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The Google Project Glass

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Wordcount: 2851 words Published: 12th May 2017

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Google Project Glass is a prototype glasses program developed by Google Inc. for an augmented reality head-mounted display the device will display information in smartphone based format; it was hands free and could interact with the every application via voice command. Project Glass was mainly made for everyone to share their world and lifestyle to their family and friend; it is also made for convenience of our life we could access to features like internet access, phone/video calling, calendar appointment, gps (Global Positioning System) and many more from anywhere.

Google Inc. it is an American multinational corporation that provides Internet-related products and services, including search engine, cloud computing, software and advertising technologies. The company is best known for its search engine and advertisement services and it was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998.

Product is anything that can be offered to a market. It is also the idea, physical goods, or image of the thing that we are trying to market or position. This can be anything from a vehicle (if you’re a car dealership) to character and image (in the case of politicians or celebrities). Our goal is to put your product into the mind of consumers that provides you with the most favourable outcome.

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Google Glasses is an special glasses that has extraordinary feature compared to the normal glasses, it has one head mounted display (HUD) lens at the left side of the glasses which enable us to see and access to every app and features, user will be able to see floating apps and running system inside the transparent lens then will be able to access to any app by using voice command. Google Glasses can be used in every place by just wearing it, it’s so much more convenience compared to smart phones due to its voice command and hands free feature, you can access to any app, calling and messaging without picking up your smartphone and press on any button everything will be done for you just by voice commanding.

Google Glasses also offered some useful features for the youngster like online check in, Video Calling, Photo Sharing, Music Playing, Camera and Internet Access. these feature are widely used by nowadays youngster either by computer or smartphones but Google Glasses has made it more convenience for everyone to access to these feature, with Google Glasses everyone can easily access to social network like Facebook to check in their location and share their thoughts, Take a photo with the angle of what you saw, video calling with your friends and family to show them what you are watching, hear your favorite music and access to the internet from anyway. There are also some features that are good for the working classes like Calendar Appointment and GPS (Global Positioning System), internet access, Hands free messaging and calling. Calendar appointment feature allow us to book any appointment easily and there is an auto reminder when we are close to your appointment. With the internet access and gps system we will be able to book any ticket through online and go to your destination easily, however the hands free calling and messaging is the most important feature Google Glasses has ability to read and write what we said through owner’s voice command.

Google Glass only come with one color and one size, the main reason Google Glass only used one color for the product which is white is because it looked neat and simple and the size is the standard size of an glasses.


Placement is how or where the product is distributed or displayed. As are the other 3 elements of the marketing mix and the 4 P’s, placement is how we get the product to the people who end up buying your product.

The first priority sales country should be in developed first world country like United State, Japan, Singapore and Korea these countries have most population access to the most advanced technology. Google Glasses is also aim to be sold to the youngster and the business people on generation x and z it provides variety of attractive features which may satisfy the their needs, for the youngster they usually wanted something new like the voice commanding and head mounted display (HUD) display feature it is something new.

Google Glasses will be available through official website and computer related concept or reseller store, Placing Google Glasses to be sold on its own official website is the first priority because it benefits Google website to be accessed from anywhere in the world, increased traffic on website Google could place advertisement for other product or services and will be able to place the most updated product information for the customer, instead of posting your latest brochure or clients account statement, why not allow them to access it via Google website? Furthermore it benefits by direct selling to the customer so Google could cutout the middle man expense and cost, also Google Glasses can be sold for 24 hours a day, every customer can place their order anytime with internet access this will encourage more customer to buy Google Glasses because of its convenience ‘customers can shop 24 hours a day from anywhere without going to the store physically.’ (Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong, 1998) By placing Google Glasses on sale only on official website is not enough, middle man is always needed because there are some customer who want to view and test on the product first before buying, having the middle man will help demonstrate and increase sales of the product, nevertheless there are some elders or developing country with less internet access they could not get to know about Google Glasses easily. Placing Google Glasses to be sold on reseller store will bring awareness to the customer, more customer will get to know about the product existed and for sale, it’s a free advertisement. Having Google Glasses to be sold on reseller store will also create a competitive environment for reseller store it will keep the sales advisor to keep competitive try their best to sell the product.


Promotion always involves promotion mix which is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and direct marketing a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. Quite often we as marketers place the large majority of our time on promotion. It makes sense given that this is the easiest to measure and track results. However, we really need to ensure that we give attention and focus to the other 3 P’s as well. We can greatly hinder the promotional efforts if we have one of the other elements that is lacking (e.g. you have a great product and spend a ton on advertising, but you have a difficult time getting it to those who buy.

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Google Inc. could gain the awareness of public by doing promotion to Google Glasses through internet marketing, advertising and sponsorship. Of course the internet marketing has been the first priority way to advertise Google Glasses; the internet marketing is one thing through which promotion of a product can be done very easily. As the entire marketing is done on the web, Google Inc. will not have a hassle in this task. Out of all the kinds of marketing ways this is the easiest one for the company. Not much of capital required to initiate with internet marketing for Google Glasses. Even after less capital investment the ratio of profit that one can ear through internet marketing is very high. ‘The internet is one of the most valuable marketing tools available today. This is actually more frugal than TV or print advertising. It is also good to note that despite how inexpensive online marketing is. ‘ (Reasons Why Online Marketing is Indispensable, 2011) Therefore this is a very money spilling alternative for Google Inc. therefore internet marketing also help the market expansion of Google Glasses by choosing the internet marketing as the marketing option for Google Glasses, the product will be able to invite everyone on the world of internet. There will be no boundaries for the product to connect to the people of other countries. This is the option that Google Glasses will get to make international customers at no extra cost. This is the biggest benefit for Google Glasses. Furthermore internet marketing also brings availability benefits like twenty four hour services for Google Glasses customers. So even if it is a holiday, Google Glasses customers will still stick to it that day. In addition the customer will not have to leave it due to the time factor. They can now avail the advertisement anytime of the day or the night. Internet marketing also brings good credibility it avails Google Glasses an opportunity to tell the potential, capability and history. It gives the customers a chance to build trust on the company and product by having a website. These are certain benefits that internet marketing can avail the company. It is thus considered as the best option for enhancement of a company. With online marketing Google Inc. don’t have to wait weeks to see a significant boost. With a paid search marketing campaign Google Inc. can experience real-time results that enable Google Inc. to fine-tune the marketing message to achieve the desired effect. If the marketing strategy isn’t working effectively, real-time monitoring tools allow you to easily pin-point exactly where you are going wrong.

Having promotion through print media and soft media advertising for Google Glasses is the second way to achieve high level of awareness to the public, there are many ways to advertise such as newspaper, magazine, television, radio and many more. By having Google Glasses to be advertised on print media like newspaper and magazine will also get a high reach prospective to the product; this is because magazines and newspaper are what many people read daily and it will get passed from family to friends to customers to colleagues and so on. Furthermore advertising on magazine there will be a section of glossy ads, unlike newspaper, magazine offer great scope to glossy ads. These are usually trend setting and eye catching. The best thing is that everybody loves to look again and again at glossy ads. So it could maximum visibility through all the consumers, which is why it is stated often that consistent advertising ensures a cumulative effect. ‘Magazine advertising’s major benefit to businesses is its ability to display higher quality images than either direct mail or newspaper.’ (Russell Huebsch, [n.d.]) The more familiar buyers are with a brand, the more likely they would buy it. That is why print media advertising will never be out of fashion. By having promotion to be placed in newspaper and magazine also gave Google Inc. an option to choose the special ads positioning, it was a major advantage in magazine/newspaper advertising is that an advertiser can request special ad positioning. This means Google Inc. can ask that your ad is placed in a specific page or within a column article. This will bring greater visibility to the brand. This is also commercially more effective as potential buyers would notice it. It is a different matter if you don’t want to specify where the ad should appear. However advertising on print media and soft media also allow Google Inc. ability to specific target audience, the advantage of catering to specific target audience opens up countless opportunities to enhance sales figures. Since Google Glasses targeted market segmentation is youngster and working classes so Google Inc. should prioritise their advertisement to be on where the targeted classes will be always reading or watching, for example hitz.fm radio channel where all the youngster will hear or television news channel where the most working classes will watch and most commonly the newspaper where everybody read. Advertising on television will bring the advantages of sophistication. TV has the advantage of sophistication ahead of any other medium. Visual and auditory stimulation combined can be a powerful advertisement, especially when enhanced with advertising creativity. Interesting camera angles on a 3d product, realism and the combination of pictures and words is instantly exciting, particularly when compared with the more sedate appearance of newspaper advertising. Television advertising has the ability to show a product, demonstrate its use and the benefits of ownership or consumption. Well-executed TV advertising can persuade families to make instant decisions about purchasing products. ‘One of the greater TV advertising advantages is the use of several mediums to promote your product or service. Television combines sight, sound and emotion to target different types of responses from viewers’ (What are the Advantages / Disadvantages to TV Advertising?, 2011)

Consequently, sponsorship is also a good way to enhancing brand awareness and image. Sponsorship doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact it can be an excellent way to expand Google Inc. marketing dollars and reach a larger audience than you could afford to reach through more traditional forms of advertising. It can be a cost-effective and powerful marketing method, for example the Olympic sport game always has the most sponsorship partners like. McDonalds, Coca Cola, Acer and many more, those are the companies that want to improve their branding image.


Price is the amount of money charged for a product. It is also about what consumer are willing to pay for a product. Pricing strategy? I believe non-monetary values like time should also be fallen under the price element as even though there is no money being exchanged, consumer is giving the energy and resources. Depending on the type of product, price may or may not play that large of an impact on sales. However, the pricing will greatly affect the position in the marketplace in consumer’s minds.

Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, as it is the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization. Google Glasses will be using skimming pricing and premium pricing in order to penetrate into the market.

Since Google Glasses is a new product, price skimming has become very essential to helps Google Inc. in recovering the research and making costs which are related with the development of new product. When introducing a new product to a market with no competition, Google Inc. has the opportunity to take the early adopters in the market to use them as brand evangelists. Early adopters are willing to pay a higher price for the product, so pricing goods using a price-skimming strategy doesn’t dissuade consumer from purchasing. As brand evangelists, early adopters spread news about the product through word-of-mouth marketing. ‘The initial purchasers, the early adopters, are willing to pay a higher price for the product because they want the product immediately.’ (Eric Novinson, [n.d.]) The buzz they generate can increase sales and help further brand a product. Some consumer look for quality product when they are shopping, Quality is measured by many way, with price being a measure used by many consumers as they shop for everything from foods to electronics. Product priced by using a price skimming strategy is perceived as high-quality product. Moreover, because Google Glasses is a unique product it usually has the best chance of commanding premium price, especially the true technology product. Premium pricing is not very useful when there is a direct competition for a product. Competitors tend to lower the price and lead to poor sales. Because of this premium pricing is always a short-term strategy; the longer Google Inc. can keep its competitive advantage, the longer the product can be charge a premium price. Many products start out at premium prices, but the price is cut once competitors appear on the market. However, premium pricing strategy is using to maximize profit in areas where customers are willing to pay more, where there are barriers to entering the market or when the seller cannot save on costs by producing at a high volume. Premium pricing strategy can also be used to increase the brand identity in a specific market. This is called price-quality signaling, because of the high price signals to consumers that the product is high in quality. Some companies use this strategy to give their product an aspirational image. For example, according to BetaNews, Apple now has 91 percent of the market in computers costing $1,000 or more. The company has used premium pricing to capture the market for high-end, high-quality computers.


Google Glasses will bring convenience to our life and will also contribute inspired, innovated technology to the society with the proper marketing mix strategies Google Glasses will be able to sell to worldwide anytime soon.


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