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The Icon Of Malaysia

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The destination is on icon of Malaysia the tallest twin tower in the world located in kuala lumpur capital of Malaysia twin tower is called as Petronas twin tower an most attractive place in Malaysia and assured as icon of Malaysia every tourist visiting to Malaysia will first visit to twin towers only and after that they proceed another place because most of the tourist people use to come for Malaysia for seeing the beauty of twin towers and the view from twin towers explore them the beauty of kuala lumpur, every day more than 1700 people visit to twin towers and 1000 people are allowed per day to enter into twin towers it is play an main role in Malaysia’s tourist attraction.

The main objective of this review is to gain knowledge on destination competitiveness and the economic condition of Malaysia and travel & tourism policies in Malaysia.

The main purpose for making this paper is to gain the knowledge about destination competitiveness and how it is useful for tourist and how much people are visiting to country or place this paper reflect the economy profile of destination and advantage of country and how much people are indulged in tourism industry and how it is benefit for local people countries economy.

The roadmap of this paper is first analysing about icon of Malaysia and its culture and how it is helping for national growth it has been analysed through online research regarding countries travel & tourism policies and economic profile of the country this paper contain comparative study and competitiveness of Malaysia.


Jan 1992 Start of project planning

Mar 1993 Start of foundation works

Apr 1994 Growth of the superstructure

Jan 1996 Appropriate out of the designs complete with furniture

Mar 1996 Jacking of the spires of Framework 1 and Framework 2

Jan 1997 Going in of the first set of PETRONAS’ personnel

31 Aug 1999 Official beginning by YAB Dato Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad,

the 4th Main Reverend of Malaysia

petronas towers mock-up model without pinnacles, spires petronas towers pinnacles, spires under construction

pair of skyscraper offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that are among the globe’s highest structures. The Twin towers, owned by KLCC Holdings Sdn Bhd developed to house the head office of Petronas, the nationwide oil organization of Malaysia, were developed by the Argentine-born American designer Cesar Pelli; they were finished in 1998.

Interesting Facts about the Petronas Towers

http://laptopgardener.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/Malaysia1.jpg http://www.petronastwintowers.com.my/deploy/images/skybridge/big/image3.jpg

Petronas Systems were developed at a huge cost of US $ 1, 2 billion dollars.

The towers are developed on the site of earlier track of Kuala Lumpur.

The towers, together, have 1,000,000 square gauge of ground area.

The towers, combined, have 32, 000 windows, 1,800 doors, and 765 stairways.

They were developed to signify elegance and durability using geometrical concepts shown in Islamic framework.

Without the best, the towers measure 378 gauge (1,240 feet).

Petronas, the nationwide oil-company, is the main tenant of the towers.

Though the building process was finished in 1998, the towers were formally started out on 28 Aug’ 1999.

The structures contain 80,000 cubic measures tangible, almost 11,000 lots of encouragement, and 7,500 lots of architectural steel supports and trusses.

Twin Systems are aspect of the 100-acre KLCC Growth.

The Skyway, linking the towers, is closed on Monday. Free passes to visit the towers must be obtained on first-come, first-served basis.

Visitors are allowed to access the link at 41st stage because 42nd stage is filled by renters.


The Twin Towers Of Culture And Progress

At first glance, the Petronas Twin towers is an intricate display of contemporary framework in all its elegance and magnificence, but a closer look shows wisely intertwined elements of Malaysia’s social history and custom in its unique style. While social history and contemporary development may seem like opposite ends of the variety – one symbolising the past and the other the long run, both come together beautifully in the Petronas Twin towers, ranking it as a representational product symbol of Malaysia.

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The Double Towers’ 88-storey elegance is set in the center of Kuala Lumpur’s organization region looking over a group of commercial, social and vacation locations of worldwide requirements like Suria KLCC, Asy-Syakirin Mosque, KLCC Park, the Malaysian Philharmonic Band, the Mandarin Asian and KL Meeting Center. Crowd of guests, both regional and worldwide, are attracted to this city centre hub of music, shopping, organization and enjoyment. A stunning back drop, the picture of the Double Towers’ massive existence has had its fair proportion of worldwide exposure through the Asian X-Games in 2002, which set the pace for many more events to come later on. Still standing great as the globe’s highest twin towers at 452 meters

Petronas_Twin_Towers), the Double Towers’ Unique Selling Undertaking is its embodiment of regional styles and elements in its contemporary framework. More often than not, social history is left in the awaken of contemporary success but this certainly is where the Twin towers is an exemption because its exterior framework and style are filled with Malaysian styles and elements. A cross section of the Twin towers shows as one of the building’s most popular style features of Islamic influence – a floor-plan similar to an eight-point Islamic celebrity design symbolising balance and durability. As guests trip the decorations of the towers, other conventional and contemporary Malaysian elements such as songket styles, wood designs and mengkuang weavings are discovered well combined into its contemporary internal.

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Apart from its architectural accomplishment as the highest twin towers on the globe, the Double Towers’ consistent product ranking as a popular heart of Kuala Lumpur’s sky line, both in the dark of night and the mild of day, has psychologically placed the Twin towers as the pleasure of Malaysians. Our pleasure in the Twin towers can be seen in a wide range of mementos of all designs, fine wood designs, crafts and pewter. Visitors and guests take a item of our Malaysian symbol back to their birthplace where the Twin towers stand happily as a Malaysian product. As serves to international guests, a trip to the Twin towers sky link is an absolute must on the plan. Let us confess it, the Twin towers has emotional post of pleasure and sentimentality connected to every Malaysian’s center.

The Double Towers’ famous product picture also caught the attention of home, Jon Amiel, as the primary activity location for the Smash hit film Entrapment, featuring Superstars Catherine Zeta Jackson and He Connery. The top of the activity film, as both Superstars escape their pursuers by moving beneath sky link at 750 legs above the earth, was a spectacular situation that taken the Twin towers as an memorable movie milestone.

After all is said at length, what creates the Twin towers a truly Malaysian product Even as a spectacular framework, the Petronas Twin towers truly symbolizes Malaysia’s social and modern features that have put Malaysia on the globe map. When people across the globe see the Petronas Twin towers, they see the west, they see our modern development, they see Malaysia as it truly is. And that is what creates the Petronas Twin towers a truly Malaysian product that all Malaysians are extremely pleased of.

Petronas Double Structure also known in the area as KLCC is the most essential developing in Malaysia. In Malay it is known as Menara Berkembar Petronas or KL-Zee-Zee. It also known as Freezing Structure of Petronas for many Dot A players. It is created of ingrown toenails. On a clear days the towers are visible from Jakarta, gaining tens of countless numbers Indons every season. That’s how great it is! The flashing mild of the towers is frequently used by Indonesian aircraft as guide for direction. There are frequent accidents during obscure night time.

The Twin towers are the only true symbols of Malaysia and certainly more efficient and useful than Indon’s Monas. Without this developing, the globe might still be unaware to Malaysia- especially those people from other countries in the West who still think that Malaysians still live in plants like their others who live nearby in Philippines. Philippines has very attached to feeling towards these towers because the development provided career for a large number of Indonesian. Not to forget a few Bangladeshis who gave their lives developing this tower.

Comparative studies in malaysia’s competitiveness

Malaysia is rated 7th domestically and 32nd overall, with its wealthy organic sources (ranked 21st) and good ground transportation facilities (ranked 28th).The nation also advantages from fantastic cost competition (ranked 4th), with low relative resort and petrol costs, low admission taxation and terminal expenses, very aggressive resort costs, and a favorable tax program.

Malaysia’s strategy environment is evaluated as extremely favorable to enhancing the market (ranked 9th), and the nation is showing priority for Journey & Tourism; it marketplaces the nation at many worldwide vacation gatherings (ranked 1st) and also has an outstanding assessment for its destination-marketing strategies (ranked 12th).With regard to flaws, health and cleanliness signs lag

behind those of many other nations in the area, with, in particular, a low doctor density (placing the nation 94th).

Malaysia is rated 32nd in this year’s TTCI (travel and tourism index). According to the UNWTO, almost 21 million tourists frequented Malaysia, in (2007) earning the nation US$14 billion dollars in vacation invoices. In 2008, visitors of Global Visitor, a journal focused at US companies, recognized Malaysia as the “best worldwide destination” for the third successive season.

Among Malaysia’s resources and sightseeing opportunities are its contemporary framework ,exotic nature, vibrant conventional slots, and ancient north eastern history as well as the nation’s intercultural Asian environment. The nation’s investment, Kuala Lumpur, itself provides many locations, ranging from the most contemporary high-rise framework to conventional marketplaces and spiritual ancient monuments.

The Malaysian Tourism industry was formed in 1992, but it was not until 2004 the govt developed the Secretary of state for Tourism. Malaysia strongly prioritizes the vacation market (ranked Twenty third in the relevant pillar), guaranteeing its existence in all major worldwide vacation gatherings (ranked 1st). Furthermore, the nation has effective destination-marketing and marketing strategies for instance, the Kuala Lumpur Meeting Centre winning the 2008 Brand Laureate Prize recognizing “excellence in product branding” provided by the Japan and Hawaiian Brands Foundation. Government initiatives to slam up its worldwide promotion attempt to new marketplaces have included enhancing a focused television campaign focused at gaining tourists from the Middle Eastern area, for which the nation provides many locations, such as the point that it is a primarily Islamic nation.

Key resource marketplaces such as those of the United States are also being focused with promotion strategies to entice consumers who are currently less familiar with Malaysia’s vacation providing than they are with some other East Asian vacation locations Malaysia has a huge providing of social sources, with its many spiritual and cultural groups creating Malaysia a culturally different nation.

The govt has created considerable initiatives to protect its social history while simultaneously assisting enhancing new resorts, convention facilities, and sightseeing opportunities. An example of the successful promotion of Malaysia’s conventional and nationwide history was the addition in 2008 of the ancient places of Mekala and Georgetown added in UNESCO World Heritage list. Malaysia has wealthy organic sources (ranked 21st), such as the world Heritage Natural sites of Malaysia that both are located on the island of Borneo.

Economic profile and strategy conditions of Malaysia

Malaysia’s policies and rules impacting the vacation market are favorable to the sector’s development, a principal where it rates 9th overall. Specifically, the nation is recognized by well-protected property rights, clear govt policymaking, and relatively short period required to start a organization. Furthermore, Malaysia requires vacationer visas from very few nations, creating the nation an accessible location for tourists from almost all UN nations.

In terms of cost competition in the travel &Tourism market, Malaysia stands out as a very affordable location (ranked 4th in this pillar) with low admission taxation and terminal expenses, low petrol costs, and very aggressive resort costs (ranked 6th on the place cost index). Ranked 35th for its air transportation facilities, Malaysia has a huge variety of operating air carriers, high-quality air transportation facilities, and an worldwide air transportation network that provides relationships to the nation’s key worldwide offshore marketplaces.

In an attempt by the Malaysian vacation reverend to connect with even more worldwide locations, Air Malaysia and Air Mauritius have registered in a collaboration in which they discuss routes to different locations within Malaysia, thus improving the importance of Kuala Lumpur as a entrance to other essential locations such as Australia, Thailand, and Chinese suppliers.

Malaysia is rated Twenty eighth for the fantastic of its ground transportation facilities, with its streets and railroads particularly mentioned for their top fantastic. Malaysia rates a reasonable 36th for the option certified perform to perform in the market, although the Secretary of state for Tourism deplores the considerable perform require in the Travel & Tourism sector; according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2008 this market paid for approximately 5 percent of total career in the nation.

Recent research has revealed a low turnout of job candidates to numerous opportunities. This situation can be in aspect described by the point that many vacation experts choose to perform in nearby nations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Chinese suppliers, where higher incomes and other advantages such as full board are regularly offered. In an attempt to deal with the lack of nationwide certified Travel & Tourism experts, the government has been reducing the laws relevant to hiring international workers.

Malaysia has been working to improve the fantastic of resort resorts in the nation as well as to increase their capacity. An example of initiatives to deal with this drawback is discovered in Kuching, the investment of the Malaysia’s biggest state of Sarawak, where a project has been performed to double the variety of areas to 10,000 last year. In addition, new five-star resorts have been developed in the center of Kuala Lumpur. Among these are the Souveraine Chulan Kuapa Lumpur, and one provided by the famous St. Regis product. MICE (meetings, motivation, meeting and exhibition) strategies are also aspect of the government’s strategy to enhance the Travel & Tourism facilities. The goal is to provide adequate housing and meeting areas with huge capabilities, equipped for conventions in different resorts and meeting facilities.

Last season, the govt developed a program known as My CEB (Malaysian Meeting and Display Bureau) in order to promote the nation as a host for worldwide conventions and events. Although visitors of this type have a propensity to be lower in a range, they are an essential prospective resource of revenue given that, on regular, they spend more than enjoyment tourists. At the moment, Malaysia serves a typical of 82 worldwide gatherings and events every season, rated 30 on this signal.

Overall, Malaysia’s Travel & Tourism market would appear to have much growth prospective. Improvement in areas outlined above, such as improving the option professional perform for the market, carrying out better promotion to key marketplaces, and further developing the vacation facilities will help to ensure the healthy growth of the market.


Literature review

A study on Petronas tower by sultan Azlan Shah Polytechnic reviewed that the main attractive thing in tower is design which is made on technology they used for building the tower, the design and structure play a vital role in attracting the people in their study the explained about how they made and implemented the technological factors for building the towers and how the technology helped them to build the tower because the design and plan is the important thing for tower by making proper use of technology and design the Petronas tower is made as attract place for people from the world.

Another part of study is reviewed on the township the made around the Petronas towers they made intelligent township it is called as Kuala lumpur city centre which consist of commercial and shopping complex, hotels, park and culture oriented mosque these are major source of attraction of location.


The methodology used for making this term paper is based on online research regarding the topic and destination the information gathered from various sources of websites and according to that the paper is been prepared and analysed that how much people visits per day and how many of them are allowed and how it is attracting the tourist in the form of icon


Malaysia’s icon twin tower played a vital role in tourist attraction and made a tremendous growth to the nations in the form of attracting the tourist visiting to Malaysia thus by analysing and researching regarding this paper I came to know about competitiveness and economic situation of destination which indicates the level of economy and tourism policies of nation and how the tourist place helps the for nations growth in the form of employment, new business opportunities, and new technology for attracting tourist for instance a genting is updated with new technology, thus it shows how the travel and tourism policies are important for a country.

Thus this review paper is done according to facts and travel & tourism conditions of Malaysia by analysing and online research regarding destination competitiveness and comparative advantages thus this paper helps me to understand the concept and importance competitiveness of destination and how it benefits tourist and country, I gained more knowledge and information by doing this paper.


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