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The effects of negative publicity

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Can negative information about a product increase sales, and if so, when? Although popular wisdom suggests that “any publicity is good publicity,” Research before a negative result, negative press is performed. Negative or word of mouth has been established, for example, product evaluation and sales violated. Econometric analysis and combination of experimental methods, we delineate the references to these approaches in parallel to the adverse effects of negative publicity for a product. Specifically, Now we argue that the negative publicity and the probability distribution can increase product awareness. Therefore, the negative publicity than unfamiliar products have different effects on set. Three studies support this view. Books hurt sales of the books of famous authors of the increased sales of lower consciousness, as the New York Times article was negative. Further study advertising and purchasing opportunities and increased awareness of thesecurity underscores the importance of a distinction between the mediating roles.

Negative publicity is often painful. When a rumour that your hamburger at McDonald’s uses worm meat, sales drop by more than 25% . Viacom Inc. Chairman Sumner Redstone Mission Impossible the negative publicity cost over three million U.S. dollars in ticket sales is estimated at 100 (and film experts suggest that it “almost impossible to overcome bad buzz”

Scientific research confirms this view and the old adage that casts further doubt “any publicity is good publicity.” Negative publicity about a product has been shown that the product and brand valuation, present value of all losses and distribution company. See negative film, such as lack of cash receipts.

A number of interesting examples, but these findings seem to contradict it. A wine described Remember “stinky, socks, how” for example, saw its sales by 5%after it is reviewed by a leading wine website. Similarly, the movie Borat constantly made fun of the country of Kazakhstan, Hotels. coma “300 percent more inquiries about the country’s report was published after the film. Although these examples illustrate, they have the special nature of the negative publicity is not always bad. Negative publicity can have a truly positive impact? And if so, when?

This paper examines the negative publicity. In the interest of consumers and marketing science combines psychology, we examine how the revenue raised to the negative publicity of a product or service.

This paper examines unenthusiastic advertising. In the spirit of between consumer psychology and marketing science (Winer 1999, Wittink 2004) we look at how sales are trigger by negative publicity of a product or service

Negative Publicity

Negative publicity is negative publicity that a company has a specific reason that can cause potentially devastating consequences due may incur.

The company’s reputation with its customers and competitors who have started badly in the middle. Needless to say, it hurts really bad business.

The causes of negative publicity can be various:

    Disappointed (ex) employee

    Annoyed customers

    Misleading interpretation of blogs/forum posts/interview excerpt

    Mischief mongers distribution unconfirmed rumour.

As Winston Churchill once said : “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” That is ‘advantage’ with negative publicity.

Negative Publicity and Sales

Negative publicity can sometimes increase sales?  “New York Times review and analysis of sales of books, it shows. With respect to non-covered, although the New York Times reviewed a book sale, in some cases in which a reviewer panned the book raised. Furious people book, for example, a new writer, wrote a certain amount of negativefeedback. More importantly, negative versus positive results described in cases of negative publicity.

While sales and positive reviews than negative reviews that the authors were new or well established roses hanging from the impact. As predicted, A negative contribution to hurt sales of books by established authors, but also helpedsales. Books by relatively unknown authors.

This is our proposal that the existing product awareness depends on the impact of negative publicity is compatible with.

Also included VALENCE about the role of popularity of the product as a result of ourpublic viscosity plays the tips. Established authors selling books about positive andnegative publicity different effects on their books by new writers have had similar effects. The first evidence for the hypothesis that negative publicity Memory effect positive valence may be due to separation of tenders.

Pattern of results casts doubt on the alternative explanation. One could say that negative reviews at the moment because a positive effect, our revised its quality is indicated. The mere fact that a book is discussed in The New York Times indicate that the universe of books available on it is an excellent book. Details, however, that post (whatever that is) always sales figures show, the result is not the case shows the increases. Negative selling books by established authors.

Non-financial implications in relation to the company’s reputation so we managers, top management in the community for loss of reputation, emotional trauma in the fall about stinging cross-examination to address the public in accordance with the company through loss of picture Much more work ethic. Jobless and angry, he vows to return to the company and its potential health hazards ofdiapers about a rumor starts. Rumors say unhealthy amounts of bleaching agent to be present in the diaper liners. Exposed to frequent, and both the child and his guard in thisirreparable skin damage can be chemical poisoning.

Negative campaign negative reactions may be the source of the campaign. In addition to the content of negative advertising, advertising links are also important to analyze how they are effective approaches impact on the electorate to see political candidates.

Negative Publicity and role of time

A study showed negative publicity has a positive effect, while in the process will emphasize the important role of time. Regardless of whether anticipants immediately report or any delay likely to buy even after the negative publicity hurt sales of popular Unknown products, however, valence effect of advertising gradually dissipate. Assuming that the unknown value ad to recall products pales, products of unknown valence a delay was unlikely to change the display according to the purchase. Also, forunknown resources, a negative re-evaluation of the effect over time was positive. This suggests that the valence of publicity at the time fades, moves are possible awareness could afford.

Negative Publicity for increasing Product Awareness

Results of another study conditions to clear negative ad negative impact is positive.

Compared to non-promotional at all, whether the same negative reviews or product sales expected to increase at present dependent on cultural awareness is being reviewed. While a book that was to go on sale to the possibility of a negative review, they removethe possibility of a previously unknown book increase.

The positive effects of negative publicity results in increased awareness of the critical role of product displays. A product that was already well known valence ad decided to finish

not strong, but people post reviews affect product quality andpurchase more positive than negative in a way much like the investigation led to.Even if general awareness is low, but we recommend that negative publicity Maybe a little positive effect when product awareness and reach People to reach the top.

Process is different, but for an unknown product. Whether positive or negative publicity, which is the product awareness, which in turn increases the probability increases or no purchases. The notion that the negative publicity by test set is compatible with increased sales.

Also, the option to throw doubt on the findings of a series of statements. Even then negative product is safe and can be argued to increase incentives, promotions can be evaluated, it is unlikely than likely be purchased. While it increasingly pessimistic book accountability for product not reviewed by the author is identified, the review of the product did not increase.

Also, the fact that valence evaluation is biased reviews of these products, but not unheard of products is a certification that the goods that are less known, fade over time, promote quality offer. Based on the content of consciousness to another account suspected interference.

Example :

Other data we composed put forward that it may. We Amazon.com a number of years for Michael Jackson’s album sales ranking analysis as well as the stars that receive negative publicity is a measure of negative attention, or not, selling directly correlated to the visible nature. Once child abuse or balcony Jackson dangling his baby after the report was sold on the album. Although these events have nothing to do with the quality of Jackson’s music, they affect the sales of a system can be used to see. With the possibility of a top product should increase signals in the environment in mind to be ideological. Increasing media attention on him, Jackson was more accessible in the minds of consumers, in turn, is likely, that he should increase his music now.

A very popular hospital in India has this caption “WE HOPE YOU DON’T NEED TO VISIT US…PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH”

This was a good strategy by the hospital marketing team which decided to something different from what all other hospitals advertised. While most other hospitals had branded themselves as “technologically most advanced”, or “leader in healthcare” or “5 Star Hospital” this hospital branded itself emotionally and advertised itself thus which indirectly conveyed that they are not interested in making money out of our illness but we would only be there to help you. They underlined this thought with their caption where they convey that they hope customers don’t need them.

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Here the condom company in focus had followed the scare strategy where it scared it’s customers to use a condom  in the scare of AIDS. While all other brands of condoms had tried to positively highlight the various aspects like “Long Lasting” or “Special Flavoured” or “Ultimate Sex Aid” and such captions, this one used the Public Sentiment on AIDS to capture audience attention. A large banner with a condom packet showed and in big words below it was written DONT USE ME … but below that in finer print but very much visible to even the casual onlooker was IS YOU WANT AIDS. This is another good advertisement for negative marketing of a product to capture customer attention. It looked like an ad issued in social interest.


In summary, Although companies and individuals are often much less negative publicity attempt, our results that in some cases actually show a positive effect. While major motion picturesor books, manufacturers will try to press it, or even small producers can stir up negative publicity can be expected negative unconscious.

This means that all negative information has a positive effect, and it is always important to understand consumer sentiment. That all the negative publicity or word of mouth should not be assured. Direct advertising to consumers often try to discount, but because of negative publicity, direct appeal do not like the product seems to slip under the wheels and can be such a strong effect. In summary, although unenthusiastic publicity is not always a good thing, in some belongings, negative can really be positive.

Future research, advertising and impact assessment form as the consumer may consider other factors. One such factor is the margin of the re-evaluate. Depends on the effect of negative publicity Soon it may be weak or strong negative effects as positive after the delay was. In fact most of the negative publicity, however, people turn away, can easily increase the negative publicity and interest in much less time should be to have a positive impact. Another feature is that the reasons that are appropriate for readers to post offers. Just the product’s features and sometimes perverted influence consumer brand choice among them as your interests, reviews, attaching irrelevant to see the bad effectis unfair and actually hurt more positive assessment.

Future work may reflect the negative publicity increases product reviews. Repeated exposure to a stimulus can increase liking, and thus even negative consideration might increase choice and sales from beginning to end making produce more familiar.


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