a brief introduction about the Nike’s football boots and the proper discussion about the marketing mix is done. In the discussion about marketing mix the element of product is discussed. This discussion entails product features and various football boots that are offered by Nike. The pricing strategy of Nike is discussed and a discussion is done about what makes Nike to charge premium price for its football boots. The stores and centres are mentioned in the section of place. The last and the most intriguing element of promotion mentions thriving and enchanting promotional stunts that are used to promote Nike’s football boots including celebrity endorsement of Ronaldo, TVCs and billboard. On the basis of the discussion of marketing a conclusion is presented. After analysis of the marketing mix few strategies are also recommended in the last part of the paper to enhance the marketing mix of Nike’s football boots.

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Ribbon Sport between the years 1964 and 1971 (Nike, 2013). The other brands in Nike Inc.’s portfolio are: The Converse Inc., Hurley International, Jordan Brand and the Nike Golf. The company however commenced operations in the design of football boots in the 1990’s and created the lightest boots recorded as at the time, The Nike Mercurial which weighed 200g. (Garenthmcknight, 2012).

The football boots remain the most immaculate and innovative products of Nike Inc. The boots offer perfect fit, exceptional feel and outstanding ball control as it implies innovative features. With the help of innovative techniques like asymmetrical lacing, strategic stud patterns and by implying All Conditions Control technology, Nike is able to produce these outstanding products. The products provides a wide range of collections to choose from; these include the firm ground to soft ground and indoor.

It is not only the product that has earned great response from customers but behind this product of football boots proper and well devised strategies are applied. One of the important facets of these strategies that sum up the overall product philosophy is marketing mix. The following part of the paper discusses marketing mix of the football boots of Nike.

Marketing Mix of Nike

The marketing mix (or the 4Ps as it is referred) is a marketing tool often used by Marketers to build a strategic plan towards the achievement of the corporate goal whilst also satisfying customers’ needs. The 4Ps is a combination or mixture of four elements put together to produce the desired plan of action ( Masterson and Pickton, 2010).

It was McCarthy who in the mid-twentieth century, called it the theory of the “Four Ps” as it uses four variables, whose initials in English starting with p. These four P’s are as follows:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price

Nike football boots are easily recognised from the ‘swoosh’ logo embedded on all product.


The product decisions should consider the product’s advantages and how they will be leveraged (Julian and Michael, 2012, 17). Nike Inc. has several products under its football boots brand and these are the Mercurial Range, Nike Tiempo, Nike T90, CR7, Customised Range (Nike, 2013).

Mercurial: This range of football boots were designed using ultra light and ultra responsive technology for the purpose of quick cuts in any direction. This product range features supreme control at high speed with the super lightweight dimpled design.

Nike Tiempo – Masterful Class: One of the classy pair of boots offered by Nike. The Tiempo is the oldest of the ‘swoosh’ designs. It was lauched in the summer of 2011 and produced in conservative colour except for the 2013 edition which are in red colour. This brand is designed to particularly improve water retention.

Nike T90 – Deadly Strike: Designed to deliver the deadliest strike on the pitch.

CR7: One of the most famous football boots in the world is CR7. This is the brand that has been endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo and ingraved with the “Love to win, hate to lose” graphics.

Custom Football Boots: This is another type of boots that are offered by Nike. As the name implies this product allows customers to customise their football boots according to the desired traction, colour and various other options of personalisation.

The various brands of the Nike football boots are designed for optima performance aced on the All Conditions Control (ACC) technology to provide optimal ball control in both wet and dry conditions. Three different types of Grind materials are used for the production of football boots. These three different types of Grind materials include upper fabric, foam of midsole and rubber for outsole. For the football boots each Grind material is used to make surface for football field. All products are availables in various colours.


The pricing strategy of Nike’s football boots can be described as competitive to the other sports shoe retailers. This pricing strategy of football boots is akin to the overall pricing strategy of Nike Inc product spectrum. The basis of the pricing strategy is of premium segment and target customers. The prices of Nike’s football boots are high when compared to other brands such as Adidas and Puma, however, this could be attributed to the premium quality of the products developed. These high prices are often associated with their successes in sports and with organisations. The price range of Nike’s football boots starts from £60 and goes up to $200. A price list of various products of Nike’s football boots is as attached in the appendix (Nike, 2013).


Place in the marketing mix means distribution channels, outlets and catchment areas. Strategies related to place indicate and takes into account different places where the sale of the product would be consummated (Charles, Joseph and Carl, 2008, 44). Nike Inc. is a global company with many outlets around the world. The exclusive stores sell the different products of the company which includes the various brands of Nike football boots. The football boots are stocked by retailers in almost 200 countries. In the United States alone, these football boots are sold to 20,000 retail accounts. With the help of independent distributors, licensees and subsidiaries Nike Inc. sells its football boots in the international market.


The business uses sponsorship to generate brand authencity in the competitive market. Advertising is a major tool used by the company to drive the brand. A few footballers currently sponsored by Nike football boots are Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Miroslav Klose. Other scores of promotional techniques are also adopted. A promotional strategy is adopted according to the situation and nature of the product. Following promotional schemes are used by Nike for the promotion of Nike football boots.

Television Commercials (TVCs)

TVCs that run on TV are full of inspiration and hold in-depth messages. The end product of these adverts are the psychological appeal by portraying stars from football arena. Nike’s football boots invites customers to have the experience of wearing these boots.


One of the most effective, most famous and most appealing promotional campaigns that is being practiced by the marketers of Nike’s football boots are the billboards. In the review of the billboard, attention must therefore be drawn to the brand logo and tag line. The tag line “Just Do It” play a major role in enthusing energy and sportsmen spirit among the target market. All billboard adverts undoubtedly have the swoosh and tag line present and without a doubt, these parts are the most recognised all over the world.

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Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is another techniques used by the Nike to attract the target market. These endorsements are regarded as the captivating technique. The football boots are endorsed by renowned, eminent and charismatic football players. Celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Andres Iniesta have been used for endorsement for various brands of the Nike football boots. These celebrities are also found on the companies websites and other advertising platforms. Celebrities chosen usually relate with the product and their personality compliment the product.

The SWOT Analysis

The need for strategic planning towards the actualisation of a company’s goals and objectives can not be over-emphasied. The strategic plan creates a framework for the development, performance expectation and maps out the goals of the furture. Nike’s marketing strategy would be further examined using the SWOT Analysis.


  • Nike football boots are produced using very innovative designs. There are three different types of Grind materials often used for the production of football boots. These three different types of Grind materials include upper fabric, foam of midsole and rubber for outsole.
  • High quality of products: The Nike football boots are associated with high quality products on all brands.
  • Sponsorship: The company is often associated with sponsorship of football players


  • The product prices are quite expensive when compared to other brands.


  • The company set to sponsor sport activities such as the Olympics and World Cup tournament.


  • The football boots are in extreme competition with other brands such as Adidas and Puma.
  • The global nature of the brand presents the company with a risk in the cost and margin imbalance.


This report provides in-depth analysis of the marketing strategies related to product, price, place and promotion of Nike football boots. On the basis of the discussion that is done in the above part of the paper it can be concluded that marketing mix is an important part of the marketing strategy. The discussion reveals that with the help of marketing mix and by implementing effective strategies Nike football boots are successful in positioning the right image in the eyes of the market. Marketing mix is the nub of all marketing strategy. In a way, it can be suggested that marketing mix provides direction to the brand and if it is implemented in the right way just like the marketing mix of Nike football boots is implemented then it leads the brand to touch the zenith and allows organization to operate business lucratively. The pricing strategy, the quality of product, product features, and the way it is being promoted all these strategies speaks for the brand and are consistent with the brand image.


Although the marketing mix of Nike’s football boots is in its perfect form and is doing well for the business but, still there is some room for improvement. Following recommendations can be made in order to enhance the brand image of Nike’s football boots.

The first strategy that can be adopted is of brand ambassador. Nike has brand ambassador but there is no specific brand ambassador for football boots. The product of football boots is endorsed by a lot of soccer players but there is no brand ambassador of Nike’s football boots.

Another thing that marketers at Nike can do to enhance the promotional campaign is to form a club. Just like Harley Davidson has a club for bike lovers Nike can also formulate online forums and clubs where soccer lovers can be the members and share their views not only about the game but about the product as well.

Just like “hoop it up” which is a basket ball event that is sponsored by Nike several football events can also be sponsored by Nike to promote Nike’s football boots.


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