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The Rationale For Media Selection

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Communication is an essential tool used in the collection and processing of gathered facts. Smith (1993 p65) explained that the first step in formulating a Marketing communication strategy is to identify, analyze and then understand the target market and its behaviour A communication plan is that which covers the cost implication of all related factors which an organization may encounter in attempt to releasing its product in the market and also ensure its sustainability, success and growth which in return creates a better image brand for the company. An ideal communication plan should be that which serves as a pre-launch and roadmap that firms employ when it has the intention of launching products and services to market whether existing or new.

A communication plan of the organization should contain and address key issues like objectives, who the target audience are, the estimated time for project implementation, important messages which needs to be passed across, how effective can the plan be measured in terms of success and estimated cost.

According to Kotler (1997 p607) There are eight (8) different steps for developing an effective total communication and also promotional programme. They are; identify the target audience, try and determine the objective of the communication, message design, set-up the different channels of communication, establish the total promotion budget involved, decide on the kind of promotional mix, draw out a measurement for the promotion results and finally coordinate the various integrated marketing communication process.

Kotler and Keller (2006 p544) explained that in designing and formulating the adequate communication channel to attain the desired response, there are three essential problems which require to be tackled. According to them, these are;

What to say (Message Strategy)

How to say it (Creative Strategy)

Who should say it (Message Source?)

However, in this plan, tailored feedbacks and information will be on the internalization of Primark to Nigeria. There are different reasons an organization may opt to expand its business and operations. These could be as a result of growth intention, risk aversion, larger market share and geographical spread, brand popularity etc. Having in mind all these factors, it is also important for the company to have adequate market information for its intended market entry as failure or negligence on this factor makes up for one of the reasons why most incoming businesses fail.

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Primark is a big retailing store that specializes in men, women and children wears. Over the years, it has been able to make a name for itself due to its relatively cheap price offerings and of quite reasonable quality. This key success factor and competitive advantage made it the second largest clothing retailer by volume and also the single in terms of the value sector (TNS 2011). This is the same trend which is intended to be transferred to the country in question (Nigeria) which is quite populated to the tune of over 170million and also regarded as a product-based market. This rationale is due to the fact that it is a country grouped by different product types, customized needs at different geographical spread across board.

The primary line Primark will be offering is the Male casual wear at a more subsidized rate to capture a large market share upon entry, increase competition among brands and strife towards gaining a strong market stand. This particular line of clothing will be offered at cheap prices to the customers with durability and quality pretty much assured upon purchase. Customers (Nigerians) are known to be price-sensitive and as such brand-switch from a higher priced same offering line to a cheaper and same quality Primark offering will be envisaged.

Primark has recorded vast amount of profit and turnovers recently, its annual turnover was £51,286,000 (Primark 2012) with a significant rise in its annual sale by 15% (BBC 2012). All these figures are pointers to how well the company has gained a strong market ground. Primark stores up-to-date sums up to 249 in 8 different countries of operation as a result of the continuous rise in patronage making them cover a wider geographical spread. (Primark 2012)

This plan will clearly address the major tactics and operations which Primark will employ as a strategy in gaining market entry, work towards continuous sustainability of the target market it intends to service and satisfy the different communication messages and how effective the chosen channel of media is. It also aims to explain the entire logic and objective behind its communication process and activity.


A clear understanding of the motive behind certain decision helps in proper analysis and explanation. It portrays that which intends to be uncovered. Similarly in communication, there are diverse reasons as regards differing objectives, for some it might be for reminder, others might serve as persuasive tools, and it may also be as a result of aiming to properly inform and also to differentiate (Copley 2004 p5). He further explained that there are three (3) directions associated with objectives. According to him, these are;

Target Market

Time Deadline (SMART)






Task of the message

In setting marketing communication objectives, the right message must be communicated at the right time, through the right channels to the right audiences.

There are four levels summarized by Fill (2006) which marketing communications must cover, these are:

Awareness: Customers must be informed of the brand and products; else they would not be aware of its existence

Comprehension: A clear brief of the product offering and information to make an informed purchasing decision.

Conviction: Customers should see the product benefits so as to pick it over its close substitute.

Action: A prompt response to act e.g. links to visit a website, phone calls, even if it is to raise awareness, it is seen as sales.

Thus, the objectives of Primark are:

To make Primark’s male casual wear a top brand amongst other close substitute

To stimulate purchase by 20% and repeat purchase by 15% by offering incentives for brand switching

Development of positive and cordial relationship with the customers of the brand.

Establish and maintain the level of awareness of the brand cut across all targeted and segmented region

Ensure sustainability and targeted increased market share for the brand

To penetrate the clothing industry by generating awareness and brand building preference by 30%.


These segments of the market are group of individuals believed to be significant potentials that will patronize the company’s offerings and also respond in terms of what a brand has to offer. Kotler and Keller (2006 pp126) also gave their definition on target market, according to them; it is the part of the qualified market available in which an organization eventually ventures into. Target market and segmentation helps a firm narrow down its options and solely services the sector with purchasing power and one with a high level of feasibility.

Primark at its initial launch will kick-start its trading services in three different locations in the country.



Rationale: regarded as the most populated and industrious city in Nigeria and Africa at large, having displaced Cairo of its initial stand (The Atlantic 2012).


Rationale: Undoubtedly next to Lagos in terms of population and business activity-wise (xpalatator.com Oct 2012).


Rationale: The federal capital of the nation with most of the money-bag organizations. It is considered to be strategically positioned for business start-up due to the possession of wealth by individuals. Abuja is known as the luxury state in Nigeria.

The geographical segmentation explains one of the four available ways of segmentation. Others are demographic, psychographic and behavioural.


Primark will be targeting the male category of the population, i.e. the casual dressers. Demographics simply mean the study of the affected population within the region. Pelsmacker et al (2010 p134) explains that demographic segmentation is not only used due to its correlation with other variables, but are less difficult to measure compared to others.



All categories of Male casua


Low and average


Acquisition-Retention Loyalty


This logic tends to describe why a particular or group of customers opt to patronize the product been rendered. These decisions may be based on some level of bias or just self beliefs. In the case of Primark, it will offer a brand which is relatively cheap compared to the prices charged by other competing brands.


This is similar to the psychographic in which consumption level or pattern is as a direct result of their lifestyle, disposable and spending allowances. This is what Primark has to put into consideration, Nigeria has a lot of high luxury clothing lines in which not everybody can afford despite their desire and need for these products . All these mapped-out strategy gives Primark the following advantages:

Helps in the market expansion of its product

It aids in the increase of competitiveness

The use of segmentation helps in customer retention

Develops a better communication with the customers

Increases its brand familiarity and acceptability.

Focus and cost-cut strategy.


In designing key messages to any gathering or audience, it is important to address the five (5) W’s; who, what, when, where and why. This gives credibility in delivering and passing across any intended message.


Primark is the organization with the sole aim of extending one of its leading brands i.e. the male casual wear to certain parts of the country (Nigeria) and also satisfy the needs of the people at a profit.


The male casual wear is that which is relatively on the cheap and affordable side, embedded with quality that will attach the value for the money paid on the product.


The male casual wears are available for dispatch i.e. already in stock and just awaiting other few logistics needed for effective and prompt distribution in the country.


This refers to the distribution Mix i.e. place. This clothing line will be distributed and sold in three major cities in Nigeria for start. These cities are Lagos, Kano and Abuja.


Value for money is what every customer or prospect desires, if a product of reasonably cheap and affordable offering (in terms of price and quality) can satisfy the needs of customer, only few with the status class will patronize the luxury brand due to the personality attached to it.


Spend less to look good.

Get value for every penny you spend.

Going the extra mile


Picking an appropriate communication channel will determine how effective and efficient the intended message impacts the target audience. Primark will be engaging the following in disseminating its intended messages to the public. Pickton & Broderick (2001 p651) emphasized the importance attached to picking a right media which sought between efficiency, effectiveness, economy, cost, reach impact and frequency.

PRINT MEDIA: The use of posters, magazines, flyers etc to pass the messages across to the public.

ELECTRONIC: Television adverts, Media houses, radio commercials. Email/internet services, bill boards ( electronic)


TV is quite effective due to its wide coverage and its ability to create awareness and stir interest from the target market. Prints allow for more visual product display in a persuasive way. Magazine ads and billboards easily explain why the consumer should opt for a product.

Other channels may include the application of the marketing communication tools such as:

Sales Promotion: trade-offs, discounts, price slash etc

Publicity/Public Relations.

Personal Selling.

Direct Marketing /interactive Marketing



01/12/12; TV campaign is launched; finishes on 04/12/12

05/12/12; Internet and Banner ads launched; finishes on 06/12/12

07/12/12; Newspaper inserts and ads launched; finishes on 08/12/012

09/12/12; General Interest Magazine ad launch; finishes on 10/12/12

12/12/12; Outdoor Billboards ads launch; finishes on 12/12/12

13/12/12; Transit ads launch; finishes on 14/12/12

14/12/12; Radio ads launch; finishes on 19/12/12

Stores are open on 25/12/12


TV advertisements = 33,000

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Radio advertisements = 16, 000

Newspaper inserts and advertisements = 9, 000

General Interest Magazine advertisements = 14,500

Backlit Outdoor Billboards = 3,700

Transit advertisements = 2300

Internet Banner advertisements = 25,000

TOTAL 103, 500


A way of determining how successful a company has been over the past years of operation is via the customer base it has recorded. Primark is currently the single largest retail outlet in the U.K, this is as a result of how satisfied its customers had been and therefore repeat purchase was in play.

Another striking factor is the level of employee satisfaction and turnover intentions, employees are the key elements and most important resource of an organization and as such keeping them happy leads to better performance and productivity.

Corporate social responsibility to the society where a business operates is also a pointer to success attainment, it is not just enough to take from the environment, but to also give back to the community. Pelsmacker et al (2010 p626) explains CSR as an idea which includes the social, economic and environmental aspects of the entire business.


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