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Zara Marketing Mix and Strategy Analysis

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Pardeep Singh Sangwan


Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer located in arteixo, Galicia. The company was founded in 1975 by amancio Ortega and rosalia mera. It is the main brand of the inditex group, the world’s largest clothing retailer. The fashion groups also have some popular brands like oysho, Massimo dutti, oysho, etc. Their first store features products which are popular and high end clothing fashions at very low prices. In 1980 they opened other stores throughout Spain. In 1988 they started their international expansion by opening store at Porto, Portugal. Zara opened their store in Australia in 2011.  Now in 2016 they have 2,100stores located in 88countries. Zara has remarkable logistics and they produce new products in 2-4 week. Zara is known for their fast fashion, which means latest products may disappear off the shelf within days, forcing customers to come back constantly to check for new designs. Zara has very unique marketing. Zara spends only 0.3% of their revenue on doing promotion that’s why they do not appears on television or any other advertisements. Instead of promotion Zara focuses more on their product, place and pricing. Zara rarely advertises any store sales or have sales promotions other than sale items unlike other retailers. They have very unique thing that they do not put their brand or logo on their products. In contrast to other local retailers Zara’s sales associates do not focus on personal selling. Their customer service within the store is rather weak but their products and affordable prices make customer to come back to stores to do shopping. Their product quality, price own advertises it.

Zara’s Vision

Zara through its one of a kind plans of action and stores has demonstrated business can be effective with next to zero promoting. This business is conceivable just through unrivaled client benefit encouraged by proceeded with capacity to restock and react to client needs inside days. This gives Zara the aggressive edge. Thus, keeping in the mind the mission, they generally inventive their items to upgrade shopping knowledge and give new plans at moderate costs produced using quality materials which take after most recent patterns.

Zara’s Strategy for Growth and Positioning

Zara has confidence in zero promoting. It would preferably spend on store development than to publicize. In any case, the insignificantly promote in design magazines. The method of reasoning behind this is the brisk turnaround of store show, which is around 4 weeks, which renders publicizing a superfluous cost. Likewise, Zara focuses on productive outline to market cycle and concentrate on displaying vast number of plans every year. The workforce in Zara is fundamental to its prosperity appropriate from the creation to the store level as to put the input produced about mold execution at store is permeated to the architect and generation and inventory network puts the most recent styles in 2 weeks time.


Market segmentation is a marketing strategy which involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers, businesses, or countries that have, or are perceived to have, common needs, interests, and priorities, and then designing and implementing strategies to target them.

Demographic Segment-

Zara is focusing on youthful purchasers with extra cash. This will be fundamentally in creating nations and created nations. This presents them with a sizeable populace. As indicated statistical surveying, the clients in these nations will attempt new brands however in the meantime are cost and quality cognizant.

Economic Segment-

Because of low currency, low work expenses and chance to be nearer to clients, Zara need to consider techniques to take profits by other area. Since the opposition has as of now entered the more up to date showcase and is always attempting to use the advantages related with these business sectors.

Legal Segment-

Owning to increasing work costs and stringent work laws, the production forms in the present nations don’t paramount as they will build the generation costs. In the event that, Zara does not have any desire to decentralize these capacities, there are no laws administering their choices as mold industry is not under controls.

Technological Segment

Zara uses unique technology know as IT to manage their supply chain which gets to low cost in operating. Zara can use IT to extend their distributing and manufacturing activities outside Spain.

Global Segment

Owing globalization and fast progression in advancements, a few minimal effort generation focuses have come up. With a specific end goal to lessen the expenses significantly further and look after quality, Zara can have seaward generation offices to minimal effort area keeping in mind the end goal to bring down the expenses. Zara being in center form industry with quick cycles have a novel where it provides food just on the main edge of the item cycle which empowers it to convey the guarantee of “Moment Fashion”.


Expansion plans-

The gathering contributed more than 2.8 billion to open new stores universally in nations it as of now has a nearness and couple of new markets too. The rate of development of stores has been high as 640 stores for each yr. Zara mold will be made accessible in Korea, Ukraine, Egypt .A very much characterized development plan is basic to the corporate goal of worldwide extension with maintained income development later on.

Growing Online Sale-

Online retailing has been growing at a singing pace in the most recent decade and considering UK showcase, more than 14 billion has been spent online shopping. Zara ought to attempt to open online retail shops oblige the gathering of people who need to look for institutionalized adaptation items. This additionally introduces a chance to show the whole product offerings from Zara and can be effectively sought.


Internal Analysis-

Zara attempt the asset view and study the inward investigation. Zara’s principle resources are the planners, the coordination’s procedure, in store sales individuals and the store feeling.

These designers are responsible for producing new outlines in a limited capacity to focus time. In the wake of getting the input, they have roughly 2 weeks to convey the article of clothing to the store. Each of the creators is a significant and expensive asset and this speedy turnaround time is not imitable subsequently misused by Zara without limitations.

Competitor Analysis-

Zara main competitors are H&M, GAP, UNIQLO, etc. boasts of large network of stores and has a strong financial leverage as it aims to tap into growing online retail segment and into franchising to expand into new market. On the other hand, H&M are matching Zara in terms of designing and also have strong procurement practices. Unlike Zara, they collaborate with designs and have much wider presence as compared to Zara.


Zara stores have men’s clothing and women’s clothing, each of these subdivided in Lower Garment, Upper Garment, Shoes, Cosmetics and Complements, as well as children’s clothing.

Toxic Free Production-

In 2011, Greenpeace began an exchange with Zara to prohibit hurtful poisons from the dress creation. In November 2012, Greenpeace distributed the “Harmful strings: the huge mold line up” report, in which Zara was distinguished as the most exceedingly awful. In 6 of the 10 garments that were inspected, nonylphenol ethoxylates were found, and in 2 cases malignancy – initiating amines from azo colors were found. After this distribution, Zara was picked for instance as greatest retailer on the planet to bring issues to light. Different dissents were held at Zara shops everywhere throughout the world, requesting Zara to think of an aggressive arrangement to detox its garments and esteem .Some of the most harming poisons will be abstained of before, for instance PFC’s will be prohibited by 2015. Zara additionally guaranteed to make data about its providers releasing of poisons freely accessible for no less than 100 providers (no less than 40 of which are situated in China) before the finish of 2013.

Controversial Products-

Zara pulled back a purse from their racks after a client saw a swastika on the sack’s plan. The pack originated from an outside provider and Zara said the image was not unmistakable when the tote was picked. Zara representative Susan Suett said had they saw the satchel highlighted the image; they would not have sourced it. When educated of the swastika image, they quickly pulled back the thing from their racks. Zara got feedback for offering a little child T-shirt for nearly looking like garbs worn by Jewish death camp prisoners. The T-shirt was striped and included a yellow star fundamentally the same as the Star of David. Zara said that the plan of the shirt was propelled by “the sheriff’s stars from the great western movies.” After being on sale for a couple short hours, Zara quickly expelled the shirt and apologized. The shirt was sewed in Turkey and sold in Zara’s Albanian, French, Israeli, and Swedish online stores. Zara got substantial feedback for offering the T-shirt in Israel since Israel does not have sheriffs. Furthermore, “Sheriff” is sketched out in straightforward letters on the brilliant yellow star. Hana Levi Julian wrote in the Jewish Press that the outline of the word makes it hard to see. The organization said that the sales got from the T-shirts were peripheral and any outstanding T-shirts would be devastated. The Anti-Defamation League reaction to the shirt was “The shirt embellished with the yellow star is in poor taste and is profoundly hostile to Jews and Holocaust survivors. To any individual who knows their history, this sort of symbolism ought to be beyond reach. We respect Zara’s acknowledgment of the shirts possibly hostile symbolism and expulsion from sale.


Corporate Level Strategies-

The Corporate level techniques of Zara can be like that of its parent, Inditex Group. Its procedures can be grouped in view of three structures -Ansoff’s Matrix, BCG Matrix and GE-Directional Policy Matrix.

In view of the Ansoff’s Matrix, Zara takes after the accompanying vital Directions: Market Consolidation and Product Development by getting the most recent in vogue outlines from the plan stage to the dissemination inside 2-3 weeks, much shorter than the business normal. Zara is working in an industry of high development of around 405 while having a high piece of the pie in the vast majority of the nations. This puts Zara as a star for Inditex Group in the Growth-Share BCG Matrix. Likewise the quality of its business is high, hence placing it in the Investment and Growth course of the Directional Policy Matrix.

Business Level Strategies-

Zara characterizes its objective market as “Youthful, instructed one that preferences design and is delicate to mold”. This objective is extremely expansive on the grounds that it is not portioned by ages and ways of life. In this way the extent of Zara’s business is expansive. Zara likewise takes after both the cost initiative and Differentiation techniques.

Functional Level Strategies-

Zara changes their designs every week and it is easy for them because of their manufacturing systems. Their technology helps to reduce the time for equipments, increases utilization of machines within the scheduling time and improves quality of products at every stage of processing.

Global Strategy-

Zara did not follow nay localization in the counties where it was available and given just institutionalized items. Additionally it put stock in giving the most recent design at low expenses. Along these the Global Strategy Grid it can be seen that Zara follows a Global Standardization Strategy. By doing as such it wanted to expand its benefit by lessening costs and accomplishing economies of scale.


In conclusion, Zara has maintained an upper hand over its competitors by the response to the changing market trends and fashion and by vertical integration. Zara is a successful international retailer which, in less than 30 years, has transformed itself from a Spanish local brand into truly global brand. Zara, with its present IT infrastructure has been effective and able to be consistent with its core business. However, depending on an unreliable change from the supplier side, obsolete OS will not be compatible for future improvements or growth. Although, there no immediate need to change the current system, Zara should not invest more in the current obsolete IT infrastructure. It should adopt the change to the new OS eventually. Making a gradual change to the new system will increase Zara’s efficiency, without facing the sudden setback of implementing the change at once.


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