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Strategies And Tactics of Toshiba

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Toshiba Corporation is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electro electrical products. Its product portfolio includes information and communications equipment, internet based services, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, household appliances. The company operates in Japan. It is headquartered in Tokyo, and employs more than 2 lakh people.

Toshiba’s corporate mission: “we, the group companies, based on our total commitment to people and to the future, are determined to help create a higher quality of life for all people, and to do our part to help ensure that progress continues within the world community”.

Toshiba’s corporate vision:

To grow with excellence as the leading-edge internet ready enterprise globally by accelerating innovation with agility and to create a 21st century of success hand in hand with our customers

Toshiba TV has been known for quality since they introduced their first model and they have always been innovators in this industry. They were one of the first companies to market a stereo television. Actually they were making them in stereo long before broadcast stations began actually sending out stereo signals across the televisions sets.Many of the things that we take for granted about televisions and the way they are produced in today’s market place have been a derivative of ideas pioneered by Toshiba and Sony. Today Toshiba TV makes models from 15 inches on up and LCD and LED models for just about every conceivable need or use.

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Toshiba also make several models that actually incorporate a DVD player into the television set that tends people to use in spare bedrooms, kitchens, garages or work areas and / or exercise rooms. It saves the expense and unsightly set up of a second unit to play the DVDs that most people use.The people over at Toshiba TV have taken heed of the market research and are attempting to turn out sets that meet the demand of what the general public is looking for. Such as the DVD / TV Combo.

Currently Toshiba TV offers the 55-inch model as its largest flat panel and 15 inch as its smallest unit and in the Combo unit with the DVD installed they range from 16 to 26 inch models. These measurements are done just like regular analog tube televisions and are done diagonally from corner to corner.

2. Communication Planning:

The communication plan is all the communication activities planned to promote a business, brand. The communication plan may also include an outline of the constraints that will be sent to delivery agencies in the implementation of planned actions and details of budget allocation. The communication plan is characterized theoretically media plan to the extent that it takes into account all the communication actions planned (direct marketing, POS, advertising, events, etc. In practice, the term communications plan is often used narrowly to refer to a communication plan advertising only.

3. Market communication:-

Marketing and communication are two different areas but work closely together, so that the distinction between the two is not always obvious.

It is essential to precisely define the “target” of consumers affected by a given product. According to the market, the criteria that shape the targets are highly variable: professional sports, family, economic, community, youth, disabled, etc …

Target marketing will enable a sales optimization at 3 levels:

the heart of target to reach the public in priority

the main target: potential customers who might be interested

secondary targets: prescribers, opinion leaders


For a product with a specific target market, more targets of communication can be referred. There may be multiple targets of communication subject to the actions of the marketing mix (price, product, distribution, promotion):

=> Commercial Targets:

current or potential customers,

consumer product or service users, distributors, prescriber

=> Non-commercial targets, but that could change the purchasing behaviour and


institutional partners, administrative partners

media stock, banking and financial journalists, influencers.

Sales forecast should include enough detail to track sales month by month and follow up on plan-vs.-actual analysis. Normally a plan will also include specific sales by product, by region or market segment, by channels, by manager responsibilities, and other elements. The forecast alone is a bare minimum.

A marketing plan must be measured by the results it produces. The implementation of the plan is much more important than its brilliant ideas or massive market research. It will influence implementation by building a plan full of specific, measurable and concrete plans that can be tracked and followed up. Plan-vs.-actual analysis is critical to the eventual results, and you should build it into your plan.

5. Marketing strategies and tactics:

The marketing strategy is a coordinated action plan implemented over a long term by a company to achieve its business objectives and marketing.

The marketing strategy is a component of corporate strategy. Depending on circumstances, the marketing strategy can be approached at a global level of the company or to apply only to a product or family of products. It is thus possible for a business activity varied to combine several marketing strategies according to their areas.

The marketing strategy is developed from the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the business and marketing of a study of its environment.

Marketing strategy, helps organizations to focus their attention to complete resource utilization to increase sales and win over their competitors.

Every company applies some kind of marketing strategies to retain existing customers, attract potential customers and also to maintain and improve their reputation in the market. Before designing a marketing plan, a marketing strategy is considered first.

Marketing tactics

Once you have defined your marketing objectives, and your strategy for meeting them, you need to plan how you will make the strategy a reality.

This section should incorporate your target markets, especially those that are primary.

• Product: specifically define what you are offering your visitors, and how it is different from what is offered by others.

• Price: the price for your product and a justification of your pricing decision.

• Place (distribution): the way in which you will get your product to your market(s); directly offered to visitors or via travel agents and/or tour operators

• Promotion: the way you plan to promote your product. This section includes your advertising, publicity, sales promotion and public relations strategies.

6. Branding Strategy

Branding is defined as the process of creating and managing brands. Is to develop and maintain the set of attributes and values ​​of a brand so that they are consistent, appropriate, distinctive, which may be legally protected and attractive to consumers.

Brands influence our lives profoundly impact the way we see the world. A strong brand means value for a company, even higher than the performance of the products themselves, as they translate into loyalty from consumers.

7. Suggestions:-

The marketing plan should include measures to achieve success in the implementation of the strategy.

Major projects on the selection of different strategies at different levels.

Outline the tactics that are designed to meet the needs and reach marketing objectives.

Each strategy is pre-calculated results because when a strategy is chosen at a particular level, its result will be the objective of this particular level.

If there is a lack of a well thought out strategy in a marketing plan, it is assumed as lack of good foundation.

A marketing strategy should be reasonable, not only facilitate marketing goals, but also the action sequence of a campaign.

At regular intervals the company should analyze the marketing decision.This is done with the help of strategic models and the 3C model is considered for this purpose. The 3C’s model determines the elements, leading to a successful marketing campaign.

To calculate the company’s strategic position, Ansoff matrix should be ​​used.(The Ansoff matrix is ​​a matrix developed by Igor Ansoff to classify and explain the different growth strategies for a company.) Below is the Ansoff matrix chart.

The 4P model should be used to calculate whether the plan is adhered to the strategy or not.

Representatives must be promoted to advertise and define product to the customers.


Just a couple of years back, flat screen televisions came to market a new product. Its success was due to the advantages compared to conventional TV, among which we can mention the following: better image since, being flat screen, significantly reduces light reflections, “big picture” as we see TV from any angle you can see the entire picture, which does not happen with a conventional TV.

Toshiba TVs are produced with advanced technology that provides the highest quality in terms of sharpness of image and sound, making the viewers live a full reality.

Toshiba’s direct competitors are Sony, Samsung, Daewoo, Philips, LG, JVS, AIWA, and Panasonic.

Toshiba Corp. aims to double its share of the growing market for liquid crystal display televisions in the Middle East and Africa in the next three years after extending a join venture.

The Japanese electronics maker is targeting a 20 percent market share by the fiscal year ending March 2014, compared with 9 percent now, spokesman Keisuke Ohmori said in a interview. Toshiba signed an agreement with El Araby Group to sell TVs in the region through a venture between the two companies, the Tokyo-based company said in a statement.

Toshiba is counting on sales of flat-panel TVs in emerging markets to help offset an anticipated plunge in domestic demand after the expiration of Japanese government subsidies designed to boost consumer spending.

The market for LCD televisions in the Middle East and Africa may grow 34 percent a year through 2012 to 5.2 million sets, Ohmori said. Two-thirds of the TVs currently sold in the region are still the traditional, bulkier sets, he said. He declined to give Toshiba’s revenue target for the market.

Toshiba, which makes everything from nuclear power plants to semiconductors and TVs, rose 0.2 percent to 487 yen at 2:45 p.m. on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while the benchmark Nikkei 225 Stock Average slipped 0.8 percent. Toshiba and El Araby have a sales and marketing joint venture that exports home appliances .

The company has recorded revenues of JPY6, 381,599 million ($68,921.3 million) during the financial year March 2010 (FY2010), a decrease of 4.1% as compared to FY2009. The operating profit of the company was JPY24, 962 million ($269.6 million) in FY2010, as compared to an operating loss of JPY279,252 million ($3,01million) in FY2009.

9. SWOT Analysis


  • Brand recognition.
  • Global brand.
  • Leading edge technology.
  • Maximum real picture perfection.
  • Variety of models.
  • Fair price.


  • Low market share (share).
  • Lack of recognition of the line.


  • To leverage the market trend towards the consumption of flat screen televisions to increase market share.
  • To reach people demanding or selective technology products.
  • To promote the best quality advertising message guaranteed by an international brand.
  • To attack various audiences thanks to the variety of models.
  • To increase participation by the payment facilities that are in vogue in all establishments.


  • Compression of the participation of the brand positioning for the great competition.
  • The consumer flat screens associated with the competing brand (WEGA).
  • Piracy of the original parts.


A Sample survey performed on 42 people via sms, word of mouth and on mobile phone to see relevant views of consumer.

72% of women aged 15 to 23 NSE C + believe that the brand is fun and young; however, men presume along with Toshiba they also prefer Sony.

85% of women surveyed housewives agree to buy a Toshiba product if you have good quality and price.

Almost all of them, 89%, the public respondent agree that the trade mark lacks positioning technology that has equal or better than the market leading brands.

Also most of the respondents know the flat screen televisions, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung.

They also accept that the products main benefit category has the best view of the images.

In general respondents from youth, children, husbands, etc., prefer to choose the products of the category and acquire an interest in something that ultimately benefits their families.

These are people who tend to buy electronics and appliances at department stores, specialty stores, convenience stores and furniture stores, and that they have a backing store, as well as the guarantee of the brand.

They generally use credit card as payment and they do not like to carry large amounts of money for safety and practicality. Seek payment facilities, promotions or discounts on the products they consume, especially those that require greater investment. Their own income because they are professionals or just entering the workforce.

Most consumers of these brands are 65% men 24 to 50 years. And 35% are women 29 to 45 years.

A significant percentage of respondents associated the name Flat (flat screen) with the toshiba brand.

11. Recommendations:

Receiving customer’s complaint can obtain valuable information to address them in a special way. There are still several companies that do not give importance to the resolution or the utility may have to prevent future problems of branding.

Personal contact with the sellers, wholesalers, bills, debt collectors and all the staff of your company with constant communication with the consumer can obtain valuable information through their daily interaction. Just listen and ask a few questions can supply a useful database.

Investigate the use or purpose for which the customer buys your product or service allows to guide whether the request is appropriate.

Target market should be identified.

Offer a new product or a service with additional features after regular intervals. It will help maintaining the old customers and will also attract new customers.

Define the product, it is very important to define product.

Maintain focus.

During festival offer two or more products in a package.

Create awareness about the product.

Build credibility.

During advertising campaign specify the USP of the product.

12. Conclusion:

Toshiba TV stays on top of the cutting edge of the technology and the current trend is for screens to get larger. There is little doubt that the screen size will increase here as well.

The best thing while choosing a television set is to compare the sets side by side with the same signal and do the comparison in as close to your normal room lighting and set up.

Toshiba has remarkable reputation to televisions and the specific thing one finds is the excellent quality. Toshiba has been a leader in television arena for years.


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