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Total Quality Management (TQM) in Fly Emirates

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.Emirates in the Middle East is the major airline and subsidiary of emirates group. It is the national airline of Dubai, United Arab emirates which thus operates near around 2000 passenger’s flights in a week from its hub at Dubai international airport, terminal 3 to 100 destinations in 60 countries in the 6 near about continents. The organization is a subsidiary of the emirates group which has more than 50,000 employees and is owned by the government of Dubai under the corporation of Dubai. The other cargo activities are thus undertaken by the Emirates sky group division. The airline has been ranked among the top 10 worldwide in terms of passengers, revenue, etc. and has thus become the largest airline in the middle east in terms of revenue, passengers, fleet size, etc. and in the recent survey of 2009, the airline was the seventh largest in the world in terms of the passenger carried and fourth largest in terms of scheduled international passenger kilometers flown. The organization has thus built a strong brand name as the trendsetter in the industry, peculiarly in terms of service excellence and the consistency of profitability and thus the organization was ranked fifth best airline in the world from all the perspective by the research consultancy by Skytrax in the year 2009. (2009)

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culture of the organization

The airline is the subsidiary of The Emirates group. The culture of the organization have always been in providing facilities up to the brim and up to the certain extent and that is why the organization have always been in top 10 airlines around the world. It is the quality of the organization that it has been steadily capturing the traffic from North America to South Asia and almost all the continents of the world, allowing all the passengers to bypass the traditional hubs of London, Paris, Frankfurt; the home bases of British airways, Air France with the transit stop at the Dubai international airport instead. The culture has also been to change the organization to the brand name and thus from 2004, the company changed its slogan to Fly Emirates. In the year 2008, the organization launched a slogan mainly around their root network of 100 destinations in more than 50 countries across six continents – Fly Emirates. Keep discovering and most recently it launched a campaign to promote Dubai as the destination using the slogan Fly Emirates. Meet Dubai. And some more like The finest In the Sky, Be Good to Yourself, When was the last time you did for the first time. The culture has been to provide optimum quality services to the passengers. They thus provide different class of seats like the First class which thus have a full suite, complete with closing doors to ensure privacy, a mini-bar and a coat rack. It also includes the feature of 58 cm LCD screen and a 2 meter fully flat bad and thus for the first class, they were ranked second by Skytrax. After the first class, they have the business class with the feature seats of 150 cm that recline to flat beds, 43 cm wide TV screen and thus these passengers have the ability to customize and save seat and the third is thus the business class. The organization culture thus includes innovation and providing new ideas and thus has the perspective of providing every possible feature to the passengers and for that they were the first airline who launched IFE system for all the three classes. IFE thus stands for In – flight entertainment system which thus have the feature like ICE which stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment. The culture has also been in investing different events like the organization is the official sponsor of the Fifa World cup, sponsors of many football groups like AC Milan, Arsenal F.C. they will thus also sponsor Rugby world cup 2011 and thus their branding have thus made them the official partner of International Cricket Council up to 2015. Another quality culture of the organization is that they have been always expanding their staff and recruiting more and more staff which is thus a good sign for the company’s growth. The global financial crisis have thus not impacted much on the airlines and thus they are recruiting more staff and thus they tell that their plans are on going and always promising and their aim is thus to acquire the number one position for maintaining the quality and the serviced rendered and not the size.

total quality barriers faced by the organization

There are many quality barriers that have been faced by the organizations that thus include the fare problems, the pilot’s problems and not delivering any facilities on the lounge. The fare problems thus include the problems that are faced by the customers on the online booking. They just complain that if there is a problem in their website and many a times they do not get any response. A fare problem thus include that while booking a ticket when the customer looks in the fare conditions, system tell them “Skywards flex” and when they look on miles they earn, the system shows them the both legs “Saver”. Another problem on the website is that while the customers are looking at the mileage calculator, the system always shows saver. Another problem include that while going through the whole process, the endorsement box always reads flex fare and when the customers go the manage booking, the system shows saver fare, then the customer call the reservation counter, they tell them to call the Skywards and the Skywards do not know it. Another problem includes many of the times the customers are not replied for their complaints. The problems become severe when the pilots complaint about the organization and make a statement that another threat or another accident is possible. The pilots say that there is a concern about the morale, management and the fatigue of the UAE – based airline. The pilots say that they do no want to see another smoking hole in the ground. Another pilot says that often they are made to flight to their maximum allowable time and the accident which took place on march 20 at the Melbourne airport, the reason for the accident was that the pilot had rarely slept in the day and before that accident the pilot had flown more than 95 hours in the last month an thus the pilots thus made the statement that if a fatigue related accident is going to take place, it will be definitely from the Fly Emirates and another pilot says that when people are tired, mistakes usually occur and the result of the mistake of the pilot can take many lives. Another flaw that has been usually observed in the Emirates is that not giving privilege to the old customers and thus making a feeling that it is rather running for the new passengers. These are some of the quality barriers that the organization has faced and is facing now too. (2006)

reasons for why these elements are barriers to total quality and why these barrirs are considered to be total quality barriers

When we look into the matter of the fare problem, it is the barrier to the total quality as the fare problem can not only reduce the quality but can also take some critical eroticization from the customers, there are millions of customers that do the online booking and if they face a problem sooner or later every time they book their tickets, certainly they will just remove their habit of going through this airline and would thus prefer some other airline. The several customers while booking if undergo through a problem, it is the responsibility of the company to sort out their problem when the complaint is put forward by the customer but when the complaint is not dealt with, the customer rather becomes unhappy by the facilities provided and rather do not prefer the same airlines again the next time he travels. The pilot’s problems are thus a severe one and thus have to be sorted out. At the time of global crisis, the Fly Emirates thus appointed fewer less pilots and thus the major problem that arose was the fatigue problem. A person when tired and not completely fit tends to do some mistakes and the pilot’s mistakes can take lives of lot of people. This will thus reduce the faith of the customers in the airlines and could pose a serious threat for the economy of the airlines. The flaw that arose in the recent times was also the crucial one. Emirates is thus not giving privilege to the old customers and thus they feel it is running only for the new passengers. At the international business level, you have to take care of the old customers as to broaden your business farther and farther. The travelers that will sooner become your permanent customers have to be dealt with properly and thus they are the people who indirectly promote the business

characteristics of a quality culture and the differences between FLy emirates culture and quality culture

Quality culture is thus a culture maintained in an organization to thus have the quality maintained. The culture thus is inducing in the organization to thus have a future good prospect. It thus includes providing quality facilities to the customers to the maximum. Characteristics of the quality culture thus include brooding up the business to have a good mind set in the people mind’s that the organizations always maintains quality. The difference between the Fly Emirates culture and quality culture was thus that they failed to provide quality to certain customers and thus the customers were disappointed. The factors might be many to make the difference between the emirates culture and the quality culture but once the customers is dissatisfied with the facilities, he never prefers the organization again and when the customer put forwards a complaint to the organization and then no regards are paid, the quality of the organization is thus not maintained. Likewise quality culture within an organization tells to deal with every customer properly and with quality while the Emirates could not develop relationship with the old customers, could not satisfy the customers properly and thus the quality of the organization could not be maintained.

report and analysis of the total quality system of fly emirates

Fly Emirates has always been known for the quality and that is why they have been ranked under 10 by Skytrax. The managers have always been saying that their basic motive is to acquire number one position in quality but not in size. The quality is always maintained by the organization. The organization was the first airline in the world to introduce a personal entertainment system on a commercial air craft. All the three classes have in – flight entertainment system which thus include ICE system. ICE thus stands for Information, Communication and entertainment. The facilities thus they serve in the three seats of class are as follows – The first one is thus the first class which thus has a full suite, complete with closing doors to ensure privacy, a coat – rack, a mini – bar and storage. They also feature an ICE system of 58 cm LCD screen and the seat converts into the 2 m fully flat bed and thus they were ranked second by Skytrax in the yea 2009. The business class feature seats with 150 cm pitch that recline to 200 cm long angled flat beds. Other features include privacy partition, massage function, winged headrest, an overhead seat of light and two individual reading lights, USB ports, in – seat power supply and an RCA socket for laptop connection and a 43 cm wide screen of TV. The economy class thus offers a 30 inch seat pitch and standard seat width. The seat features adjustable head rests, an ICE in – flight entertainment system. Thus they are always leading from the front providing the quality and maintaining the quality system in their organization.

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how cultural change could be implemented and maintained within the fly emirates

The organizations culture has certainly less flaws but these flaws had to be removed by changing the culture of the organization. It includes satisfying every customer and taking a feedback from the customer and thus implementing on the feedback. For example if a certain lot of people claim that the sitting facilities in the business class are not comfortable, the organizers can have a look at the needs of the people and make the people feel comfortable and make them think they are listened and made them grow faith in the organization. This is the best method for the promotion and growth of the organization as the customers will help increase the customers as mouth publicity is the biggest publicity in the business class. It also includes developing a good customer organization interface by maintaining the old relations, giving privileges to the old customers. The failure of addressing the culture of an organization is thus the most frequent reason for the management initiatives that have limited the resources. We can thus say that the cultural change could be brought by change in behavior towards the old customers, developing a good customer organization interface, dominant values and looking towards the need and the beliefs of the people make the customers feel that they are an integral part of the organization, commitment by the organization and keeping it firm. Thus the culture of good team work as the organizers could thus be developed like investing at the proper place and many more.

recommendations on improvement of total quality management system of fly emirates

There are many recommendations that can be given to the organization on improvement of the total quality system of Fly Emirates. The recommendation thus include creating a consistency of purpose to serve the customers, adopting new philosophies and new ideas at different times, ceasing dependency on something peculiarly to rather achieve more success, improving constantly with time with new projects, new services offered and with new plans ejected. The recommendation also include opening up a different institute for training up the pilot’s, adopting and instituting leadership within the organization and driving out fear from every employee of the organization, separate distances between various staffs and managers, equal treatment to every employee should be given and thus the success should be shared among every employee, set some targets for the workforce, influence them by some slogans, removing barriers that rob people of pride of the workforce and removing the annual ratings and the merit system. Start a program that could institute self improvement within every employee of the organization, put everybody in the organization to work for accomplishing the transformations. The recommendations also include developing or creating some ethics for the organization which could rather maintain the discipline of the organization, creating the integrity, building up trust among the customers to have more business in the future. The communications among several employees is thus too important as the communications bind the employees together and bind everyone together. So these were the recommendation on improvement of the total quality management of Fly Emirates. (Emi10)


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