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The marketing strategies of laptop companies

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The Same technology and the strategy effect the U.K laptop sales Market by the most popular laptop company Dell and Compaq Hewlett Packard?


To research the understandings the market and impact of the changing a new technology,same strategy to the both companies and identify the position in the market. The research project’s main aims are to access the marketing strategies of laptop companies during the ordering process.


To research find out the main advancement key elements of consumer sales in the UK and distribution ratio of the laptops.

– Guidance comparison case study of two different laptop company markets.

– Identify successful or unsuccessful marketing approaches.

– To verify which one gets most priority to customer according to sales and Revenue and which one is most influential to consumer.

– To determine the consumers feedback of the different laptops from the two companies.

– To predict the development of their brands and understand new strategies.

This research achieves some objectives, therefore all objectives have to exist by solving and overcoming the followed questions:

Throughout the 20 years, how has the laptop changed?

In the real world what are the main advantages or disadvantages of

both companies?

How the trends and technology will effect on the company sales?​

How the customer responds after the changes in market?

3.How new technology has affected the market?

4. In the future, which factors are likely to affect company goodwill?

5 How do Dell and Compaq maintain their market position?

What factors persuaded customers to choose their previous brand of laptop or computer?

What gives these companies there competitive and creative edge (USP)

7.How do they complete their mission statement in this competitive market?

8. What process will both companies use when making sales?

9. How do both companies sustain their position is only short-term?

10.What are the similarities and differences between the two companies’ marketing strategies?

11. Are company making a good reputation with the among competitors?

Context and background-

The first laptop in the world was the Osborne 1 in 1981 and the Compaq portable was the first portable series in the Compaq history which was made in the 38 years ago. and after that in 1988 Compaq produced a SLT/286 which was give a great technology because its first powered battery laptop which is sport an internal hard disk drive and a VGA compatible LCD screen. The Compaq Company is an American company which is founded in 1982. Changes of the new technology and purchasing strategies of laptops create a great revolution to the last decade. Later on dell founded in 1987 and initially to manufacture and sell computers in UK market.

‘At the same time as they began to dominate the server market, in the early 1990s Compaq entered the retail computer market with the Presario, and was one of the first manufacturers in the mid-1990s to market a sub-$1000 PC’.

‘Same this during period in 1984 dell was founded with the small amount of capital which is $1000 and sales PC directly to customer. In 1985, dell design a first own computer system therefore in 1989, dell launched a first notebook in the market’. (www.dell.com)

For the customer experience in 2006 dell used a diagnostic tool for online customer which is help in the troubleshoot problem and gives a great benefit to customer.

After that Compaq takeover the Tandem computer which is known by their nonstop server line that all things was done in 1997 and then in 2001 Compaq merge with the H.P.


If we consider the report of Nations and Regions CMR:

‘In the U.K more than two-thirds of the people at the present 65

Percent of people have own computers with Internet access or 57

Percent with Broadband’. (Nations and Regions CMR, 2008)

There have convenient question that laptop and Computer Company holds a massive market. There are two world largest laptops company who making a laptop with new technology according to the today’s generation.

In 2010 Compaq launched a new technology laptop which is gives a new touch screen technology and totally different attractive feature of Air life 100 is that that’s gives 3G technology which is helping to access lightning fast internet. Today everyone individual Customer wants a multimedia feature and low price, wireless system in his or her laptop or computers. But the bunches of offers and competition between one company and another company and small seller to big seller create a competitive market in the U.K.

This proposal is present consideration to about two company first one is H.P and second

One is Dell .According to the previous year report by owner of Curry Digital and PC World shops

”laptop computer sales are decline by 10% and in the 12 weeks of time to 10th January 12 percent while U.K computing was 13 percent”.

Many of the people would like a personal computer or laptop rather than just one per household. On the other hand, HP focusing in Technological changing their products but dell is improving Ethernet configuration in their product (Dell, technology initiative, 26th may 2010).

literature review-

Laptop usage is very popular during the last decade in the U.K. They also provide an opportunity to communicate with each other at any place or time. (Sears & Arora, 2002). Computer or laptops sales are increasing day by day in the U.K because of the changing culture and today everyone needs a laptop in these modern times. According to the Gartner marketing Research Company have said:

‘The percent of sales of computer or laptop market in the U.K is increase rapidly by 14.3% in the first 3 months of 2010.’ (Gartner Marketing Research, 25th may, 2010)

HP is the world’s largest laptop company and they provide a reliable And new fastest new technology products and IT services and provide

Software with solution as well. In 2008,

‘Hewlett-Packard, Dell have rolled out new low-cost, ultra portable notebooks and (IDC and Gartner) shows that low cost notebooks helped the growing a shipping by 15% in third quarter, in the face of he grow financial disaster trouble that business, mostly with the

economic sector, will begin curtailing hardware spending in 2009.’ (Gartner market research, 26th may 2010)

Today everyone individual customer wants a multimedia feature and low price, wireless system in his or her laptop or computers. But the bunches of offers and competition between one company and another company and small seller to big seller create a competitive market in the U.K. This literature is support an Organization IT service and economic condition in the real world. Recently Dell Company launched a new product which is include by more technology because they have a wireless charging system in this product and that product name is Latitude Z business laptop or it can be placed on a type of stand which is generate a electro metric power through wireless for recharge a laptop.

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This laptop price is start at £1200 in all over world such as Europe, Asia And U.S etc. According to this research laptop companies is entering those Type of market where each one is a struggle with their products and want a Good technology than other. In addition, new product development price is grow up due to the offering a same quality by other one. As a result the company’s have to changes their strategies and more focuses an individual technology with expectable service and price as well. HP sales are growing up, overall in the notebook. Its market share is rose by 24.1% with 7.3 billion shipped.

In this proposal, I put my own knowledge through the news of The U.K laptops market by the internet and articles. However, change the purchasing culture has resulted in a decline the sales and revenue of the company and its effect the economy.


There are three main points where I would more focusing

– Consumer survey to get people opinions on the Dell and Compaq laptop strategies.

Case Study and comparison analysis of Dell and Compaq laptops

study to understand their market.

There are also a most important things to do in the research to find out who identified the both companies as a target and signify that who gives a more satisfaction to consumer continuously. I will be used a multiple methodology in this research….

qualitative research-

qualitative data, designed into a group discussions and interviews and this is more easily to collect data rather than utilizing the probability based samples and this methodology is allow me to collect a data inward of statistical analysis than I will get my result.

During the consumer survey I want a collect data directly from individual customer or may be face to face interview or by online mail questionnaire to my neighbours and friends of Leeds city and with this I also discussion with some laptop shop such as curry digital, PC world ETC while the customer are purchasing. Also asking a question to individual what do you think about today competitive laptop market where they both giving a same technology to customer and get feedback from customer.

Case study helping for understanding the complex issue when I collect a data from previous research ,than see difference between both market strategies in deeply. Furthermore also collect a data from companies business magazines, in the newspaper to collect public opinions, online reviews and data from moral and value system to the both laptop companies.


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