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Tropicana Marketing Strategy

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Not many people know about the benefits of drinking juices. The core marketing strategy should be to make people aware the benefits and additional advantages should be highlighted. Surveys should be done to increase awareness among the people. This will in result help the organization to increase the shares in market and get more profits.


The underlying vision of the company is to become the world’s premier beverage industry and thereby creating healthy financial rewards and growth. Moreover they are also of the opinion to provide largest range of refreshing, preservative fruit beverages for health and well being of every household (tropicana.com, 2013).

Core Objectives

The core objectives of the company are to increase awareness of the Tropicana Juice, to inform people that the product is composed of 100% natural ingredients and to portray the product as a healthy drink. They are promoting health and wellness of the individuals and focus only on reformulation. The biggest advantage the company has strong product portfolio which is assisted them in developing niche business.

Target Market


Adults: 21- 30. These people are more concerned about their health and are usually professionals.

Choose nutritious diet

Concerned about their outlook

Don’t care much about the price.


Elderly: 50+. People who are more about their health rather than outlook

Require solutions for health problems

Concerned about diseases.

Want a longer life.

Channels for Marketing

Tropicana juice has made use of print advertising as well as television commercials for years. These will be the channels of marketing for now as well. The advertising will highlight the benefits of juice and also show how children enjoy the product.


The previous ads showed the Tropicana Pure Premium ‘Orange Creations’ range of mixed juices, as the company was looking to increase awareness of products other than its orange juice

In 2012, the marketing campaign came up with a new tagline “Tap Into Nature”. “Tap Into Nature” highlighted Tropicana’s relationships with its growing networks and, in the U.S., says that its juice was made from 100% Florida oranges. It’ was big change for the company, which for several years had been using a blend of Florida and imported oranges (Berinstein, 2003).

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Recently Tropicana introduces a new marketing campaign. It was a crowd specific advertising campaign made of tweets posted by New-Yorkers. The tweets featuring the hashtag “#WorstMorningEver” were reviewed by the team, and the more interesting ones are used and displayed in the subway, on busses, in stores, on billboards or on taxis. People would tweet all day telling a story about impressive that occurred to them in the morning and that Tropicana Juice changed their moods (Meeks, 2010).

Web Presence

Tropicana has a lot of web presence which shows that they are making used of the power of social networking sites such as Google+, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Tropicana can enhance their web presence for advertising purposes (Grewal, 2011).

Other media plan choices can be:




Core Strategies

Their advertising print and media will be based on two messages:

1. 100% pure drink

2. Large amount of Fruit in Each Bottle

They have selected these themes because they would be most effective in reaching their health-conscious target audience of 21-30 year-old people. The goals of their campaign are to increase product awareness and increase sales. Therefore, they must first increase awareness of Tropicana health benefits to increase sales of the product. Tropicana uses health benefits and humor as consistent themes in their advertisement to attract the attention of their audience. Sometimes advertisements are planned to raise awareness of the product, and some are advertisements that are intended to promote sales. The beginning commercials will be made on account of increasing the awareness of people. The later ones will be based on increasing the sale because it will be assumed that people are familiar with it (Llc, 2010).

Marketing Recommendations


– Make clearer packaging to make it more close to natural.


-Prices should be lowered as an increased price decreases the number of buyer from purchasing.


– Expand distribution area.

– Keep product location consistent within grocery stores.

Measurement Method

The two major aims we set in this advertising campaign are to increase awareness of Tropicana Juice from 30-40% and to increase its sales by 30%. To make sure that their progress towards getting their objectives done is accurate we will conduct surveys before starting the plan, after each phase, and finally at the end of the campaign. The survey will include likeness of the product, purchasing history, how people are aware about the product, and likeness towards the brand. By surveying before and after each phase, assessment can be done to check their advertising efforts and if any required, necessary changes can be made to keep us on the track to successful campaigning. As we mentioned earlier, we plan on conducting post testing to measure consumer attitude towards the product (Laszlo, 2008).

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It is of core importance that buyers are pleased with Tropicana Juice and that they all view at it as a healthy and fresh option to drink. 500 buyers will be interviewed before and after each phase to make sure that the efforts being done is advertising for raising awareness and promotion is successful or not and if the sales have increased to the target level. A sales test can be done to determine the percentage of growth in sales. Using these measurement methods, we can know if their advertising campaign was successful in meeting their goals within the timeframe (Hephaestus, 2011).

Keys to Success

They keys to success is that store design will be both visually attractive to customers and intended for fast and well-organized operations. The marketing strategies are aimed to put together a solid base of loyal customers. They have created an atmosphere where employee’s love coming to work and can bring in good money. They are committed to providing excellent quality juices at all time.


The market of juices is increasing because the utilization of juices increases every year and it is also anticipated that it will be increase continually due people change the life style and more health conscious attitude. They prefer juices on other soft drink. Consumers want to drink fresh juices on a regular basis as they are increasingly adopting Western lifestyles, particularly the younger generation which is enormously influenced by the Western media.


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