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Disneyland Strategic Marketing Analysis

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This report present the comprehensive back ground of the company and also I tried my level best to cover all the relevant aspects in accordance to the assignment that I have given. Moreover four major areas are considered in this report which is motivation, problem statements, approaches, and results/conclusion.

In the interest of the reader, I believe that the reader will understand the background to organizational strategic marketing, issues relating to strategic marketing in an organization. And also reader will be able to understand the processes involved in making the strategic marketing plan. Most importantly it will make reader understand that how to plan and make a link between strategic marketing and corporate strategy of an organization.

The report is based on following pattern. First of all it will discuss clear view and comprehensive concept of strategy marketing and then models of strategic marketing. Moreover this report is related to these models of the Walt Disneyland resort. And also assesses the value of using strategic marketing tactics in an organization.

Conclusion of this report would be based upon the theories of marketing management, while keeping the main concept of the subject in order to understand and get on well. I have tried my level best to state the results in general, potential, or specific manner to a particular case, therefore I have managed to achieve ultimate understanding of the particular theory (strategic marketing) and I am quite confident that I have achieved my final objective to understand and impalement similar theory in future for further understanding and more benefit.

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“A creator and moderniser and the owner of one of the most productive thoughts the world has ever known, Walt Disney, beside with members of his staff, expected more than 950 decencies and documents from every nation in the world, counting 48 Academy Awards and seven Emmis in his lifetime. Walt Disney’s individual honours comprised nominal degrees from Harvard, Yale, the University of Southern California, and UCLA; the Executive Medal of Freedom; France’s Legion of Honour and Officer d’Academie streamers; Thailand’s Order of the Crown; Brazil’s Order of the Southern Cross; Mexico’s Order of the Aztec Eagle; and the Showman of the World Award from the National Association of Theatre Owners”

“Mickey Mouse was shaped in 1928, and his aptitudes were first used in a silent cartoon permitted “Plane Crazy.” Before the cartoon could be free, however, sound eruption upon the motion picture screen. Thus Mickey made his screen entrance in “Steamboat Willie,” the world’s first fully coordinated sound cartoon, which premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York on November 18,1928″

“Walt’s drive to faultless the art of cartoon was tireless. Technicolor was presented to cartoon during the manufacture of his “Silly Symphonies.” In 1932, the film “Flowers and Trees” won Walt the first of his 32 individual Academy Awards. In 1937, he free “The Old Mill,” the first short subject to utilize the multilane camera method”

“Thus, Disney absorbed the buying of 43 square miles of virgin land — twice the size of Manhattan Island — in the middle of the state of Florida. Here he master-planned entire Disney world of entertaining to include a new enjoyment theme park, a motel-hotel resort vacation centre, and his Untried Sample Community of Tomorrow. After more than seven years of master planning and training, including 52 months of actual building, Walt Disney World opened to the public as arranged on October 1, 1971. Epcot Centre opened on October 1, 1982”

1* “http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_bid_Disney-am-cid_perfume-am-lid_D__brand_history.html”

TASK – 1:

L.O- 1.1:

The role of strategic marketing could be defined as in today’s complex business environment is the ability of a business to attain cost-effective sales is impacted by dozens of conservational factors, many of which are consistent. It makes logic to try to bring some order to this turmoil by understanding the marketable environment and carrying some strategic logic to the process of marketing products and services.

A strategic marketing is valuable to every business. So that’s why its role is very important for organization while keeping following attribute in order to achieve long term objectives.

  • Classify sources of economic advantage
  • Achievement guarantee to a strategy
  • Get incomes needed to finance in and shape the business
  • Notify investors in the business
  • Established objects and plans
  • Degree of performance

L.O- 1.2

Well the process involved in making the strategic marketing plan is to focus on sales means focus on individual customers rather than market segments or market classes. However market segmentation is very important to analyse the customer needs and demands but after analysing market segments, customer Interests Company has to create strategic marketing plan. Strategic marketing process involves,

Market ResearchMarketing strategies

Product research and development




Refereeing to the case study Disneyland mainly focuses on following marketing strategies.

Sell extra to current customers

Growth of marketplace

Constant promotion

Always expand and add to your contributions

Chasing business

Sell extra to current customers strategy means when customers enter into the attraction there are always marketing announcement whether you are on trains, boats, trams and etc. these recording informs customers that how they can stay longer, upgrade their ticket to make most out of it while paying less. While in the parks customers can always get to know what coming up in regards to the vacations so that they can visit next time and get more benefits.

Growth of marketplace strategy means development of more Disney lands in other country’s for those who cannot travel to USA. It has increased their marketplace and expending their brand worldwide by building these country specific theme parks.

Constant promotion strategy is that they do not stop and start and then stop again their marketing strategies, they have their fixed budget provided every year to marketing department in order to keep their marketing promotion going on.

Always expand and add to your contributions strategy is they always add up new attraction to their exciting places. They always updated their old dated rides so that if customers visit next time they can experience different this time which makes them to visit next time. That’s again focus on customer retention strategy that how to keep regular customers coming.

Chasseing business strategy means they always take in to the account the slow time of the year and the fast time of the year. They do not stop promoting business in slow time of the year just because it’s slow, but they always try and improve their business and attraction in order to make their slow time of the business busier. That’s why people like to visit any time of the year.

L.O- 1.3

Well to evaluate the link between strategic marketing and corporate strategies I would like to explain the difference between these two and after you will find the links between these strategies of Walt Disney Company.

Strategic Marketing:

It is directly any strategically concerned with the long term activities and direction and scope performed by an organization to gain competitive advantage. While meeting stakeholders expectations the organization applies its resources within a changing environment to satisfy customer needs and demands.

Corporate strategy:

This could be defined as method to the future that involves inspection of the current and expected factors related with customers and competitors and the firm it, visualization a new or real role for the firm in a original way and supporting policies, performs, and resources to understand that dream.

Link between strategic marketing and corporate strategy of WALT

Well the corporate strategy and marketing strategies are directly related to each other because Disney’s indoor marketing strategies are considered as their corporate strategies. Corporate strategies help them to analyse where and when to open their other branch.

Corporate strategies gives them direction with objective of achieving long term goals recently their approaches have focused on the need for companies to adjust to and expect changes in the business situation. Their corporate strategy involves organization the purpose and scope of the organizations activities and the nature of their business. Through SWOT analysis they link their corporate strategies to the marketing strategies and then analyze them and then execute them accordingly.

TASK -2:

L.O- 2.1

The Strategic Marketing Planning Process









Figure 1.2


Figure 1.3 by Macdonald (1995)

The model above explain the process involve in strategic planning of an organization, now on the basis of the model above I will assess the value. According to the (“SUSAN L. LAURE”) this is goal based process which allows organization to focus on its mission and vision to achieve goals. This model does help organization to move forward and it is great practice to build a team because it offers the opportunities to let everyone in the company know that their thoughts and opinions are being considered. It lets everyone know that they belong to the organization.

More over one can achieve more valuable results from a decisive approach is contract on how to make the most of the organizations capital and the in deepness perceptive of the factor that involve those resources should conditions and situation change.

This model helps the organization to help to see the size of the organization in term of human resources which of course influence the main plan. It also helps organization to physical goals that they are seeking to reach. More over it provides a plan structure which makes sure constancy across distribution and each separation covers all the key aspect of the development process.

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It also makes directors to understand the situation clearly because it provides a large number of data. Also improve marketing skills within the company. It also increases the value to company’s data base and marketing investment. The implementation of marketing planning model gives an introduction to organization to implement the strategic planning process within an organization. The management is also dependent on the high quality process consultancy and training as well as sport tools. Experience has shown that the proper planning of marketing model makes an organization to achieve its objective.

L.O- 2.2

Link between strategic positioning of Disneyland Resort and marketing tactics mentioned above in the strategic marketing plan.

Strategic Positioning strategic marketing plan

Well there is very close link between strategic positioning and strategic marketing of Disneyland because both focus on continues growth of an organization. As far as strategic positioning is concern they conduct research to determine what the needs in order to promote are and position company where they want to.

To make strategic marketing plans for organization they consider much aspect on which they can produce exactly according to needs and demands of the customers. As discussed above that marketing provides them clear room to understand the long term objective and standing of an organization. That’s how they keep on changing their strategies no matter what time of the year are they in, or no matter customers want this or not.

Disney land strategic positioning provides different following questions to them,

What are their strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?

How customer takes our product?

Who are the target customers?

What is the image?

Competitive edge?

Communication to the right people?

Are we able to target our product to other market?

These are the question they see while undergoing the positioning for them self, if we commonly see the marketing aspect in those questions we can clearly see the link between these two terms because strategic marketing planning provides them the same kind of information in order to make their marketing plan well working. Marketing plane gives them the signs to achieve the ultimate goals while positioning based on marketing plane can point out where they exactly stands.

So marketing is the key element for them to make their position where they could differentiate their product from others, because they believe to be providing the best quality products to their customers as no one does in that capability.

Hence the link between these two is very common and regular infect both are dependent on each other in order to get ultimate goals.

“Beyond HR: the new science of human capital by john W. Boudreau, peter M. Ramstad”

L.O- 2.3

“Related Links: Relationship Marketing | CRM | Ladder of Customer Loyalty | Benefits of Relationship Marketing | Fishbone Analysis”

Well as discussed above that Disney is more concern that how to retain their oncoming customers that why their current marketing strategies are based on relationship marketing which can provides them help to achieve long term objective which is to open new Disney’s in other countries.

Relationship marketing could provide them ultimate objective because retaining consumers for long term offers many benefits. This is also aim for the company to obtain life time custom. Some of the merits of relationship marketing include:

Loyal customers will recommend your business to others, thus expanding your business for you.

Faithful customers are keen to try some of their new products, because they trust them.

Trust worthy consumers will advocate their business to others, thus expanding their business for customers.

Customers will be keen to pay more for their services/products if there is adjustment in pricing because they are loyal to company and trust their services/products.

Loyal customers will tell them about problems with their goods/services enable to get better your products/services.

The final benefit will be boost sales, market share and authority.


Hence keeping all points mentioned above are the clear picture that how relationship marketing could help them to contact with their current customers in order to increase their new customers. Because it’s always about words of mouth old customer experience and will let their known people know about the experience they had which is the key point to increase the limit.

If they found their product and service best they will for sure let others know and then others will buy their products. As mentioned that they increase their marketing campaign by giving their customers the best product and services. They constantly changed their marketing planning in which they have given different kind of gift vouchers to their customers so that they can come next time and avail that which actually make they to come back and use those vouchers.


In the end we can conclude this report by mentioning that Disney land has broad and wide network and has the best team force in order to make decision and implement them as a betterment of an organization.

Moreover corporate strategies and marketing strategies play vital role for an organization to obtain long term objective, Disney’s corporate and marketing strategies are well managed to get their goals completed in given time. As we have discussed lot about their marketing strategies and corporate strategies I think their


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